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Neale Cranwell
Neale Cranwell

As the proud owner of Krunch Gym in Waltham Abbey, Essex, Neale has always been passionate about achieving in life, especially when it comes to Health & Fitness.

Neale recently returned from Italy after competing and winning the WPF Heavyweight Mr Universe Title against the best athletes from 11 other countries, including entrees from as far as South Africa & USA!
Neale has been competing for many years. His wins include The UKBFF Midlands Heavyweight Title in October 2010, British NAC Heavyweight Championship in November and finally reaching the pinnacle of the contests and winning the WPF Mr Universe.

This has been a great personal achievement for Neal who only a year ago was diagnosed with a fractured spine and 2 slipped discs! Not good news when training and preparing for so many competitions!
However after such a severe setback it only made him more determined to succeed.
Very similar to the life changing set back he experienced 6years ago when he was paralysed from a motorbike accident.

Neale says “I train to exhaustion 6 days a week, eat the correct diet to remain in shape all year round. Having won some major titles within BodyBuilding I’m still hungry for many more!”

It’s through his personal achievements, determination and knowledge that has made him one of the most influential presenters on The Active Channel.

Rob Riches
Rob Riches

Rob Riches is one of the most knowledgeable fitness experts in the world today. He has competed, won and graced the cover of hundreds of fitness magazines and has a body that is the envy of many people. Join him on the Active Channel for exclusive content, presented by Rob Riches himself.

Vanessa Bird
Vanessa Bird

Vanessa is a Personal Trainer specialising in Metabolic Training, Advanced Weight Training techniques, Sport Supplements, Power Clubs, Aesthetic PhysiqueTraining, Body Transformations & Rapid Fat Loss.

Having graduated from The University of Liverpool with a BA Honours Degree in Philosophy, Vanessa realised that developing the physical body was equally as important as developing the mind, and so her passion for health & fitness was born. Having previously worked in fast moving, high pressure business & aesthetic medical sales sectors, Vanessa has a real understanding of the stresses and time constraints busy professionals juggle on a daily basis and has developed a highly effective method of Personal Training that enhances her clients lifestyle and gets results fast.

Check out Vanessa's Power Club training shows here on The Active Channel.

If you want to find out more about the gorgeous Vanessa, check out her Twitter page

Louise Rogers
Louise Rogers

Louise began weight training when she was 20 years old. Before this time she trained in athletics and was heavily into classes and cardio training.

This all changed when she completed her premier training personal training course when she then started working part time in bodybuilding and power lifting in the gym.

This gave Louise a real introduction to weight training where she made a switch to bodybuilding training and progressed from there.

She has achieved a lot in the world of bodybuilding and has won a variety of bodybuilding and fitness titles.

She has done so well in fact that she has even earned her IFBB pro card, which is what every bodybuilder aspires and was the first woman in the UK to achieve an IFBB Figure Pro card.

Through her expertise and knowledge, Louise has helped so many people transform their bodies and with their fitness regimes.

Her popular series include ‘Perfect Body Workout’ ‘UK’s Best Body’ along with a variety of training and diet programmes.

Kevan Wilson
Kevan Wilson

Kevan has spent virtually his whole life keeping in shape and helping others to do the same. After playing various sports throughout his school years he took up amateur boxing at the age of 15 and after that moved on to weight training which he did as a very serious hobby whilst running a successful building business.

At the age of 50 he retired from work and decided that he could now at last do something that he wanted to do rather than something that he had to do. So he became a competitive bodybuilder and had a massively successful 5 years in which he won 9 major titles before opening his own gym Peak Physique & Fitness, in Hitchin, Herts.

Although he keeps himself in top condition at all times, ready for when he decides to go into competition again, he now mainly concentrates on helping other people achieve their dreams and ambitions and uses simple techniques to make that happen. Kevan says “I believe in keeping it basic - good diet and supplementation, hard but sensible training and a clean healthy lifestyle – it works!”

Kevan is a relatively new presenter on The Active Channel but has already become popular with viewers, mainly due to his firm yet sympathetic approach to helping people.

You can catch Kevan most nights on The Active Channel SKY 449 either coaching in the series “Peak Physique Workouts” or promoting Norateen Heavyweight II and other essential supplements with fellow presenter Dean Ash

Kevan Wilson’s Bodybuilding Record:

  • UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow 2013 – Second

  • UKBFF Mr. Great Britain 2013 – Sixth

  • UKBFF Midlands Championships 2013 –Winner

  • UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow 2012 – Winner

  • NAC British Open 2012 – Fourth

  • UKBFF Mr. Great Britain 2012 – Seventh

  • UKBFF Midlands Championships 2012 –Winner

  • NAC British Open 2011 – Second

  • UKBFF Mr. Great Britain 2011 – Sixth

  • NABBA Mr. England 2011 – Fourth

  • UKBFF Body Power Expo 2011 – Winner

  • NAC UK Open 2011 – Winner

  • NABBA London & South East championships 2011 – Second

  • NAC Mr. Universe 2010 – Eleventh

  • NAC British Open 2010 –Second

  • UKBFF Mr. Great Britain 2010 – Seventh

  • UKBFF Body Power Expo 2010 – Winner

  • UKBFF London & South East championships 2010 – Winner

  • UKBFF Mr. Hercules 2009 – Winner

  • UKBFF Mr. Great Britain 2009 – Ninth

  • UKBFF London & South East championships 2009 – Winner

Tim Sharp
Tim Sharp

Celebrity Personal Trainer Tim Sharp has been training clients for over 20 years. Tim Has helped world class athletes and celebrities achieve amazing results in weeks. Tim is a drug free Bodybuilder, he began competing in 1993 at 26 years old. His trademark ripped six pack is still awesome at 43 years old taking him to the 2009 BNBF British Championships. His amazing transformations in 30 days are testament to the show that is 'Six Pack in Four Weeks'. In 2007 Tim competed after 34 days of preparation to win 2nd place at the BNBF Masters qualifier, losing 20lbs and a six pack!

In 2008 disaster struck when Tim suffered a prolapsed disc unable to walk for 12 week and 6 months later began to rehabilitate himself. In 2009 Tim made a dramatic comeback losing over 40lbs and lost 7 inches of his waist in 12 weeks to once again hit the stage to show his new improved rock hard six pack.

The latest celebrity to get the Tim Sharp transformation is model Jodie Marsh. In weeks she gained a six pack. Within months Jodie unleashed her new rock hard sexy body in October Muscle & Fitness magazine. Jodie is now carving out a new career in the fitness world as well as her TV and modelling commitments.

See Tim and Jodie in show 2 and 3 of the new The Active Channel show 'Six Pack in Four Weeks'.

Tim Sharp Competition History:

  • 1993 London & Home Counties Overall Champion
  • 1994 Novice Nabba Britain 6th place (with broken feet!)
  • 1999 Muscle Mania European Championships 6th
  • 2001 Star of Tomorrow 70kg 1st place
  • 2002 BNBF British Championships 80kg 4th place
  • 2006 UKBFF South East 70kg 4th place
  • 2006 BNBF Southern Championships 72kg 2nd place
  • 2006 BNBF British Championships 72kg 6th place
  • 2007 BNBF Southern Championships Masters 2nd place
  • 2007 BNBF British Championships Masters 4th place
  • 2009 BNBF Welsh Championships Masters 3rd place
  • 2009 BNBF Southern Championships 72kg 3rd place

  • 2009 BNBF British Championships 72kg 7th place

Check out Tim's website HERE

Ricardo Macedo
Ricardo Macedo

Ricardo Macedo has been a personal trainer for over a decade and successfully runs his own gym in the heart of Kensington. Among his clientele are some of the world’s most recognised faces in the entertainment and sports industry.

Ricardo prides himself on being one of the most successful trainers in London. During his career he has successfully helped actors/actresses achieve weight and size targets for acting roles and continues to do so. Ricardo’s fun approach, discretion, drive and determination to help people achieve their goals has made him one of the top Personal Trainers in London.

Celebrity Trainer Ricardo Macedo’s new TV show, reveals to you the secrets behind the glamorous and the fit bodies. Check out Ricardo's amazing training techniques using just a magazine and a towel as training Equipment.


Shazzie has written five books on raw food and ecstatic living and has given talks and workshops at some of the world’s most prestigious venues. She has also created several life-changing programs, guided meditations, apps and even a heart-led life mastery site, called Shazzie’s VIP Room. Shazzie is the owner of Europe’s leading raw food and superfood company. With her book Naked Chocolate, the raw chocolate revolution was born. Shazzie lives in the woods, in a beautiful eco-house with her free range daughter. Shazzie has been a vegan since 1986 and a raw foodist since 2000. In 2000, she started one of the world’s first ever blogs, which is still going.

Shazzie’s greatest wish is that everyone becomes empowered to make the best choices for themselves and their environment. In fact, she became interested in raw foods and superfoods because she never felt well or happy before. Going from feeling suicidal to feeling “full of life”, Shazzie knew she had to let the world know her secret. She’s already reached millions with her decade of blogging and her unique products and services, now she’s ready to reach even further with her TV show.

Lazaro Almenares
Lazaro Almenares

Lazaro Almenares is a Personal Trainer and an advanced Kettlebell instructor.

His attributes also include teaching Professional Spinning, Cycling, Bodypump, Swiss ball, Latin Dance-Zumba, Mix Martial Arts, Pilates, Bodybuilding and strength conditioning training classes. Lazaro is also qualified as a nutrition weight management specialist

Lazaro has been very successful in the sports industry for over 20 years and has been involved in producing a number of champions. As a former athlete and champion, Lazaro is use to delivering a wide range of sports and fitness classes, workshops, seminars, grand prix events, charity and voluntary work.

Lazaro has been continuously developing training programs and nutrition for juniors in preparation for the Olympics and major UK events. He is also well known in the bodybuilding industry and regularly competes at the BNBF and NPA shows.

His training programs are very often featured in magazines such as Beef, Muscle & Fitness. Men and Fitness and Ultra fit. Lazaro's training techniques and tips can be seen on The Active Channel.

The Ab Man
The Ab Man

Paul Amos AKA "The Ab Man" is a real life example of someone that "made it happen". Paul started from humble beginnings, sculpting an amazing body, going on to winning the London Body Building Championships, starring in his own best-selling DVD and is a now well-known model and fitness authority.

Paul made a wonderful comback winning the NPA in 2008.

The Ab Man show is Paul's unique style wrapped up in an exciting and fun to watch show.

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