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June 2023

00:00 Komie Invasion -Krav Maga (Episode 2)
Krav Maga expert Komie H explains and shows you release techniques to get out of choke holds & bear hugs and he demonstrates the dimensions of striking. WARNING: Contains scenes of extreme & realistic violence
00:30 Peak Physique Arms
In this episode, Kevan Wilson is joined by Stephanie and Martin. Watch as they show you how to train arms.
01:00 Weight Training v Circuit Training. Which is better?
Join 2 times world Karate Champion Leon Gordon as he takes you through the differences between weights and circuit.
01:05 3 Effective Exercises to BEST Develop the GLUTES !!!
In this video we will show you 3 effective exercises to get perfectly shaped glutes. Find out exclusively in this clip!
01:10 TOP 10 Biggest CHESTS Of All Time - World Records!!!
Exclusive LA Muscle Show
01:20 Hot Fitness Girl Tahlia trains LEGS at Anytime Fitness Gym
Tahlia Coutinho
01:30 The DEFINITIVE Sharnbrook Supercar and Hypercar 2018 video
Bugatti, Laferrari, Lamborghini, P1 GTR and so many more
01:40 This Mclaren 570s is INSANE!
Revs, acceleration, drones and more! Check out this amazing Mclaren 570s at high end supercar dealer Top 555.
01:45 INSANE Bugatti Chiron in London
Bugatti Chiron and Porsche 918 belonging to KHK
01:50 The LA Muscle Lamborghini Huracan Performante goes to Topaz
And look what was there! Every major Hypercar was present!
01:55 Self Defence Grabs - How to Protect Yourself on the Streets
Self defence expert and world Karate Champion Leon Gordon shows you how to protect yourself on the streets against all sorts of grabs.
02:00 The Art of Building Bodies S2 Ep4
Learn how to build size and strength using only a stability ball, learn why we all hold fat in certain area of our body and get the scoop on time-release protein.
02:30 Kayo MMA True Spirit Highlights
Part 2 of More MMA action from inside the ring.
03:00 Komie Invasion -Krav Maga (Episode 6)
Krav Maga expert Komie H shows you gun, knife & baseball bat defences to protect yourself.
03:30 Ab Man: Blue Print (2)
Join bodybuilding champ and the 'Ab Man' himself Paul Amos for a hard core ab workout
04:00 UCF MMA Lord of The Cage
Lords of the Cage, bought to you by UCF MMA, bring some exciting K1 kickboxing bouts including top fighters such as John Mcfadyen, Marlon Hunt and Lynden Knowles. Featuring Gavin Robinson and Jay Kirk.
04:15 OMG! Hot Fitness Girl Lucy trains Glutes & Hamstrings
Lucy Maple
04:30 Urban Free Flow
Parkour is gaining notoriety throughout London and the rest of the world with blockbusters such as James Bond's Casino Royale.
04:45 Top 10 best deadlifts
By Fitness women
05:00 Detox Secrets
Pilates expert Francesca Giacomini invites special guests naturopathic physician Dr Allison Gandre & master of yoga Nadia Mischanka to discuss the perfect detox.
05:30 Emergency Fitness 2
Join Fame winner Emma Louise as she shows you how she trains her chest and tricep muscles in this episode.
06:00 Kayo MMA Episode 2
Brought to you by team Kayo, a fantastic line up of mixed martial arts action. Including explosive amateur, semi-professional and professional fights with new and well established MMA professionals.
07:00 Kayo MMA Homecoming Part 1
Non-stop MMA action from start to finish. Catch up with all the professional fights from the evening in Part
08:00 Hard Training Dean Ash Chest & Tri
Personal trainer and bodybuilding champion Dean Ash takes you through his hardcore Chest & Tricep workouts.
09:00 Pure Pilates
Pilates instructor & figure model Francesca Giacomini invites her friends to her studio for an intense session of pilates.
10:00 The Gym Episode 10
Watch the trainer of champions Sav take a number of people through the correct methods for training chest and getting a solid admirable set of pecs quickly. Must see!
10:20 Sexy Melanie Marden
Dress Model and Creator of Spa Girls™
10:40 Tyrone Power Jr
Actor Model Tyrone Power Jr.
11:00 Adventure Racing World Championships
This is a multisport event where endurance is the biggest factor.
12:00 Shock n Awe 12 Ep 2
Shock n Awe are one of the UK’s leading Mixed Martial Arts brands, with a reputation for having high value production, outstanding match making and high calibre fighters.
12:30 Raw Kitchen 3 - Gourmet Inspirations
Looking for a healthy alternative to the foods you know and love? Raw Kitchen explores the possibilities and benefits of the Raw Food Phenomenon.
13:00 Monster Workout- Back
Infamous bodybuilder Robster Le Monster takes you to one of his favourite London gyms to join him for an intense back training session.. You also get to meet some of the other bodybuilders at the gym.
13:45 Salon Prive Cars & Coffee & Blenheim Palace 2017 ALL the supercars
Full coverage of all the supercars at the exclusive Salon Prive Cars & Coffee event at Blenheim Palace 2017, check out rare and exotic cars such as Ferrari F12 TDF, Tron Lamborghini Aventador and over 100 other cars.
14:00 Winning Figure-Abs
Celebrity personal trainer Tim Sharp & bodybuilding figure champion Debbie Francis shows you how to get a flat stomach & great abs.
14:30 Shock n Awe 12 Ep 3
Shock n Awe are one of the UK’s leading Mixed Martial Arts brands, with a reputation for having high value production, outstanding match making and high calibre fighters.
15:00 Muay Thai ep2
Muaythai World Series brings WBC World Title Thaiboxing action to the ring with the best of Thailand,, USA and Europe fighting off. Boxing, Elbows, Knees, and Kicks are used to win WBC glory with males and females fighting for International glory supported by the best of the UK fighting for the National Chang Cup. A hard hitting show with knock outs, knock downs and fast, dynamic action.
16:00 10th Legion Part 1
Exciting MMA Action from start to finish.
16:45 OMG! Look at these supercars in the heart of London
Some of the craziest cars in London all under one roof at Coutts Automobiles. Bugatti, Noble, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mclaren and so much more.
16:50 New Ferrari GTC4 Lusso V12 review
Check out this exciting review of the new LA Muscle Supercar
16:55 CRAZY supercars of Yianny of Yiannimize!!!
Check out these incredible supercars of Yianny of Yiannimize!
17:00 Lateef "Python" Williams
Lateef Williams is a fighter, in every meaning possible
17:30 The Gym 5
Bodybuilding expert Sav goes through the common exercise mistakes made in the gym and shows you how to train correctly.
18:00 Real Fitness
Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer Lazaro Almenares shows us how he trains his clients when he prepares them for competitions. If you want Real Fitness, real quick then you don't want to miss this.
18:35 Pro Bikini Athlete Lucy Trains Legs
At Crayford Weights in London
18:45 Lambo City in Central London
V12 Lamborghini v V12 Lamborghini
18:50 INSANE supercars in Central London June 2018
Some amazing luxury and supercars in central London.
18:55 I Want Your Body
Model Candice Collyer takes you through a sexy workout.
19:00 Make Me A Beauty Queen 2
Join model Shirin O’Neil as she prepares to become Miss Oxford. She shows you how she trains and eats in preparation for the upcoming show.
19:30 Pilates & Yoga- Episode 2
An exclusive insight into the world of Pilates & Yoga.
20:00 5 Exercises for the Best Upper Body workout!
5 best upper body exercises
20:10 HOT Latina trains legs!
Join hot latina Laura Salinass as she trains legs.
20:20 The most CRAZY DIVERSE supercars & hypercars at Joe Macari
You find everything from Lamborghini to Ferrari, rare BMW Porsches and so much more at Joe Macari in London.
20:30 Shoulder Workout with Hot Latina Cynthia
Join Cynthia in London at her gym for this amazing shoulder workout. Exclusive LA Muscle TV show.
20:35 CRAZY Lamborghini Car Meet in London
LA Muscle TV exclusive! Check out some wild and insane Lamborghinis at this unique event in London.
20:40 Highlights 2017
20:45 HER BREASTS distracted me! Gym dudes RUIN their workout staring at fitness babe
Poor Kitty Mitty is trying to get an upper body workout in, if guys would leave her alone!
20:50 LAUREN: Glute workout, SUPER SEXY fitness babes get hot & sweaty working out and boxing
Lauren takes Chloe through a gruelling glutes workout followed by some boxing where suddenly you see Chloe bring out the ROCKY in her! Amazing new sexy workout video by LA Muscle TV.
21:00 Inside Track
Inside Track takes you on a high octane journey into the world of fast cars and even faster reactions. Learn the little known secrets that transform a racing driver, into a motor sports champion.
21:30 Whole Body Training 2
World bodybuilding champion Ben Agboke takes you through a complete workout for your upper body and shows you how to train every muscle including chest, back, shoulders & arms.
22:00 Lisa Carrodus - Muscle Beach
By now you should be getting to know Australian Bodybuilder, Lisa Carrodus pretty well.
22:15 Epic Workout with World Karate Champion Leon Gordon and Singer Taya Plant
How to workout for power and strength
22:30 FOCUS your eyes on these HARD exercises
Advanced band glutes and shoulder exercises with fitness model, competitor and 2 x world champion Fitty Mitty.
22:40 London Fitness Girl Andrea trains Full Body in the Gym
London PT
22:50 WBFF Pro Muscle Model Neil Anderson discusses building the best physique
Neil Anderson is a WBFF Pro Muscle Model and an Elite Personal Trainer from Belfast. In this interview, Neil discusses the secret formula to building lean muscle, he also discusses his top choice of supplements.
22:55 LA Muscle In-House Personal Trainer Alina
Find out how Alina got started at LA Muscle.
23:00 Chad Strickland Fitness
Chad Strickland is a multi-qualified fitness instructor in Southern California, who has played a multitude of sports throughout his life, including playing professional volleyball in Europe for 7 years.
23:30 Cuban Cardio Kettlebells
Personal trainer Lazaro Almenares gets your heart racing with an energetic workout routine using skipping ropes & kettlebells.
LA Muscle

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