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December 2023

00:00 Challenge Wanaka 2014 Episode 1
Over 2000 athletes test their bodies and minds against triathlon's ultimate distance in the first major long course event of the year.
00:30 The Art of Building Bodies S2 Ep9
Learn stability training to help strengthen joints and tendons, find out how tai-chi can help build strength, learn how to make a protein bar and understand the importance of vitamins and minerals.
01:00 OMG! Holy Trinity hypercars at Joe Macari
Laferrari, Mclaren P1 and Porsche 918
01:05 CRAZY supercars of Yianny of Yiannimize!!!
Check out these incredible supercars of Yianny of Yiannimize!
01:10 Bikini Competitor Girl's Upper Body Workout in a Busy Gym in London!!
Sherry Mohsenpour
01:20 Classic Car Show Excel centre London 2017 EXCLUSIVE
Exclusive coverage by LA Muscle TV of this amazing car show featuring some of the world's best classic and modern super and hypercars including Ferrari F40, La Ferrari, TDF, Aston Martin Vulcan and so much more. Sit back and enjoy full coverage of this amazing show.
01:30 Monaco supercar & hypercar highlights 2017
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01:40 SEXY LEGGY fitness model works out hard in creepy gym
Yes she may look like Kim Kardashian from some angles, but some say she looks better! You decide! Join fitness model Sophia Shamimi as she does a grueling workout and shows you her amazing body.
01:45 Top 10 Biggest Arms In The World - OFFICIAL Measurements
OMG! Find out who has the biggest arms in the world. Some of them are in the Guinness Book Of World Records! CRAZY, INSANE ARMS!
01:50 Quick Full Body Circuit Workout with Celebrity Personal Trainer Dean Ash
Join celebrity personal trainer Dean Ash and Lee Denton as they take you through an outdoor full body circuit workout.
01:55 New Kahn Supercar Boutique in London
New car showroom by Afzal Kahn
02:00 Komie Invasion -Krav Maga (Episode 5)
Komie H-Krav Maga expert explains & demonstrates weapon defences, high & low combinations & ground fighting.
02:30 Raw Kitchen 3 - Gourmet Inspirations
Looking for a healthy alternative to the foods you know and love? Raw Kitchen explores the possibilities and benefits of the Raw Food Phenomenon.
03:00 Sexy Workout
Join fitness experts and fitness champions Kelly Sephton and Emma Bowen as they take you through a sexy workout which helps keep them in shape. Both girls also go through the importance of nutrition, diet and supplementation and how they eat to maintain their incredible figures. Not to be missed!
03:30 Teenage Fit
Join Laura Church as she explains the essentials of nutrition for teenagers. These tips have really helped transform lives.
04:00 Alternative Training
Mr Universe Neale Cranwell takes you through an incredible alternative way to train your shoulders. His methods and tips in this episode are invaluable and if you follow this routine, you will start to really grow and see results. Some of his tips are obvious things that you just don't do and some are specialist advice from a Mr Universe. Not to be missed.
04:15 10 Minutes of PURE Supercar Accelerations !!
Luxury supercars
04:30 Parkour with 3run
3RUN is the art of freedom, open to everyone who is like-minded in searching to push their physical, philosophical, and spiritual boundaries in Parkour, Freerunning, Stunts and Acrobatics.
04:45 Jennifer Nicole Lee at Gold's Gym
JNL takes us to her favorite restaurant in California – The Firehouse
05:00 Komie Invasion -Krav Maga (Episode 4)
Krav Maga expert Komie H teaches you the 360 defence against a knife attack, how to make combinations, wrist holds & striking defences against kicks. WARNING: Contains scenes of extreme & realistic
05:30 Houses Of Glory Ep3
Brazil is a nation that lives and breathes football and also has a stadium to match -The Maracana. With the 2014 world cup in Brazil this stadium is in line to host the world’s greatest sporting event.
06:00 Full Body Workout
Certified top personal trainer Chad Strickland takes real life client Pete through an amazing full body workout.
07:00 Health Candy-Weight Loss
Practitioner of Natural Medicine Dr Kyrin Hall explores alternative methods used to achieve weight loss. Kyrin looks at boot camp style training, bio-mechanical assessments & smart-lipo.
08:00 Knuckle Up New Breed 6
Filmed at the Bath Pavilion, watch
09:00 Kayo MMA Episode 4
An action packed MMA event brought to you by Team Kayo where the top fighters from their weight class battle it out for the major titles in their categories. If you are after action and excitement, you don't want to miss this!!
10:00 Gourmet Fitness Challenge
Gourmet Fitness Challenge with celebrity chef Eddy Rocq featuring foods for dieting and fitness.
10:20 Jennifer Nicole Lee
Jennifer Nicole Lee is a best-selling Author, Fitness Expert, Lifestyle Consultant, and top Fitness Model
10:40 The Gym Episode 10
Watch the trainer of champions Sav take a number of people through the correct methods for training chest and getting a solid admirable set of pecs quickly. Must see!
11:00 How Not To Train with Dean Ash
Bodybuilding champion & personal trainer Dean Ash takes you through a series of common training mistakes people make in the gym.
12:00 Adventure Racing - Programme 2
The second part of coverage from one of the UK's premier adventure events. Pressure builds on the competitors as they pass the half way point of the 4 day race, which takes them from the west to the east coast of England on foot, bikes and Kayaks.
12:30 Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST)
This show goes through the benefits of Hypertrophy training and demonstrates how to use this method for the ultimate workout.
13:00 Monster Workout- Back
Infamous bodybuilder Robster Le Monster takes you to one of his favourite London gyms to join him for an intense back training session.. You also get to meet some of the other bodybuilders at the gym.
13:45 Epic Workout with World Karate Champion Leon Gordon and Singer Taya Plant
How to workout for power and strength
14:00 Powerclub Training- Power ABS
PowerClub expert and fitness expert Vanessa Bird shows you how to shape and tone your stomach muscles using PowerClubs. This is fun and easy to do and works quickly and effectively.
14:30 Perfect Fitness Body Chest
IFBB professional Louise Rogers takes you through her chest workout in this new show ideal for women looking to enhance their chest.
15:00 NABBA Midlands 2010
Exclusive coverage of the NABBA Midlands bodybuilding competition presented by female bodybuilder
16:00 Supremacy
Action packed MMA action from start to finish, never seen before anywhere else.
16:45 London's most EXCLUSIVE car dealership with Bugatti, Mclaren, Lamborghinis and more
LA Muscle TV took a drive down to Coutts Automotives, London's most exclusive supercar dealership, selling the likes of Bugatti Veyrons, Mclaren P1s, Porsche 918s and Lamborghini Aventador SVs.
16:50 Amazing cars at BMW’s flagship London Showroom
Check these new cars
16:55 BEAUTIFUL LATINA Cynthia Trains Legs
Join another beautiful Latina, Cynthia on LA Muscle TV as she trains legs.
17:00 Fight Force 3 - Ep 2
The second epiosde of Fight Force presents more top class Muay Thai action from The Fight Force Team. Join top professioanl fighters from different weight categories as they continue to battle it out for the major titles in their divisions. Featuring exclusive bouts from both the female and male genre.
17:30 Bryn Bach Super Sprint Triathlon
For one weekend the serenity of the Welsh Valley is distributed for the annual triathalon.
18:00 Bikini Model Workout Back
Join Neale Cranwell and guests Joe and Claire for another fantastic episode of Bikini Model Workout. In this episode, Neale takes you through a back workout.
18:35 How To Defend Yourself Against An Attack, Self Defence Grabs!!
Celebrity personal trainer and self defence expert Dean Ash shows you how to protect yourself from an attack and how to get out of sticky situations.
18:45 CRAZY hypercars and supercars for sale at Romans International
Check out the latest hypercars and supercars for sale at the prestigious Romans International dealership in London. Includes: Porsche 918, Porsche 911R, Lamborghinis, Ferraris Mclaren and more. SHOW MORE
18:50 Liberty Walk at Autosport 2018
Check out the CRAZY Liberty Walk stand at Autosport 2018
18:55 Latest amazing supercars in London
Using the Live Upload App, these supercars were found in London
19:00 Andrea Orbeck Hips Show
Join Fitness model and trainer Andrea Orbeck for Part 1 of her exciting Hip Show.
19:30 The Gym 3
Join Bodybuilding expert and gym owner SAV, as he guides you through the correct methods of training and how to add muscle size onto your frame quickly.
20:00 7 Times Mr London Nav Trains Upper Body
With Bodybuilding Competitor Andy Boulton
20:10 Ultimate Ferrari highlights
Best luxury supercars
20:20 Lambos take over London! CHAOS!
Total chaos with 10 Lambos taking over London's amazing streets
20:30 ROAD RAGE incident in London with MASSIVE BODYBUILDER
The next time you decide to get out of your car to teach the other guy a lesson, you may want to remember this video. Watch what happens when member of the Oxford Rowing Team decides to show off to his girlfriend by getting out of the car in a road rage incident
20:35 LA TV 2019
20:40 CRAZY Lamborghini Car Meet in London
LA Muscle TV exclusive! Check out some wild and insane Lamborghinis at this unique event in London.
20:45 Fitty Mitty Hot Workout
Join fitness model Andrea Lovasi AKA Fitty Mitty for a hot workout
20:50 IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Sophia Samee trains Back
Join IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Sophia Samee as she trains Back.
21:00 Suspension Training For Beginners
Personal trainer Charlotte Ord shows you the most effective way to work out using suspension training.
21:30 Miss Fitness Nutrition
Fitness personality Sherry goggin is the most photographed Miss Fitness in the US.
London's Canary Wharf business district is the backdrop for this high speed city-centre triathlon where thousands of spectators cheer on the world's leading triathletes in a thrilling Super Sprint knockout event. This is the first of two programmes based on the event and concentrates on the women's races.
22:15 Strength Endurance
Amber Nimedez AKA Lil Miss Fit returns to The Active Channel to show us the latest, hottest workout LA has to offer.
22:30 Top 5 Hypercars spotted in 2017
Check out these incredible hypercars of 2017
22:40 Sexy Girls v Sexy Supercars
Amazing show featuring some super hot fitness ladies v super hot supercars! Which one would you pick?
22:50 OMG check out the supercars at this Ferrari Meet
Supercar Driver Event at Graypaul Ferrari in Nottingham. Exclusive supercar event with many Ferraris, Lamborghinis and more. Watch the whole show!
22:55 New Aston Martin Vantage
Incredible luxury supercar
23:00 Chad Strickland Fitness
Chad Strickland is a multi-qualified fitness instructor in Southern California, who has played a multitude of sports throughout his life, including playing professional volleyball in Europe for 7 years.
23:30 Masters of Powerclub
Follow fitness expert Ben McDonald for a fun and challenging session of dynamic powerclub training.
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