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October 2022

00:00 Body Workout Transformation
Join fitness expert Adam Gethin and fitness model Harry Ranson as they show and explain the quickest and most effective ways to transform your body.
00:30 Make Me A Beauty Queen 2
Join model Shirin O’Neil as she prepares to become Miss Oxford. She shows you how she trains and eats in preparation for the upcoming show.
01:00 EXOTIC HOT TRAINER Veronica is back
Learn how to train your back
01:05 OMG how RIPPED!!!! Super Shredded Fitness Model Ramon
How to get this RIPPED and SHREDDED!
01:10 How To Defend Yourself Against An Attack, Self Defence Grabs!!
Celebrity personal trainer and self defence expert Dean Ash shows you how to protect yourself from an attack and how to get out of sticky situations.
01:20 GAME OF THRONES Actor Darius Dar Khan's Training Regime
01:30 Pink v Blue - Who did it best?
Fitness Girls in Action
01:40 CRAZY Apollo IE Hypercar
Brand new hypercar
01:45 Zoran and Sarah
01:50 Britney Spears lookalike does legs & glutes in gym lit like a stadium!
Check out this exclusive legs & glutes workout with Sofia Shamimi, or as some people have claimed "Britney Spears" lookalike!
01:55 The Latest Supercars in London!!
We head into central London to capture some of the worlds best supercars.
02:00 I want to be Ep 3
A Mixed Martial Artist. The series that takes a look at popular sports and examines the training and lifestyle of those who strive to rise to the top of their chosen discipline.
02:30 Sexy Workout Glutes & Legs
Join fitness experts Kelly Sephton & Emma Louise Bowen, as they work on legs and glutes with a little added sexiness to your average gym workout.
03:00 Shredded Diesel 4
Celebrity personal trainer Zee 'Shredded Diesel' takes you through an extensive bicep, chest & abs workout.
03:30 Bryn Bach Super Sprint Triathlon
For one weekend the serenity of the Welsh Valley is distributed for the annual triathalon.
04:00 DEFINITIVE HR Owen Lamborghini 2019 Event including CRASH and CRAZY man!
The HR Owen Lamborghini Car Meet in London 2019. Footage includes a live crash which went viral as well as a very annoyed guy who started pushing spectators around!
04:15 LA Docu
04:30 Supercars in Monaco - Highlights #1
LaFerrari Aperta, 918s and more
Make sure to catch this exclusive programme where London's Canary Wharf business district is the backdrop for this high speed city-centre triathlon.Join the thousands of spectators cheer on the world's leading triathletes in a thrilling Super Sprint knockout event.
05:00 Komie Invasion -Krav Maga (Episode 6)
Krav Maga expert Komie H shows you gun, knife & baseball bat defences to protect yourself.
05:30 Powerboat Racer
Join British Powerboat Racer & fitness competitor Sarah Donohue for a day in the life of her intense training regime. Sarah shows you how she became better than ever after a horrific racing accident.
06:00 Fit Britain: Phil Taylor
15 time World Dart Champion and World Number 1 Phil ‘The Power’ Taylor has had a long life dream to lose weight. Watch as he makes his dream a reality.
07:00 Health Candy-Weight Loss
Practitioner of Natural Medicine Dr Kyrin Hall explores alternative methods used to achieve weight loss. Kyrin looks at boot camp style training, bio-mechanical assessments & smart-lipo.
08:00 We Are United
Manchester United Football Club has come a long way since their humble beginnings. We Are United is an unauthorised story, that will take you on a rollercoaster ride troughs of the Man U story.
09:00 Yoga With Kyrin & Male Model
A special yoga show for toning up, increasing flexibility and reducing stress.
10:00 Gourmet Fitness Challenge
Gourmet Fitness Challenge with celebrity chef Eddy Rocq featuring foods for dieting and fitness.
10:20 Damian Chapa
Hollywood actor Damian Chapa as seen in Under Siege.
10:40 Peak Physique Back Workout
Join Kevan Wilson and guest Nigel Tommo Thompson, as they demonstrate how to achieve defined back muscles.
11:00 The Young Karate Kid
Joshua Meek is the real life 'kung-fu kid'. At just 10 years old he has recently won a silver award at the European Martial arts Championships and is a member of the GB squad.
12:00 Sharon Polsky Miss Fitness America
Join Miss Fitness America 2008 Sharon Polsky for her amazing fitness and workout tips
12:30 Forgotten Movements-Hamstrings
Bodybuilding champions Dean Ash & Eddie Abbew show you how to workout your hamstrings using old school techniques practised by some of the bodybuilding legends of the past.
13:00 END 2 END
75 km of super fast fire roads, unforgiving country paths, steep forest tracks puntuated by two killer climbs. An established and important part of the Mountain Bike racing year, the End2End challenge is one of the most spectacular events in the British cycling year.
13:45 BEAUTIFUL LATINA Milena Trains Back
Gym workout
14:00 Ab Man: Blue Print (2)
Join bodybuilding champ and the 'Ab Man' himself Paul Amos for a hard core ab workout
14:30 Winning Figure-Back
Celebrity personal trainer Tim Sharp joins
15:00 Hard Training Damar - Shoulders
Damar Martin aka Gladiator 'Destroyer' takes you through a shoulder workout.
16:00 10th Legion Part 1
Exciting MMA Action from start to finish.
16:45 Advanced Lower Body Exercises
Join Aleksandra as she shows you some crazy super advanced lower body weight training exercises.
16:50 OMG check out the supercars at this Ferrari Meet
Supercar Driver Event at Graypaul Ferrari in Nottingham. Exclusive supercar event with many Ferraris, Lamborghinis and more. Watch the whole show!
16:55 First Lamborghini Urus in London
Exclusive look at the first customer Lamborghini Urus in London
17:00 Health & Nutrition 3
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, get it wrong and your fluctuating blood sugar levels can make you feel terrible.
17:30 Fight Force 3 - Ep 2
The second epiosde of Fight Force presents more top class Muay Thai action from The Fight Force Team. Join top professioanl fighters from different weight categories as they continue to battle it out for the major titles in their divisions. Featuring exclusive bouts from both the female and male genre.
18:00 Lisa Carrodus: London Workout
Beautiful fitness competitor Lisa Carrodus has one of the most amazing bodies on the planet.
18:35 Stunning IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Sophia Samee
Trains Legs
18:45 SUPER HOT fitness girl Yumara FINALLY SMILES!
Follow Yumara (Mara's) total leg workout here and watch her go through her whole workout without smiling once! Until...
18:50 CRAZY Lamborghini Car Meet in London
LA Muscle TV exclusive! Check out some wild and insane Lamborghinis at this unique event in London.
18:55 SEXIEST CAR on earth! Bugatti Chiron arrives in London with sexy girl!
LA Muscle TV Exclusive! The world's most expensive Bugatti, the Chiron arrives in London for an exclusive preview. Fitness babe Fitty Mitty joins the rest of the crowd that brought London traffic to total gridlock!
19:00 DF3 Deep Fascia - Shoulder
Dean Ash and guest Keith Williams, demonstrate a pioneering new system designed to target deep fascia muscle tissue, which promotes growth and vascularity like nothing else.
19:30 Pilates & Yoga- Episode 6
An exclusive insight into the world of Pilates & Yoga.
20:00 Self Defence: Girls fight off 2 burly guys
In this video we're going to show you how to protect yourself from an attack and how to get out of sticky situations. Find out exclusively in this clip!
20:10 Gym girl gets training from 7 times Mr London
Gym instructional video featuring bodybuilding champion Nav the Sword!
20:20 EXTREME London Hypercars including rare Mclaren P1
Supercars and hypercars in London just get better and better! Join LA Muscle TV for a trip into central London and see some of the top luxury sports cars in the world on the streets of London. Professional narration by the one and only Michael Faulkner.
20:30 Highlights from supercars & hypercars events of 2017
Lots of crazy supercars and hyperccars from 2017
20:35 Deadlifts with pro bodybuilder Alistair Richardson
Amazing technique and form to get you big and strong
20:40 Proper arm training with Dean Ash
Celebrity Trainer Dean Ash shows you how to train your biceps and triceps
20:45 New Bentley Showroom - Exclusive LA Muscle TV
New Vindis Group Bentley showroom with incredible supercars
20:50 SEXY Fitness Athletes Perform 4 BEST Upper Body Exercises
4 best upper body exercises for perfectly shaped shoulders, arms and back as performed by sexy personal trainers & models.
21:00 Pilates & Yoga- Episode 5
An exclusive insight into the world of Pilates & Yoga.
21:30 Fight Force 3 - Ep 3
Part 3 of fight force the join the professionals as they continue to fight for the major titles in their weight class. includes both male and female athletes. unmissable muay thai.
22:00 Jennifer Nicole Lee at Gold's Gym
JNL takes us to her favorite restaurant in California – The Firehouse
22:15 Geneva Motor Show 2017 SUPERCARS and HOT GIRLS
Check out all the supercars of the Geneva Motor Show 2017. LA Muscle TV had backstage passes to all the major manufacturers stands including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mansory and more. Beautiful cars and beautiful girls. This is your comprehensive Geneva Motor Show 2017 video guide! Exclusive to LA Muscle TV.
22:30 Bodybuilding Champion Training with 7 times Mr London
Join 7 times Mr London Bodybuilding Champion Nav "The Sword" and his training partner Dan Jumaa as they take you through their upper body workout.
22:40 The DEFINITIVE Sharnbrook Supercar and Hypercar 2018 video
Bugatti, Laferrari, Lamborghini, P1 GTR and so many more
22:50 LA Muscle In-House Personal Trainer Alina
Find out how Alina got started at LA Muscle.
22:55 LA TV 2019
23:00 Winning Figure-Chest
Celebrity personal trainer tim sharp &
23:30 Arch to Arc
As part of the inov 8 challenge series, tri-athlete Mark Bayliss attempts a new world record for the Arch to Arc Triathlon. Starting from Marble Arch in London, the event involves a gruelling 87 mile run to Dover, a Channel swim from Dover to Calais and a 181 mile bike ride from Calais to the Arc de Triomphe, Paris. This documentary follows his preparation and the completion of this extreme test of mind and body.
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