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May 2024

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00:00 Raw Kitchen 5 - Fermentation
This episode is a Raw Kitchen, fermented probiotic special. Making kefir drink, sauerkraut and cashew cheese.
00:30 Teenage Fit
Join Laura Church as she explains the essentials of nutrition for teenagers. These tips have really helped transform lives.
01:00 Fitness girl drives into London with Lamborghini Aventador SV
Sofia Shamimi is a 19 year old, 6 feet tall fitness competitor. Check out this video of her driving into London in the LA Muscle Lamborghini Aventador SV for a photoshoot outside Harrods and The Dorchester Hotel.
01:05 London's most EXCLUSIVE car dealership with Bugatti, Mclaren, Lamborghinis and more
LA Muscle TV took a drive down to Coutts Automotives, London's most exclusive supercar dealership, selling the likes of Bugatti Veyrons, Mclaren P1s, Porsche 918s and Lamborghini Aventador SVs.
01:10 Ferrari 70th Anniversary Celebrations in London
Ferrari's 70th anniversary cars in Central London. Exclusive LA Muscle TV coverage.
01:20 'The Attack'- Starring Dean Ash
Funny action movie filmed in the LA Muscle studios featuring the mighty Dean Ash.
01:30 Italian Fitness Model Trains Lower Body
Annamaria Pollini
01:40 Golden Pamther
01:45 FLIRTY PT makes fitness girl uncomfortable during HOT session
Flirty PT makes fitness girl uncomfortable during legs and glutes session.
01:50 New Mercedes AMG G63 v Old AMG G63
A review of the new G63 v the old G63. Which one wins?
01:55 OMG first Mclaren Senna in London
Full footage of the first Mclaren Senna in London
02:00 Galway Grand Prix of the Sea
Get in on all the action taking place on the waters of Galway, Ireland for one weekend.
02:30 Pilates & Yoga- Episode 3
An exclusive insight into the world of Pilates & Yoga.
03:00 Generation Fitness
Join Carly Newson and her mum as they show you a great workout to keep you looking fit and slender. A fun watch for all generations.
03:30 Jessie Godderz
Jessie Godderz : Big Brother contestant, and World Champion Natural Bodybuilder.
04:00 UKBFF British Final Championships October 2023
04:15 Ultimate London Lamborghini Highlights
Amazing luxury cars
04:30 Fitness Model Amie Harris Trains Chest & Triceps at Zone Gym
04:45 HOT LATINA Cynthia trains Lower body in London Gym
Park View Health Club London
05:00 Raw Kitchen 4- Sports Nutrition
We will explore the benefits of the raw food diet and how it can be implemented to your workout.
05:30 I want to be Ep 7
An Olympic Athlete. The series that takes a look at popular sports and examines the training and lifestyle of those who strive to rise to the top of their chosen discipline.
06:00 Andrianna: Andrianna Training: Upper Body
A must-watch training show with the stunning Andrianna. The show features many exercises and lots of useful information on training your upper body.
07:00 Dean & Neale's Chest Workout
Celebrity personal trainer Dean Ash & World Physique Federation Heavyweight Mr Universe Neale Cranwell teach you how to build and define your chest muscles for the perfect pecs.
08:00 6 Pack In 4 Weeks-Phase 1
Join Personal Trainer Tim Sharp as he shows you how to get six pack abs in as little as 4 weeks.
09:00 Strictly Fit
Join one of Hollywood's top personal trainers, Chad Strickland for the ultimate fitness workout.
10:00 Michele Levesque, Fitness Babe
Michele Levesque is one of the HOTTEST fitness babes on the planet - 2 times world fitness champion!Check her out on the Rob Riches Show - EXCLUSIVE!
10:20 Andrea Orbeck: Glutes & Hip Workout
Celebrity personal fitness trainer Andrea Orbeck shows you how to workout your hip &amp; glute (buttocks) area.
10:40 Ildiko Gaspar
Filmed at World’s Gym, San Diego, CA
11:00 Danni - Weight loss for brides
Weight loss for brides with Danni Levy
12:00 Jessie Pavelka
Jessie Pavelka : Fitness Cover Model and TV Personality I am a fortunate yet unfortunate person just like all the rest of us.
12:30 Cuban Cardio Kettlebells
Personal trainer Lazaro Almenares gets your heart racing with an energetic workout routine using skipping ropes & kettlebells.
13:00 Monica Brant: Behind the Scenes
The one and only fitness super model Monica Brant.
13:45 Muscleman Obi Obadike
Pro Fitness Model
14:00 Brain Cell - Microsoft UK Challenge
Watch as 99 teams get ready for a brutal race that not only challenges
14:30 Sherry Goggin Workout: Unseen footage
Previously unseen footage from Miss Fitness America, Sherry Goggin's workout secrets.
15:00 KAYO MMA - True Spirit 1
Part 1 of KAYO MMA True Spirit 1.
16:00 Supremacy
Action packed MMA action from start to finish, never seen before anywhere else.
16:45 Top 10 Biggest Arms In The World - OFFICIAL Measurements
OMG! Find out who has the biggest arms in the world. Some of them are in the Guinness Book Of World Records! CRAZY, INSANE ARMS!
Join bodybuilding champion and level 3 personal trainer Alex Lenghel in this exclusive LA Muscle TV production, showing you how to train your arms to get them MASSIVE in record time.
16:55 LAMBO CITY! Hell Yeah Rally convoy down into London
Ride on board the Hell Yeah Rally convoying into London. Lamborghini Huracans and other supercars ROAR into London to raise hell!
17:00 Lauren Powers, Muscle Diva
Guest Two: Lauren Powers Actress, Model, and Muscle Diva "I'm a competitive bodybuilder, wrestler and all around fantasy girl; a blond haired blue eyed All American Amazon.
17:30 Dean & Eddie Forgotten Movements Legs
Join Active Channel regulars and Bodybuilding champions Dean Ash and Eddie Abbew as they show you some leg exercises to pack on some quality muscle. Joining them is fitness expert Carmen Knights.
18:00 Clark Bartram Fitness Guru
Clark Bartram : America's Most Trusted Fitness Professional Clark Bartram's name is synonymous with fitness.
18:35 Classic Car Show Excel centre London 2017 EXCLUSIVE
Exclusive coverage by LA Muscle TV of this amazing car show featuring some of the world's best classic and modern super and hypercars including Ferrari F40, La Ferrari, TDF, Aston Martin Vulcan and so much more. Sit back and enjoy full coverage of this amazing show.
18:45 New Aston Martin Vantage
Incredible luxury supercar
18:50 Is this the HOTTEST Personal Trainer in London?
Check out qualified Personal trainer Deimante as she goes for a workout in Pure Gym Park Royal.
18:55 LA Muscle In-House Personal Trainer Alina
Find out how Alina got started at LA Muscle.
19:00 LA Choppers
Muscle Diva, Lauren Powers was last seen on The Active Channel getting luxury spa treatments, ball room dancing, weight training, and of course, riding her Harley Davidson out on the open highways around Long Beach, California.
19:30 High Voltage-Back Workout
Bodybuilding champion Dean Ash follows Mr Universe Neale Cranwell on his new super hardcore training routine.
20:00 Bikini Competitor Sherry Mohsenpour Trains Lower Body in a Busy Gym in London!
20:10 Fitness Girls Eva and Georgeta Are Back!
20:20 Super HOT Latina tries to train in gym full of NERDS!
Join super hot fitness competitor and athlete Latina Laura Salinass as she gets ready for her next competition.
20:30 WOW WOW !The Audi RS6
All about the crazy RS6
20:35 Fitness Enthusiast Karina
Trains Biceps & Triceps with Celebrity Trainer DEAN ASH
20:40 Super Hot Strong Exotic Personal Trainer Veronica
Join Veronica Verdi for a seriously hard workout!
20:45 Karate & Judo World Champion Workout
With Judo & Karate World Champion Leon Gordon.
20:50 HOT girl trains legs
Join fitness enthusiast ANA as she trains legs
21:00 Olympic Dream - Paralympics
100m Sprinter and Olympic hopeful Tyrone Swaray presents this exclusive show featuring 2 Paralympics football stars, Darren Harris and Alistair Patrick Heselton.
21:30 Pilates & Yoga- Episode 6
An exclusive insight into the world of Pilates & Yoga.
22:00 Master Trainer Sav corrects rookie mistakes and shows you how to train
Learn from master trainer of champions Sav Kyriacou of Muscleworks, how to train, get big, lose fat and not waste your time in the gym.
22:15 Celebrity Trainer Parade
Join celebrity trainer Ricardo as he puts girl band Parade through their paces by giving them the ultimate fitness workout outside in the park.
22:30 TRAINING SECRETS: Chest & Back with Made in Chelsea star Ryan Libbey
New Made In Chelsea and LA Muscle hunk Ryan Libbey takes you though a grueling chest and back workout with his secrets for an amazing body.
22:40 She Squats! Top 10 best squats by fitness girls
Female fitness ladies squat
22:50 $250 MILLION worth of FERRARI supercars and classic cars under one roof
Check out this LA Muscle TV exclusive featuring what is believed to be the world's most expensive Ferrari gathering in one place.
22:55 On The Red Carpet For The GI Joe Premier
GI JOE Retaliation premiere
23:00 Peak Physique Arms
In this episode, Kevan Wilson is joined by Stephanie and Martin. Watch as they show you how to train arms.
23:30 Houses Of Glory Ep6
Seahawks also known as Century Link Field is a young stadium that is making history as one of America’s best new NFL grounds.
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