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January 2023

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00:00 Muaythai world series ep 4
Muay Thai action. Join top professional fighters from different weight categories as they battle it out for the major titles.
00:30 Bikini Model Workout Legs & Glutes
Presented by Neal Cranwell. In this show, the viewers are shown that it is possible to get a bikini body while using weights. Neale is joined by bikini models Sally Graham & Olga Egorova.
01:00 World Karate Champion shows you how to build muscle & lose weight
Self defence expert and 2 times world Karate Champion Leon Gordon shows you how to build muscle and lose weight.
01:05 The Luxurious Cars
Amazing private hypercar and supercar collection
01:10 Stunning IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Sophia Samee
Trains Legs
01:20 Is this the world's BUSIEST gym? Join Hot Latina Laura as she trains arms & abs
Join Laura Salinass as she gets closer to her competition day, training arms and abs today.
01:30 Hypercar and Supercar Meet at the Sharnbrook 2017 - GRIDLOCK!
Crazy car meet with almost every hypercar and supercar owner and dealer present
01:40 Latest amazing supercars in London
Using the Live Upload App, these supercars were found in London
01:45 Ferrari 458 Speciale Aperta v Ferrari 488 Spider | Review, revs, comparison
LA Muscle TV takes 2 of the LA Muscle cars for a spin to find out which is the king.
01:50 Is this the BEST luxury car dealer in the North of England?
Check out Top555 and their amazing cars which include Ferrari Speciale Aperta, Ferrari Speciale, Mclarens, Lamborghini, Porsche and so many more amazing manufacturers. Incredible, luxury, low mileage vehicles are the signature of Top555.
01:55 NEW Lamborghini Huracan Performante is CRAZY
Amazing new Huracan Performante test drive by LA Muscle
02:00 Andrianna - Lower Body
Andrianna Christoffi shows you the routine that she uses at home to stay in shape.
02:30 LA Muscle Interviews
New series interviewing celebrities, bodybuilders, models and athletes in amazing cars around London and various other locations. Join Game of Thrones Actor and fitness model Darius Dar Khan in an ML63 AMG for the first episode of the all new LA Muscle Interviews. An exclusive Active Channel Production.
03:00 Health & Nutrition 5
Nutritionist & fitness expert Laura Church catches up with a previous guest, Craig Edgley to see how he has gotten on with Laura's personalised food plan.
03:30 I want to be Ep 12
An American Football Player. The series that takes a look at popular sports and examines the training and lifestyle of those who strive to rise to the top of their chosen discipline.
04:00 Fitness Girl & PT Andrea trains Upper Body in a BUSY Gym!!
04:15 Clare Louise Trains Arms & Shoulders
Fitness Training at Crayford Weights & Fitness
04:30 Biggest EVER Lamborghini Event in the UK!
Movember BULL RUN 2022
04:45 Salon Prive Cars & Coffee & Blenheim Palace 2017 ALL the supercars
Full coverage of all the supercars at the exclusive Salon Prive Cars & Coffee event at Blenheim Palace 2017, check out rare and exotic cars such as Ferrari F12 TDF, Tron Lamborghini Aventador and over 100 other cars.
05:00 Shock n Awe 12 Ep 1
Shock n Awe are one of the UK’s leading Mixed Martial Arts brands, with a reputation for having high value production, outstanding match making and high calibre fighters.
05:30 Houses Of Glory Ep3
Brazil is a nation that lives and breathes football and also has a stadium to match -The Maracana. With the 2014 world cup in Brazil this stadium is in line to host the world’s greatest sporting event.
06:00 Sharp Bodies-Glute Workout
Celebrity personal trainer Tim Sharp takes you through an amazing workout for your glutes & quads that will give you the perky bikini perfect posterior you've always wanted.
07:00 Celebrity Trainer - Louise Cole
Celebrity trainer Ricardo Macedo has model & TV presenter Louise Cole at his studio for a full body workout designed especially for ladies.
08:00 Kettlebells Training Advanced
Kettlebell expert Charlotte Ord performs an advanced kettlebell workout that will tone, strengthen & condition your muscles quickly, helping you to achieve your physical goals.
09:00 Muscle Beach Labor Day Weekend Event
Miss America Fitness Sherry Goggin gets exclusive interviews with some of the most amazing body builders and physique models in Hollywood.
10:00 Andrea Orbeck: Glutes & Hip Workout
Celebrity personal fitness trainer Andrea Orbeck shows you how to workout your hip &amp; glute (buttocks) area.
10:20 Ildiko Gaspar
Filmed at World’s Gym, San Diego, CA
10:40 Koya Webb
Guest One: Koya Webb Fitness and Lifestyle Coach.
11:00 Muaythai world series ep 3
Muay Thai action. Join top professional fighters from different weight categories as they battle it out for the major titles.
12:00 Inside Track
Inside Track takes you on a high octane journey into the world of fast cars and even faster reactions. Learn the little known secrets that transform a racing driver, into a motor sports champion.
12:30 Modball Rally 2017 THE SUPER CARS ARE OFF! UN-EDITED!
Unedited footage from the Modball Rally 2017 in Pall Mall London. Watch all the supercars make their way out and onwards to Europe!
13:00 TK MMA 5
Kick off an adrenaline fuelled night with 5 pro and semi pro MMA fights with lightweight title shots between Rick Selvarajah & Mike Maroudas.
13:45 BRAZILIAN girl Monica Trains Legs with Celebrity Trainer Dean Ash!
Join celebrity personal trainer Dean Ash and Monica as they take you through a CRAZY Leg workout.
14:00 Strathclyde Olympic Distance 2009
With the Olympic Distance championships title up for grabs, this triathalon has allured some of the best British athletes to take part.
14:30 Shock n Awe 12 Ep 3
Shock n Awe are one of the UK’s leading Mixed Martial Arts brands, with a reputation for having high value production, outstanding match making and high calibre fighters.
15:00 Dean & Eddie's Arm Workout
Bodybuilding champions Dean Ash & Eddie Abbew teach you the best exercises for building and toning your arm muscles.
16:00 Fight Force 4 - Episode 2
World Class WBC Muaythai action as the UKs best fight for the coveted national chang cup and the chance to be crowned WBC chanpion. This series has a UK VS USA superfight in 147ILBs division - muaythi- the right sport on earth.
16:45 New Ferrari Showroom in the heart of London
HR Owen unleash these crazy Ferraris
16:50 HOT fitness model in London's finest supercar showroom!
Check out model Tahlia Coutinho as she takes you for a tour of the Coutts Automobiles showroom in London. You see incredible cars like the limited edition Ferrari F12 TDF.
16:55 Proper arm training with Dean Ash
Celebrity Trainer Dean Ash shows you how to train your biceps and triceps
17:00 10th Legion Part 2
Exciting MMA action from start to finish.
17:30 LA Choppers
Muscle Diva, Lauren Powers was last seen on The Active Channel getting luxury spa treatments, ball room dancing, weight training, and of course, riding her Harley Davidson out on the open highways around Long Beach, California.
18:00 Mission Possible
Hollywood Extra first met with Celebrity Fitness Model, Jennifer Nicole Lee, in Los Angeles at the end of last year, as she took us behind the scenes of her Ironman photo shoot, and showed us around the likes of the world-famous Gold's gym, and Rodeo Drive.
18:35 Squat & Deadlift Challenge gets COMPETITIVE!
Squat and Deadlift Challenge at Pure Gym in Park Royal, London gets quite competitive! Join World Karate Champion Leon Gordon and friends as they go head-to-head!
18:45 World's FIRST £2m GOLD MCLAREN P1
Amazing video showing you the branding and final stages of the chrome rose gold wrap on the LA Muscle Mclaren P1 at Yiannimize. Follow the car back to LA Muscle HQ with some incredible reactions from people along the way, including one man and his Honda who tries to race the Mclaren P1!!! Also features guest appearance by Radio 1 DJ Charlie Sloth !
18:50 Supercars in London! August 2018 OMG!
Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Mclarnes ...
18:55 Crazy Accelerations in the LA Muscle supercars
2017 was a great year for LA Muscle's growing fleet of supercars and hypercars
19:00 Dance Flavourz
Dance Flavourz is a dance instruction show headed by Francis Cardoso (Britain&rsquo;s got Talent semi finalist) to help you learn new dance move from all over the world.
19:30 Pilates & Yoga- Episode 6
An exclusive insight into the world of Pilates & Yoga.
20:00 Stunning Personal Trainer Maddie Trains Lower Body
Crayford Fitness
20:10 TOP 10 Biggest BACKS Of All Time
World Records
20:20 Pro Bikini Athlete Lucy Trains Legs
At Crayford Weights in London
20:30 SEXIEST fitness photoshoot with Italian/Iranian model Sofia Shamimi
Check out these incredible photos and video of fitness model Sofia Shamimi.
20:35 The LA Muscle Lamborghini Huracan Performante goes to Topaz
And look what was there! Every major Hypercar was present!
20:40 Aston Martin Vanquish Zagato Shooting Brake
Check out this ultra rare limited edition Aston Martin Zagato Shooting Brake spotted in London yesterday!
20:45 Band workout with World Karate Champion
Join Leon Gordon for a great new workout
20:50 Fitness Athlete Trains Full Body with Mr RIPPED
Join Mr Ripped Lazaro of Cuban Cardio as he trains fitness athlete Ivanna in the gym.
21:00 Shock n Awe Ep 6
Shock n Awe brings you top British MMA and Kickboxing proudly. Tonight&rsquo;s bouts feature: Mok Rahman Vs Paul Jordan, Matt "Short Fuse" Hughes Vs Paul Ogden & Brett O`Brien Vs Anthony Hicks
21:30 I want to be Ep 13
A drifter. The series that takes a look at popular sports and examines the training and lifestyle of those who strive to rise to the top of their chosen discipline.
22:00 The LA Muscle Story
How it all started
22:15 Master Trainer Sav corrects rookie mistakes and shows you how to train
Learn from master trainer of champions Sav Kyriacou of Muscleworks, how to train, get big, lose fat and not waste your time in the gym.
22:30 Irish Powerlifter Adam Hamilton Performs Hard-Core Squats & Deadlifts!!!
Join personal trainer and powerlifter Adam Hamilton as he performs Squats & Deadlifts to increase and test his strength levels!
Cynthia is back
22:50 Correct Training: Rights and Wrongs
Join LA Muscle PT Alina for some proper training
22:55 TRX ab workout with top trainer Mr RIPPED Lazaro of Cuban Cardio
Learn a new way to train your abs for that ultra defined look with nothing but some TRX cables.
23:00 Powerclub Training- Power ABS
PowerClub expert and fitness expert Vanessa Bird shows you how to shape and tone your stomach muscles using PowerClubs. This is fun and easy to do and works quickly and effectively.
23:30 Sexy Workout Military Training
Fitness champions Kelly Sephton and Emma Louise Bowen take you though an intense military training workout.
LA Muscle

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