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June 2022

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00:00 Shock n Awe 12 Ep 2
Shock n Awe are one of the UK’s leading Mixed Martial Arts brands, with a reputation for having high value production, outstanding match making and high calibre fighters.
00:30 Workout Cool Down
Personal trainer Charlotte Ord tells you the purpose & benefits of including finishers or warm downs
01:00 Lamborghini Aventador 50th Anniversary
What's so special?
01:05 Is this the BEST luxury car dealer in the North of England?
Check out Top555 and their amazing cars which include Ferrari Speciale Aperta, Ferrari Speciale, Mclarens, Lamborghini, Porsche and so many more amazing manufacturers. Incredible, luxury, low mileage vehicles are the signature of Top555.
01:10 Full workout with LA Muscle's qualified PT Alina
Check out this exciting all-round workout with Alina from the LA Muscle team.
01:20 Sexy fitness babes in hot photoshoot
Famous fitness phorographer Matt Marsh gives LA Muscle TV access to his secret sexy den of fitness!
01:30 Is this the world's BUSIEST gym? Join Hot Latina Laura as she trains arms & abs
Join Laura Salinass as she gets closer to her competition day, training arms and abs today.
01:40 Sexy girl, Matt Black Bugatti, rare Ferrari 599 GTO and Speciale Aperta. HOT!
Check out sexy fitness model at DD Classics in London amongst some of the rarest cars in the world including a matt black Bugatti, Ferrari 599 GTO, Ferrari Speciale Aperta and Mercedes SLS Black series. Very rare indeed! LA Muscle TV Exclusive.
01:45 HOT BOOTY training with SEXY babes
Join LA Muscle TV, Sabrina Louise, Toby Drew and gang for a SEXY and raw booty workout at Absalute gym.
01:50 Shoulder training with Fitness Model Alexa Jordan Epstein
Join fitness model Alexa and learn secret tricks to develop better shoulders
01:55 BEST Upper Body Exercises As Performed by LA Muscle Fitness Athletes
Learn how to properly train your upper body and tone your arms, chest, shoulders and back with these moves.
02:00 XTERRA England
The UK round of the world’s premier off road triathlon series. Elite competitors from around the world gather in Surrey to compete for the prize and qualify for the World Championship in Hawaii.
02:30 Andrianna - Mat Workout
Fitness model & personal trainer Andrianna Christoffi demonstates a lower body work out that will help you to tone and strengthen the muscles in the bum & leg area, using ordinary equipment found at your local gym
03:00 Houses Of Glory Ep4
In this episode we look at what Australia has to offer the Formula 1 world with the Melbourne racetrack, also take a look at the Boston multi use stadium, TD Garden.
03:30 Celebrity Trainer II - Noelle Reno
Celebrity trainer Ricardo Macedo shows fashion designer and presenter Noelle Reno the alternative ways to rock climbing. Noelle explains how rock climbing has helped her with her fitness.
04:00 BEAUTIFUL LATINA Milena Trains Back
Gym workout
04:15 BNBF Competitor Joanna trains BACK
The Body Factory Gym, London
04:30 BEAUTIFUL LATINA Trains Full Body in The Gym
Training in London
04:45 Top 5 LA Muscle® Female bodybuilders
Fitness models hard training
05:00 Lateef "Python" Williams
Lateef Williams is a fighter, in every meaning possible
05:30 Beach Body-Arms
Personal trainer & bikini model Danni Levy takes you through her exclusive programme that is designed
06:00 Health Candy-Weight Loss 2
Practitioner of natural medicine Dr Kyrin Hall explores different ways to lose weight through alternative types of exercise.
07:00 Cage Fighter 1
Dave O'Donnell & Andy Greer welcome former heavyweight champion cagefighter Mark 'The Beast'Epstein to the show to discuss his MMA career, achievements & future.
08:00 Kayo MMA Episode 4
An action packed MMA event brought to you by Team Kayo where the top fighters from their weight class battle it out for the major titles in their categories. If you are after action and excitement, you don't want to miss this!!
09:00 Muaythai world series ep 3
Muay Thai action. Join top professional fighters from different weight categories as they battle it out for the major titles.
10:00 Best Training Methods with Champion Maker Sav of Muscleworks
Join Sav, the owner of Muscleworks gyms in London as he shows you how to train right and use the correct training methods to get big and lose weight and get lean. Sav has trained hundreds of top bodybuilders to win major championships including Mr Universe and British Finals.
10:20 Jake Sawyer
Guest Two: Jake Sawyer Trainer, Model, Actor, and Veteran of the Iraq War Well I graduated from the University of Nebraska with an exercise science degree and sports nutrition minor.
10:40 Alicia Neasmith
Alicia Neasmith WNSO's Youngest Pro Athlete Alicia Neasmith is the youngest WNSO (World Natural Sports Organization) professional fitness model &amp; swimsuit model who obtained this professional status at 18 years old.
11:00 Dean & Eddie Chest Workout
Join bodybuilding champions Dean Ash & Eddie Abbew in the gym as they do an intense chest workout.
12:00 10th Legion Part 2
Exciting MMA action from start to finish.
12:30 Mark Harris
Mark has appeared or starred in a wide variety of Films, TV movies and music videos.
13:00 Monica Brant: Behind the Scenes
The one and only fitness super model Monica Brant.
13:45 Geneva Motor Show 2017 SUPERCARS and HOT GIRLS
Check out all the supercars of the Geneva Motor Show 2017. LA Muscle TV had backstage passes to all the major manufacturers stands including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Mansory and more. Beautiful cars and beautiful girls. This is your comprehensive Geneva Motor Show 2017 video guide! Exclusive to LA Muscle TV.
14:00 Kyrin At The Yoga Expo
Yoga expert Dr Kyrin Hallexplores all the happenings at the annual Yoga exhibition held at Olympis National Hall, London.
14:30 Film Stunts 3
Film stunt regulars Jay Kirk and Hayden Critchfield are joined by Tayah Kansik as they tackle some unique and amazing stunts in a car. This is not to be missed.
15:00 Yoga With Kyrin & Male Model
A special yoga show for toning up, increasing flexibility and reducing stress.
16:00 Fight Force 4 - Episode 2
World Class WBC Muaythai action as the UKs best fight for the coveted national chang cup and the chance to be crowned WBC chanpion. This series has a UK VS USA superfight in 147ILBs division - muaythi- the right sport on earth.
16:45 Norateen Nitro
16:50 How to strengthen your core muscles
Zoran demonstrates how to strengthen the core muscles with the help of fitness model Kat Dee.
16:55 Fitness champion Fitty Mitty trains back
Join fitness champion and competitor Fitty Mitty as she trains her back at the famous Muscleworks Gym in London.
17:00 Pilates & Yoga- Episode 1
An exclusive insight into the world of Pilates & Yoga.
17:30 Raw Kitchen 2 - Chocolate
Join Shazzie in this chocolate themed episode of Raw Kitchen. Discover a world where chocolate doesn't have to be unhealthy, and learn the secrets to making your very own.
18:00 Bikini Model Workout Back
Join Neale Cranwell and guests Joe and Claire for another fantastic episode of Bikini Model Workout. In this episode, Neale takes you through a back workout.
18:35 STUNNING London Fitness Girl trains in a Busy Gym!
Andrea is back
18:45 Correct Tricep extensions with Celeb Trainer Dean Ash and Mr Universe Neal Cranwell
Join Celebrity Trainer Dean Ash and Mr Universe Neale Cranwell and learn how to correctly train your triceps.
18:50 World Karate Champion shows you how to build muscle & lose weight
Self defence expert and 2 times world Karate Champion Leon Gordon shows you how to build muscle and lose weight.
18:55 CRAZY supercars of Yianny of Yiannimize!!!
Check out these incredible supercars of Yianny of Yiannimize!
19:00 Cuban Cardio -Resistance Bands
Personal trainer & bodybuilding champion Lazaro Almenares takes you through a high energy, fast paced cardio routine designed to workout your entire body in one session.
19:30 Shredded Diesel 6
Zee "Shredded Diesel" takes us through a leg workout that shows you do not need heavy weights to have an intense workout.
20:00 Self Defence: Girls fight off 2 burly guys
In this video we're going to show you how to protect yourself from an attack and how to get out of sticky situations. Find out exclusively in this clip!
20:10 The Gym Episode 13
Training at the MOST HARDCORE gym in London with master trainer Sav Kyriacou
20:20 Hot Girls Train Their Favourite Muscle Groups
In this video LA Muscle fitness athletes train their favourite muscle groups including arms, back & More.
20:30 OMG top 5 booty exercises!
You want to build the best body with the best legs and booty? Then check out the top 5 booty exercises right here with a countdown of the top 5 trainers!
20:35 Super hot BOOTY WORKOUT
Fitness competitor Elena Costi, sexy workout and interview
20:40 2 of the Rarest Astons Martins ever produced
Check out these extremely rare Aston Martin Supercars at Tom Hartley cars.
20:45 4 Great Exercises To Target Back Muscles
In this video LA Muscle fitness athletes show you some great exercises for back development.
20:50 Darts Champion Phil Taylor Interview
World Champion Phil The Power Taylor
21:00 Komie Invasion -Krav Maga (Episode 2)
Krav Maga expert Komie H explains and shows you release techniques to get out of choke holds & bear hugs and he demonstrates the dimensions of striking. WARNING: Contains scenes of extreme & realistic violence
21:30 Street Dance 2
Street dance workout with dance expert Laura Marks is a fun and easy way to workout in the comfort of your own home dancing to the latest hip-hop tunes. The workout is fun and enjoyable for all.
22:00 Timea Majorova: World Fitness Champion
Timea Majorova is a World Fitness Champion and International Model, and one of the most photographed fitness models in the world.
22:15 Proper Shoulder Training with Dean Ash includes Secret Methods
Celebrity trainer Dean Ash is back with Monica, training shoulders
22:30 Scarlett Johansson lookalike Girl Trains Full Body at Tri-Fit Gym in London
Luise Hasse
22:40 TOP 10 Biggest BACKS Of All Time
World Records
22:50 Porsche GT3RS Facts
All about the amazing Porsche GT3 RS
22:55 Quick Full Body Circuit Workout with Celebrity Personal Trainer Dean Ash
Join celebrity personal trainer Dean Ash and Lee Denton as they take you through an outdoor full body circuit workout.
23:00 Monster Workout-Tricep
Bodybuilding champion Robster Le Monster lets you join him in the gym for an intense arm workout focused on training the triceps.
23:30 Sherry Goggin Workout: Unseen footage
Previously unseen footage from Miss Fitness America, Sherry Goggin's workout secrets.
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