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J Ungurian

"Norateen Black is unreal.. helps you shred and build. No strength loss and Norateen Growth, helps me recover so much faster! No soreness."
LA Muscle Before After Real Testimonials

Kieron Smith

I have always tried to keep healthy and exercise but I could never manage to bring out my abdominal muscles! I started to take the Six Pack Pill which really helped to reduce my body fat and bring out the muscles in my abdominal area!

Adam Starks

Thank you to LA Muscle’s Norateen Heavyweight II. I was able to gain the size and definition I couldn’t achieve before taking supplements!

Wissam Khozoui

LA Whey Cappuccino tastes too good to be healthy! Great source of protein for breakfast and post-workout. The muscle gains I have seen while taking the LA Whey are amazing and it is defiantly my most recommended supplement!

Jim Benskin

First and foremost 311 BCAAs, these are invaluable. I take them before/after cardio and weight training, the recovery is second to none and coming up to competition when calories are restricted it has helped me preserve all muscle tissue.

2nd LA Whey. With its potassium to sodium ratio I’m guaranteed no water retention and i know gram for gram is being absorbed not like inferior protein powders out there and it keeps me in a positive nitrogen balance, it feels like a "cheat meal" it tastes too good especially choc mint flavour.

3rd Norateen Extreme. My strength and recovery have gone through the roof. It helped me pack on 14lbs of new muscle since last year and after training for ten years that’s like winning the lotto.

John Lanigan

When I first began training I took the Fat Stripper while I was loosing weight! I kept a good diet and trained up to 6 times a week. Without Fat Stripper it would have taken me almost double the time to loose all the weight I did! I couldn’t believe how fast I saw the results.

Once I had lost the weight I wanted to loose I began taking LA Whey and Norateen Extreme. When you are a bodybuilder preparing for a competition these two supplements really are great! The LA Whey tastes great and definitely work with Norateen Extreme to build your muscles and increase your strength. Now I am lean, defined and happy. Without LA Muscle supplements I could not have done it!


I use LA Whey in the morning as soon as I wake up and immediately after each workout. Pre and post workout I take 311 BCAAs.

A Few times a year I take Explosive Creatine. I take everything from the shelf and I love LA Muscle products. I know that they work for me. The products helped me to get my results and I suggest them to all my clients and to all my friends. The taste is excellent and they do work.

Carly Burr

Since 2005 I have suffered with panic attacks and the only thing that helped me get to the gym and stay calm during training was chewing minty gum. Recently I tried LA Muscles SlimGum and I have to say I am really impressed. They contain natural ingredients to help keep me slim which provide a refreshingly minty flavour.

I am five weeks out from starting my competition diet and I have to say that during the last few weeks I have been able to clean up my diet completely thanks to SlimGum. It has suppressed my cravings and the flavour does seem to last just as longer then the average gum plus I have lost 1lb a week so far without introducing cardio. Needless to say, SlimGum is now going to be a staple in my up and coming contest prep.

James Cooper

I used Norateen Heavyweight II in the past and had great noticeable results. Every workout I felt stronger, had increased energy and firmly believe it was responsible for my increase in lean muscle tissue in a short space of time early on during my training.

For a short period of time I combined Norateen Heavyweight II alongside Norateen II and it seemed to propel my results further and the post workout soreness seemed to vanish which meant I could train harder.

Jonny Spurling

LA Muscle products have transformed my body dramatically. I use Norateen Heavyweight II as directed as it gives me exceptional strength gains and increased muscle size.

This works great along with the LA Whey protein as this gives me a massive 48g of protein per serving and mixes easy and also tastes great. I love looking vascualor as this makes my overall physique look more toned and in shape. For vascularity I use Vasculator. This gives incredible vascularity and gym pumps instantly which I get many people complimenting me.

Anthony Pullen

I never realised the huge impact proper nutrition and the right supplements could have on my body. I spent hours in the gym but always felt I was far from the body I aspired.

A friend recommended LA Muscle products as ‘quality products with fast results’. To begin with I was skeptical, unsure how supplements could help me achieve the body I sought after. I began taking Six Pack Pill and LA Whey and literally within a few weeks I saw visible results, my body began looking leaner and more defined to the point where people at the gym starting commenting on my ‘great NEW form’.

They all wanted to know what I was using, I never hesitate to recommend LA Muscle products as they have got me here today!

With the help of LA Muscle products I have achieved my dream body and I am now working as a personal trainer helping others achieve theirs!!

Andy Harrison

A Norateen experience.

I discovered Norateen II on the internet, and decided to give it a go. Like many natural bodybuilders I'd tried everything out there, so another couldn't hurt. It was supplied by LA Muscle in New Zealand. They also provided the advice on training with it, the correct dosage etc.

Two months prior to my next contest, the Natural Universe, I began taking the supplement. It all went well, i suffered no side effects whatsoever, and contest day found me at 75kg with 5% body fat. I am pleased to say i won my division.

But that wasn't the end, as 3 weeks later it was the Natural Olympia in Reno, Nevada, USA. I continued my use of Norateen II, and if i do say it myself, on contest day i looked the best i had ever been. By now my bodyfat had gone to 4.5% And this was without any other supplements except for the good old WPI protein powder. But it was a tough...
3rd at the Natural Olympia!

LA Muscle

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