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Neale Cranwell

Neale Cranwell

Mr Universe


As the proud owner of Krunch Gym in Waltham Abbey, Essex, Neale has always been passionate about achieving in life, especially when it comes to Health & Fitness.

Neale recently returned from Italy after competing and winning the WPF Heavyweight Mr Universe Title against the best athletes from 11 other countries, including entrees from as far as South Africa & USA!
Neale has been competing for many years. His wins include The UKBFF Midlands Heavyweight Title in October 2010, British NAC Heavyweight Championship in November and finally reaching the pinnacle of the contests and winning the WPF Mr Universe.

This has been a great personal achievement for Neal who only a year ago was diagnosed with a fractured spine and 2 slipped discs! Not good news when training and preparing for so many competitions!
However after such a severe setback it only made him more determined to succeed.
Very similar to the life changing set back he experienced 6years ago when he was paralysed from a motorbike accident.

Neale says “I train to exhaustion 6 days a week, eat the correct diet to remain in shape all year round. Having won some major titles within BodyBuilding I’m still hungry for many more!”

It’s through his personal achievements, determination and knowledge that has made him one of the most influential presenters on The Active Channel.


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