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311 BCAAs

2 months' supply of 3 strong repair & rebuild aminos in perfect ratios


Agent R

Testosterone Booster, gets you strong and muscular



Super-supplement for Testosterone, performance, virility, anti-stress


Black Card

Ultra exclusive privilige LA Muscle VIP card


Bloat No More

Flushes bloating, water retention and toxins overnight!


Cap Limited Edition Gold

Very Limited Edition of just 150 Gold Caps


Estro Block

Block estrogen to boost Testosterone and get muscular


Fat Buster

4 weight loss supplements in one! Risk-free results


Fat Stripper®

Stimulant-free, natural fat burner with no side effects, lose weight NOW!

from £25

Fat Stripper® Extreme

2 month supply of advanced 6-ingredient fat burner


Fat Stripper® Intense

You see results in 1-3 days, no killing yourself in the gym, you take NO RISK


I Want To Sleep™

Advanced natural and effective sleep aid formula


LA Muscle Shaker

Highest quality, Patented German-Made screw-top


LA Whey Gold 2kg

Voted "Best for Hard Gainers", Best Protein You Can Buy, 50g per serving


Male Boost

Testo booster to get you strong, lean, increase your confidence and libido


Norateen® Black

World's First Norateen® Muscle Builder AND Fat Burner In One

5/55/55/55/55/5  5 / 5

Norateen® EXTREME

Extreme Testosterone & GH Booster for bodybuilders; gets you MASSIVE!


Norateen® Gold

Expensive next-level ingredients in an award-winning formula, 100% guaranteed gains

from £35

Norateen® Heavyweight II

Voted No.1: Men's Health BBC/ SKY TV. No side effects, full guarantee

from £25

Norateen® II

Powerful hormone-free muscle-builder, OK for IOC Athletes


Norateen® Testo 247 DAY

Testosterone & Nitric Oxide Gym Pumps to get HUGE

£90 £65

Norateen® Testo 247 NIGHT

GROW while you sleep! Boosts Testo, LH, NO2 & IGF-1

£90 £65

Nuclear Creatine

The STRONGEST Creatine you can buy with powerful Nitric Oxide agents


Possessed II

The STRONGEST Pre-Workout in the world. Insanity from day 1


Sanctum EDT 50ml

Beautiful fresh, sophisticated, long lasting fragrance



Patented certified CLA weight loss supplement


Six Pack Pill®

Rapid six-pack formula, stimulant-free dual-action fat burner AND fat blocker


Six Pack Pill® Extreme

Guaranteed six pack or your money back, NO RISK results in 1-3 days


Slim Whey 2kg

High grade protein with double-action proven fat burners


Testo 250

The strongest Tribulus Terrestris Testo Booster


Testosterone Booster II

Powerful Testo Booster powered by rare herb Dioscorea Deltoidea.


Unlimited Power

Incredible pre-workout, energiser and wake-me-up pill



WINNER: Men's Health Supplements Awards. Instant Muscle Pumps!

from £19.99

Vasculator EXTREME

2 months' supply of very powerful gym muscle pills


LA Muscle

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