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Vanessa Bird

Vanessa Bird

Metabolic Trainer


Vanessa is a Personal Trainer specialising in Metabolic Training, Advanced Weight Training techniques, Sport Supplements, Power Clubs, Aesthetic PhysiqueTraining, Body Transformations & Rapid Fat Loss.

Having graduated from The University of Liverpool with a BA Honours Degree in Philosophy, Vanessa realised that developing the physical body was equally as important as developing the mind, and so her passion for health & fitness was born. Having previously worked in fast moving, high pressure business & aesthetic medical sales sectors, Vanessa has a real understanding of the stresses and time constraints busy professionals juggle on a daily basis and has developed a highly effective method of Personal Training that enhances her clients lifestyle and gets results fast.

Check out Vanessa's Power Club training shows here on The Active Channel.

If you want to find out more about the gorgeous Vanessa, check out her Twitter page


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