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Kevan Wilson

Kevan Wilson

Body Builder & Personal Coach


Kevan has spent virtually his whole life keeping in shape and helping others to do the same. After playing various sports throughout his school years he took up amateur boxing at the age of 15 and after that moved on to weight training which he did as a very serious hobby whilst running a successful building business.

At the age of 50 he retired from work and decided that he could now at last do something that he wanted to do rather than something that he had to do. So he became a competitive bodybuilder and had a massively successful 5 years in which he won 9 major titles before opening his own gym Peak Physique & Fitness, in Hitchin, Herts.

Although he keeps himself in top condition at all times, ready for when he decides to go into competition again, he now mainly concentrates on helping other people achieve their dreams and ambitions and uses simple techniques to make that happen. Kevan says “I believe in keeping it basic - good diet and supplementation, hard but sensible training and a clean healthy lifestyle – it works!”

Kevan is a relatively new presenter on The Active Channel but has already become popular with viewers, mainly due to his firm yet sympathetic approach to helping people.

You can catch Kevan most nights on The Active Channel SKY 449 either coaching in the series “Peak Physique Workouts” or promoting Norateen Heavyweight II and other essential supplements with fellow presenter Dean Ash

Kevan Wilson’s Bodybuilding Record:

  • UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow 2013 – Second

  • UKBFF Mr. Great Britain 2013 – Sixth

  • UKBFF Midlands Championships 2013 –Winner

  • UKBFF Stars of Tomorrow 2012 – Winner

  • NAC British Open 2012 – Fourth

  • UKBFF Mr. Great Britain 2012 – Seventh

  • UKBFF Midlands Championships 2012 –Winner

  • NAC British Open 2011 – Second

  • UKBFF Mr. Great Britain 2011 – Sixth

  • NABBA Mr. England 2011 – Fourth

  • UKBFF Body Power Expo 2011 – Winner

  • NAC UK Open 2011 – Winner

  • NABBA London & South East championships 2011 – Second

  • NAC Mr. Universe 2010 – Eleventh

  • NAC British Open 2010 –Second

  • UKBFF Mr. Great Britain 2010 – Seventh

  • UKBFF Body Power Expo 2010 – Winner

  • UKBFF London & South East championships 2010 – Winner

  • UKBFF Mr. Hercules 2009 – Winner

  • UKBFF Mr. Great Britain 2009 – Ninth

  • UKBFF London & South East championships 2009 – Winner


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