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What Data We Collect

LA Muscle cares about your privacy. When you browse our website we collect information on what pages you are viewing. This helps us to analyse trends and to create better content based on what our customers view. Small files called cookies are written back to your web browser to help us identify each single visit to the web site. These files are only readable by the web site that set them and yourself.

If you wish to order from LA Muscle you must create an account on our website. We request your name, address, phone number and email address during registration so that we can complete any orders that you make. Your personal information is only visible to our customer service agents so they can service your orders and contact you should any order or payment queries arise. Your contact information is NEVER shared with any third parties and we will only contact you if there is a query with any order you place.

When you create a LA Muscle account you are asked whether you would like to opt-in to our free newsletter. If you consent to opt-in we will store you email address and consent URL in our mailing list database. Every genuine newsletter from LA Muscle will include an unsubscribe link in case you wish to opt-out at any time. If you chose to unsubscribe from our newsletter your email and associated data are immediately deleted from our database. However, our third-party list manager may keep the inactive record for a short period of time in case of resubscription.

The personal data stored in your account is used to to provide the information, goods and services offered through our website to you, for billing and order fulfilment. The data and order information stored in your account is stored indefinitely on our systems unless you request to have your personal data removed. You can request this by contacting us at You can also request a copy of all the personal data we hold about you by contacting this address.

All information you provide to us can be accessed, viewed and updated by using the "My Account" section of at

We store the contract's content and will send you the details of your order as well as our general terms via e-mail. You can find the terms here at all times. The details about your recent orders can be found in your customer login.

Google Analytics Data Collection

Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google, Inc., to provide anonymous usage statistics by Google Analytics. This allow us to see how people use our website which helps us to improve the user experience. Data collected includes your IP address, the page you are viewing, the web browser being used and how users were referred to our site. We also pass anonymised sales data to Google to help with sales trend analysis.

Learn more from their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Facebook Data Collection

We use the Facebook Pixel on our website to report users browsing interests to our Facebook sales campaigns. Data that is reported with this tool can be controlled from your Facebook preferences.

Learn more from their Data Policy.

Opayo Data Collection

We use Opayo to collect and process payments. Any payment information you enter into our website is transmitted securely and directlu to Opayo for processing and is never sent to our servers or retained by us. To process payments we provide your personal details over an encrypted link.

Learn more from their Privacy Policy.

How We Protect Your Data

For your security, LA Muscle do not save your card details and you will be requested to enter your card number each time you use our checkout. When you enter your payment information on our payment page, your card provider may require extra authentication (known as 3-D authentication) and they will provide a page for you to enter the password associated with your card. This page is served straight from the card issuer and we do not see this data. To complete the transaction in this instance we will temporarily store your card in an encrypted database table for the time it takes to complete the authentication. This is so we can pass the details to the authorisation company once 3-D authentication is complete.

Payment authorisation services are provided by Opayo. Opayo are an independant company who specialise in secure collection of electronic payments. Card information is NOT sent back to LA Muscle. Opayo simply return to us a set of data that describes whether the transaction was successful or not and supportive data.

All sections of that request any personal information utilise data encryption using Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer (HTTPS). This provides an extremely high reliability index that data you send to us has not been read or modified in transit.

We do not store sensitive information (such as your account password) in clear text. Instead, we store a one-way "hash" of the data that cannot be reversed. Authentication is made by applying the same hash to the credentials you supply to us and comparing the result. To this end, we cannot read your sensitive data and our servers can only set a new password for you - not inform you of your current one.

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