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The leg press targets muscle groups such as quads, hamstrings and glutes. This exercise can be incorporated in a booty workout. The bench press is a very effective workout for your chest. It not only helps add size but works great for defining as well as shaping the chest. You also bring in your shoulders and triceps when doing the bench press.
Are these the hottest personal trainers in London?
Best personal trainers show how they workout
How to Defend Against a Knife Attack with Self Defence Expert Dean Ash
Join celebrity personal trainer and self defence expert Dean Ash & Lee Denton for some real-life tips on how to make sure you are not the next casualty of knife crime.
Quick Full Body Circuit Workout with Celebrity Personal Trainer Dean Ash
Join celebrity personal trainer Dean Ash and Lee Denton as they take you through an outdoor full body circuit workout.
Hot Girls Train Their Favourite Muscle Groups
In this video LA Muscle fitness athletes train their favourite muscle groups including arms, back & More.
SEXY Fitness Athletes Perform 4 BEST Upper Body Exercises
4 best upper body exercises for perfectly shaped shoulders, arms and back as performed by sexy personal trainers & models.
3 Effective Exercises to BEST Develop the GLUTES !!!
In this video we will show you 3 effective exercises to get perfectly shaped glutes. Find out exclusively in this clip!
Irish Powerlifter Adam Hamilton Performs Hard-Core Squats & Deadlifts!!!
Join personal trainer and powerlifter Adam Hamilton as he performs Squats & Deadlifts to increase and test his strength levels!
How To Defend Yourself Against An Attack, Self Defence Grabs!!
Celebrity personal trainer and self defence expert Dean Ash shows you how to protect yourself from an attack and how to get out of sticky situations.
Top 5 Walking Lunges for best legs and glutes! Top gym tips!
Walking Lunges! A great exercise for the legs as performed by 5 sexy fitness models, but who did it best?


The Art of Building Bodies S2 Ep13
Look at swiss and medicine ball training to challenge your stability, find new ways to work your abs and look at an inspiring body transformation story.
I want to be Ep 4
A Cricket Player. The series that takes a look at popular sports and examines the training and lifestyle of those who strive to rise to the top of their chosen discipline.
WBFF Fitness Model Rachel Turner trains Glutes & Hamstrings
WBFF Fitness Model and Personal Trainer Rachel Turner shows you how she trains her favourite muscle groups, Glutes & Hamstrings.


Dean Ash
Dean Ash
Shredded Diesel
Shredded Diesel
Danni Levy
Danni Levy
Sav Kyriacou
Sav Kyriacou
Laura Salinass
Laura Salinass


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