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Join 7 times Mr London Bodybuilding Champion Nav "The Sword" as he trains super sexy fitness babe Adriana in the gym.
VERY HORNY trainer takes it WAY too far with tempting private client during workout
SHY personal trainer aroused by sexy glamour model during workout
Armando didn't realise training sexy glamour model Jacqui Ryland can be problematic!
FLIRTY PT makes fitness girl uncomfortable during HOT session
Flirty PT makes fitness girl uncomfortable during legs and glutes session.
Handsome Male Model gets EXTRA SWEATY with Italian female trainer
Watch model and actor Mehran Armando get extra hot and sweaty with Sicilian trainer Lina Geraci. A full workout you can follow anywhere to build lean muscles and get in shape.
VERY HOT fitness babe gets trained by Pro Boxer Chris Evangelou @Yiannimize!
Super hot fitness babe Becca Bannister gets a workout in with professional boxer Chris Evangelou before they are joined by Yianny from Yiannimize! Exclusive to LA Muscle TV!
PSYCHO personal trainer pushes sexy BUBBLE BUTT fitness babe TOO FAR
Watch personal trainer take another very hot personal trainer through a gruelling leg regime. Full instructions and explanations on all exercises so you can have legs to be proud of. LA Muscle TV exclusive! Do not miss!
Super SEXY European and Russian girls get hot and sweaty in London gym
Join 3 amazing girls and top fitness instructor Lazaro Almenares for a hot and sweaty crazy workout in Eden Fitness London where anything goes!
Sexy legs and glutes workout with HOT FITNESS BABE!
Join super hot fitness model Fitty Mitty and and qualified personal trainer Alex Lenghel for a hot and sweaty legs and glutes workout.
How to strengthen your core muscles
Zoran demonstrates how to strengthen the core muscles with the help of fitness model Kat Dee.


DEFINITIVE HR Owen Lamborghini 2019 Event including CRASH and CRAZY man!
The HR Owen Lamborghini Car Meet in London 2019. Footage includes a live crash which went viral as well as a very annoyed guy who started pushing spectators around!
Amber Nimedez
Amber is known as "Lil Miss Fit" throughout Southern California because of her small feminine frame combined her sassy little attitude for fitness.
Bryn Bach Super Sprint Triathlon
For one weekend the serenity of the Welsh Valley is distributed for the annual triathalon.


Dean Ash
Dean Ash
Shredded Diesel
Shredded Diesel
Danni Levy
Danni Levy
Sav Kyriacou
Sav Kyriacou
Laura Salinass
Laura Salinass


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