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Lisa Carrodus: WFF Miss Universe

Hollywood Extra was once again invited along to an exclusive, Nevada Desert shoot, with Fitness, Fashion and Glamour Photographer Michael Palmer


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Hollywood Extra was once again invited along to an exclusive, Nevada Desert shoot, with Fitness, Fashion and Glamour Photographer Michael Palmer, along with Australian bodybuilder and fitness model, Lisa
Carrodus, plus, our very own LA Muscle athlete and host, Caroline Pearce.

Both were looking at adding to their portfolio some stylish, fashion-inspired, fitness shots, and what better place than to shoot than in the Dry Lakes of Las Vegas, Nevada - not to far from the world famous Las Vegas Strip.

Before watching this highly-stylized and insightful look into what goes into getting such striking images, here's a little background on Lisa so that you can truly appreciate all the hard work and commitment that
Lisa has put into her training and physique to get to where she is today;

As a child, Lisa enjoyed dance, ballet and athletics. She rode horses, entering in cross country events and loved down hill mountain biking in Victoria Australia and gained a blue belt in Shukokai karate.

Lisa started weight training when she was 17, and found she gained muscle easily and enjoyed the focus it gave her. Study and career soon took over and she trained recreationally over the years.

In 2006, Lisa started training with more dedication
and intensity with a goal to compete in a bodybuilding show. In July 2006 she went on to win her first show. Six shows - 4 wins later, including the WFF Universe title later, Lisa now aims to keep training, improve as much as she can and carry on with the success that she has reached so far.

Since competing, Lisa has found many opportunities have opened up to her  in TV, film and media, and has appeared in the UK's Soccer AM, several BBC TV productions and a feature article in December /
Janurary's Weider publication Muscle and Fitness Magazine.

As you'll see from our exclusive filming, Lisa truly is one of Australia's best export, and alongside our ice-cool model and host - Caroline Pearce, they certainly make a dynamic pair that Michael Palmer can only bring out the best in each of them.

This is a show not to be missed!

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