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Lateef "Python" Williams

Lateef Williams is a fighter, in every meaning possible


Date of Filming: 09.6.08
Location: Sunstyle Tanning, West Hollywood, CA
Time: 20:37
Talent: Lateef "Python" Williams


Lateef Williams is a fighter, in every meaning possible. He’s on the verge of turning Pro within the world of MMA, his occupation is as a firefighter, and several years ago, he was shot  times in an attempted car jack, and was hospitalized for 2 months in critical condition.

This is a story about determination and passion, and proves that anything is possible with the right attitude. Follow Lateef as he takes you for a drive down memory lane and shows you where he got shot, but this is only start of his amazing story to the top, as we see his intense training regime, and candid interview about the struggles of life he’s had to overcome. If you’re the kind of person who feel’s life’s hard on you, and a struggle, then this program will change your mind, and inspire you to be at your best!

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