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Lauren Powers


Date of Filming: 09.6.08
Location: Sunstyle Tanning, West Hollywood, CA
Time: 20:37
Talent: Lauren Powers. Hosted by Lauren Abraham


You may have seen female bodybuilders on stage or in the magazines, but do you really know anything about them? Well now’s your chance. Follow Hollywood Extra’s host, Lauren Abraham, as she welcomes you into the wonderful world of Miss Lauren Powers – Actress, Model and Muscle Diva.

Lauren (Powers) was once 4x Miss California, and has a list of titles to her name, but now her quest is to become more feminine as she explodes into the world of entertainment and film. Follow the two Lauren’s as they workout at one of the World’s premiere strength and conditioning centre, learn ballroom dancing, and finish off with a relaxing treatment and an exclusive day spa in Laguna Beach, CA. Lauren Powers smashes the conventional thinking of how a female bodybuilder is thought of, and truly embraces Girl Power!!!

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