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619 Muscle

The dynamic duo pair up to cover the event that’s been 20 years in the making


Date of Filming: 08.23.08
Location: World’s Gym, San Diego, CA
Talent: Hosted by Rob Riches & Lauren Abraham


Rob Riches is joined by Pro Snowboarder, and extreme sports host, Lauren Abraham, to co-host the grand launch of “619 Muscle” in San Diego at the Famous World Gym. The dynamic duo pair up to cover the event that’s been 20 years in the making. A network that supports and encourages some many of the top bodybuilders and fitness models on the West side. You do not want to miss Rob interviewing the top 3 winners of the Bikini model search, as Lauren catches up with many of the top IFBB Pro competitors on the circuit. Mixed amongst the muscle, the brawn and the hot bodies are some truly inspirational stories. Watch closely, as you’ll also catch a glimpse of My Olympia himself – Jay Cutler.

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