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Snowboarding Zac Titus


US Fitness Model, Zac Titus, films exclusively for The Active Channel  as we follow him up (and down), Snow Summit mountain in northern California, to shoot him snowboarding, and talking about his career within the fitness industry, and life as a devoted father and husband.

Zac has worked on campaigns for Reebok, Harley Davidson, Boeing, New Balance, and Volkswagen, to name but a few, as well as having a fitness cover under his belt as well as many articles and photo shoots across all the top magazines.  Zacs interest in fitness first started when he began to lift weights in 7th grade in Ohio with his parents, who were both involved in many sporting activities. After performing well in
many different sports, including soccer, wrestling and baseball, he moved to Colorado in 1999 to pursue the life of a snowboarder, but within a few months, tragedy struck as he ruptured a disc in his neck, which pinched a nerve in the right side of his body. After moving back
to Ohio, Zac had surgery to replace the disc and fuse the vertebrae, spending months in a neck brace, unable to even lift 5 pounds.

One morning he looked in the mirror and his right pectoral and right tricep were gone from atrophy. This was the point in his life where he had a decision to make - to use this as an excuse, or as a chance to
make something of his life. From that point on things began to turn around.

When the neck brace came off, Zac began slowly rebuilding his body, and for the next year he trained 6 days a week and 1- hours a day. Finally in April of 2001 he entered a bodybuilding contest and placed 5th out of 9th.

After graduating, Zac competed in another show, only this time it was for fitness models. He placed 2nd in a regional event and all of 2004 and 2005 were dedicated to winning his pro card. Late 2004, Zac and his wife Lana (also an accomplished fitness model), gave birth to their first daughter, Alexis. She was the new inspiration in his life and just another reason to train harder than ever.20In April of 2005 he went
to The Fame World Championships in Toronto, and placed 4th in the pro category. That was the beginning of an amazing year. As Zac started working with photographers and learning the industry, he continued to train hard, and in November of 2005 he placed 3rd at the Model America Championships in Hollywood, meeting many photographers and friends who
have since helped his career  in the fitness industry take off. 2005 and 2006 were spent shooting for covers and different magazines, including winning the Fame World Championships in June of 2006.

The exposure Zac has had within the industry has given him the opportunity to give people something that he has been blessed with - the knowledge of his parents and his mentors as well as his own training that has lead to his success thus far.

Get to know Zac as he snowboards down Snow Summit; 8,200 feet high at the peak, with a vertical drop of 1,200 feet, and be inspired by how he' come back from an injury which may have given most people the excuse to give up.

For more information about Zac, check out his website at:

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