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Sherry Goggin Workout

Sherry Goggin is the Fitness America National Champion from Tennessee.


Sherry Goggin is the Fitness America National Champion from Tennessee.
She possesses a look that conveys both athleticism and feminine beauty; she also has a degree in Business Finance.

Sherry is no stranger to The Active Channel, as she once again invited Hollywood Extra along to her latest photo shoot in California to launch her new clothing line 'Fit Girl Wear' , as well as allowing the cameras to follow her into the gym as she shows a few of the exercises that help her stay in top fitness model shape year round.

Since her days on stage, Sherry has kept herself busy, gaining a Real Estate license, as well as being appointed the Vice President and Director of the Women's Fitness Division of Private Trainers Association, as well as being the head of the sales division of Fit Gum.

Sherry is a business entrepreneur, owned a Gold's Gym, Alternative Motorsports, Max Muscle Health Food Store, and Dynasty Women's Fitness Center in Las Vegas.
Sherry says that after winning the Ms. Fitness America title, she saw an opportunity of lifetime and used her title to get over 10 sponsors, including Yamaha Watercraft, Otomix, Total Gym, Oakley and Hot Skins to name just a few.

Sherry is an international Professional Fitness Champion, and is one of modeling's top fitness stars. She moved to California after college, and after seven hard months of training, came in third at the California Coast Championships, and won the Serge Nubret Bodybuilding Championships.  Although Sherry didn't care for bodybuilding as she could not present her feminine side as much as she could in the fitness category, this was her first taste of winning, and set the standard for her career.

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