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Free of artificial colours
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Gluten free
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GM Free
Halal Trust certified
Halal Trust certified
NOT Suitable for vegans
NOT Suitable for vegans
Suitable for vegetarians
Suitable for vegetarians

LA Whey Gold Diet Protein 2kg

Voted "Best for Hard Gainers", Now with FREE Leaning agents, 50g per serving

NEW BEST EVER FORMULA LA Whey Gold Diet Protein is THE premium whey protein shake, providing 100% PURE protein, as used by the world’s top athletes. It now also has FREE new Leaning Agents to make sure you never put on fat whilst taking your protein powder. This is not a diet protein that will make you lose weight. It is THE best protein that will also keep you muscular AND lean! Just one serving of LA Whey Gold delivers a massive 50g of premium Pharma Grade Whey. No cheaper or inferior proteins are included in LA Whey Gold.

  • New best ever formula with 100mg Carnitine & Green Tea
  • 50g of Premium Protein per serving
  • Triple filtrated, Pharma Grade, highest Biological Value
  • Premium luxury protein, instant mixing and naturally delicious!

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New LA Whey Gold Lean Diet with ONLY the best whey and added Leaning Agents

Please note: New Strawberry flavour does not have leaning agents. It is pure 100% whey protein only and all flavours will be like this moving forward.

This incredible LA Whey Gold formula contains ONLY Whey. It contains no other cheaper protein sources such as milk, pea, rice etc. This incredible new protein mixes even better and tastes more delicious than ever, without being too over-bearing or tasteless. It is THE best protein your money can buy. No corners have been cut in manufacturing LA Whey and hence why you get what you pay for with this incredible formula.

Winner: "Best protein shake for hard gainers" Men's Health Supplements Awards

As seen on national and international TV.

What is LA Whey Gold protein shake?

Most companies that don't like spending money on research & development or don't have the capabilities for high-end manufacturing processes will tell you that protein is protein. This is not the case. As with anything else, you get get the cheap version or the one that has gone through the works and is the best money can buy. LA Whey Gold is this "the best your money can buy" protein.

No other protein comes close to the quality of LA Whey Gold. Do not accept any lesser grade proteins if you are serious about your sport and how your body looks:

  • 100% quality protein
  • 50g of high grade protein per serving
  • 100% GMO-free
  • Triple filtrated for no lactose using Patented CFM process
  • No artificial colours
  • Highest level of Glutamine at 17%
  • High levels of the 3 Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA)
  • Highest Biological Value of 159+, meaning the most amount of protein deposits in your muscles
  • Pharma Grade and not just food grade
  • Ionic Exchanged, meaning only the best protein factions are chosen
  • Cold processed, so no denaturing of protein. Most other companies use heat!
  • Wheat-free, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians & Halal Certified
  • No saturated fat
  • Very low carbs so ideal for those wanting lean muscle mass
  • High potassium to sodium ratio, helping to get your six-pack abs out!
  • LA Whey Gold gives you no gas, bloating, stomach problems or bad breath
  • THE best Whey and no cheaper sources of protein

Why should I take this premium protein supplement?

Protein is essential for muscle growth and repair, and it’s therefore of paramount importance that any athlete or sports person, should pay close attention to their daily protein intake. LA Muscle recommends consuming a minimum of 1g of protein per pound of body weight to support and promote lean muscle gains, and with an almost 50g protein serving, LA Whey Gold helps you achieve this.

Each serving of this best-selling protein shake delivers 6.2g of Leucine, a muscle building amino acid shown to promote protein synthesis. LA Whey Gold, unlike normal food or other lesser protein powders has a complete amino acid profile providing all the essential amino acids (EAA’s), contains 13.5g branched-chain amino acids (BCAA’s) and has 10.7g of L-Glutamine to help to build lean muscle and support fat loss, whilst also improving recovery. No other protein comes close.

LA Whey Gold also has a high potassium to sodium ratio meaning it is a rare protein that actually gets rid of water retention and helps you achieve a six pack and lose water weight from your body. LA Whey Gold is very popular with competing bodybuilders who want to look lean on stage.

LA Whey Protein Shake, best supplement

How does LA Whey Gold taste?

LA Muscle has listened, developed and delivered a great tasting protein shake, for all customers' taste preferences. LA Whey is not too bland and not too sweet. Just the right flavour so you can take it every day and not get bored.

Why whey protein?

Whey protein is absorbed extremely fast. You can take a high quality whey protein shake such as LA Whey Gold straight after your workout to build amazing lean muscles and recover from your training much faster - as used by some of the world's best-known athletes and celebrities.

Not all proteins are the same, you get what you pay for...

Read 21 reasons why LA Whey is totally different from other proteins HERE

LA Whey Gold has won many awards for its high quality and been featured in national and international magazines and television channels such as SKY.

LA Whey Protein, voted Best for Hard Gainers

* please note, protein and amino acid figures given are for chocolate flavour.

Product Science

  • Colker, C.M. et al. Effects of Supplemental Protein on Body Composition and Muscular Strength in Healthy Athletic Male Adults. Current Therapeutic Research. Vol. 61, No. 1, pp. 19-28. 2000.
  • Baer, David, et al. Whey protein decreases body weight & fat in supplemented overweight & obese adults. US. Department of Agriculture, Beltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, Beltsville, Maryland, Washington. 2006.
  • Willoughby, D.S. et al. Effects of training and protein plus amino acid supplementation on muscle growth, mass & strength. Exercise and Biochemical Nutrition Laboratory, Baylor University, Waco Texas, USA. Septemer 2006.
  • Demling, Robert, H., et al. The Effect of a Hypocaloric Diet, Increased Protein Intake & Resistance Training on Lean Mass Gains and Fat Mass Loss in Overweight Police Officers. Nutr. And Metabolism. Vol. 44, No. 1, 2000.

Serving size - 70g (2 heaped scoops - scoop inside tub)

Servings Per Container Size - 28-30


Per serving

Of which sugars
Of which saturates
Green Tea

Proprietary Formula: Whey Protein Concentrate (MILK), Bulking Agent (Maltodextrin) Flavouring, Anti Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide), Sweetening Agent (Sucralose), L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate, Green Tea Leaf 4:1 Extract 40% Polyphenols 10% EGCG

Allergens: See in BOLD. May also contain nuts, soya, eggs, gluten and peanuts.
This product is suitable for vegetarians.

*please note, protein and amino acid figures given are for chocolate flavour.

Supply: 2 kg

Add 2 level scoops to your LA Shaker with 400ml water or milk, and shake well to instantly mix. You can decrease/increase the volume of liquid accordingly, depending on personal taste preference.

Build Lean Muscle: use 1-2 scoops LA Whey Gold 30-60 minutes pre-workout and 2 scoops in a post-workout protein shake, immediately after exercise.

Fat Loss: Replace 1 meal a day with 2-3 scoops of LA Whey Gold.

Use LA Whey Gold at any other time of the day to increase daily protein intake, such as breaking an overnight fast upon waking as a breakfast protein shake, or in-between meals to promote satiety.

Supplements not medicines
LA Muscle supplements are "Nutritional Supplements". They are not medicines or drugs. They do not prevent, diagnose, restore, correct or modify any physiological condition or function in human beings. They will not treat diseases; they are not medicines. If you have a medical condition, please refer to your physician. If you get "any" side effects at all, stop use and refer to your doctor immediately. Never take more than the recommended dosage. Male hormone boosters are for people over 18 and mature for their age. If in doubt about anything at all, please contact LA Muscle.

LA Muscle Tubs

In line with LA Muscle’s Green Policy and reducing carbon footprint, LA Muscle is using a “ONE SIZE” tub for most supplements. This is to reduce the use of plastic tubs by having tens of different sizes for various products and having to over-manufacture plastics. As a result, you may find that in many LA Muscle supplements, the tub is much bigger than the total size of all pills. You are still getting the exact number of pills/capsules/powder you have paid for, however there will be extra space at the top, giving the impression to some people that the tub is not full. This is solely because of our commitment to reducing the need for making extra plastic tubs. LA Muscle does not use cotton wool to fill up the extra space because cotton wool can attract microbes. Your safety AND the protection of the planet are big parts of the LA Muscle ethos.


Please note that LA Muscle cannot guarantee its products from being free of certain allergens. If you have a severe allergy to any ingredient including milk, soya, nuts, fruit or anything else that can cause you a life-threatening condition, we strongly advise you NOT to take LA Muscle supplements (or any supplements for that matter). If you are not sure or suspect an allergy, please see your doctor immediately.

by A.Dalton on 14th June 2024
Great product. Worth the money.
Was this review helpful? Yes (11) No (0)
by JAMANUL Hoque on 11th February 2024
Love this product. The vanilla flavour is delicious and I’m very happy with the protein content. Much better than the slim whey shake which you had and definitely better than the vegan choc one
Was this review helpful? Yes (35) No (0)
by P. Patel on 8th January 2024
Excellent product… 50gm protein in single serve only given by LA MUSCLE… No other brand can beat this… Purely a product for hardcore athletes
Was this review helpful? Yes (38) No (0)
by A. Ahmad on 16th October 2023
Love the new flavour and it is working very very well for me
Was this review helpful? Yes (55) No (0)
by H. Jacobs on 3rd October 2023
Absolutely LOVING the new Raspberry flavor. My fav protein so far and I can see the effects in me already.
Was this review helpful? Yes (46) No (0)
by A. Paul on 25th September 2023
Best protein I have ever had. Very happy it is back again. Highly recommend it
Was this review helpful? Yes (53) No (0)
by Salem on 13th April 2023
Amazing protein
Was this review helpful? Yes (75) No (0)
by M. Harvey on 16th March 2023
Loved it as it did not give me any bloating at all and very delicious protein.
Was this review helpful? Yes (63) No (0)
by J. Arthur on 4th January 2023
Love the strawberry flavour. Very natural tasting and amazing formula. I can actually see myself have gotten bigger in the last weeks of using this. 5 Star
Was this review helpful? Yes (98) No (0)
by J. Ashton on 9th December 2022
Very good protein. helped me alot with my muscle building
Was this review helpful? Yes (101) No (0)
Hi from China man Can I take. xxx, norateen gold, diet whey, vasulator, + fat burners together.
Asked by Steven Barnes on 21st April 2024

Hi yes you can.

Hi, how long will one tub last if I use 3 scoops a day ?
Asked by Ian Maynard on 23rd November 2023

Hi around 20 days.

You have stated that thus product contains Stevia but there is no mention of it in the nutrition section. No Stevia but it fies state that it includes a sugar substitute which is Sucralose which is not good
Asked by Karl Cunliffe on 29th October 2023

Hi the current formula does not contain stevia.

Hi, can I take this at night before going to sleep?
Asked by Sadman Shefan on 25th September 2023

Hi of course yes.

Hello dear sir/madam I want to get one of the LA whey protten i want to gain my body shoe mean chest and baisep,trisep, wings is LA whey will be help me ? Second i had befire kidney problem if i use this protten is there any effect on my kidney ?
Asked by Bahar Danish on 26th June 2023

Hi yes it will help though if you want big results, you should take one of the Norateen products. Any health issues should be consulted with your doctor prior to taking supplements.

I make a protien & carb smoothie for breakfast, which I usually put a scoop of protien in. Is this product OK for making smoothies or even cooking pancakes? I'm wanting to solely use la muscle proteins rather than buy different ones for my breakfasts.
Asked by Carl Brown on 4th February 2023

Hi of course and super delicious!

i noticed that this doesnt contain carbs or very much fat though i am looking to gain weight fast is LA Whey alone help me do that?
Asked by asif rehman on 7th November 2022

Hi it is not a weight gainer. You can try Nuclear Creatine or Explosive Creatine or Norateen Heavyweight II for muscle and weight gain.

Which is the best for weight loss this one or Slim Whey also im taking fat Stripper powder will it be alright taking fat Stripper and this or other why protein in same day?
Asked by Ulas Demir on 24th October 2022

Hi Slim Whey is more geared towards losing weight and yes you can take them all.

Hi, I wanted to gain weight but also wanted to lose belly fat. Can both products LA Whey Mass Gainer and bally fat burner be used at the same time? because with gaining weight belly get bigger. thanks
Asked by Kashif Choudhry on 29th May 2022

Hi yes they can be used together.

Do you so sample packs of the flavours, i find some flavours in other brands make me sick, i've had your chocolate which is great, but would like to add other flavours but am concerned I'll end up with tubs I cant use. thanks
Asked by Donna Simmill on 13th January 2022

Hi Donna you can email to see if we have some at this time.

Can you use Whey Gold protein and Nuclear Creatine together?
Asked by Darren O’Brien on 6th January 2022

Hi Darren you can.

Is this sage and ok to take together with possessed 2 prior to pre work out and with NH 2?
Asked by Michael Aunzo on 20th September 2021

Hi Michael yes it is fine.

Does your protein contain stimulants ?
Asked by Suman Rai on 19th June 2021

Hi Suman no it does not.

I need gain weight, this product can help me push my weight up ?
Asked by Ha Tran on 3rd March 2021

Hi Ha, yes it can.

Hi the tub says to take two scoops each serving which is 70grams but the scoop in the tub is 70ml scoop so should it only be one scoop per serving? Thank you.
Asked by Kris Walker on 14th October 2020

Hi Kris, grams per scoop is about half the ml size, making the serving correct. For example, LA Whey has the correct weight of powder in the 70ml scoop, so two scoops will make the 70g serving as per the label text.

Hello it’s marios just have one query about LA muscle whey protein tub does it contain a lot of carbs or little carbs because I don’t eat carbs
Asked by MARIOS GIOUZOUKTSIDIS on 29th July 2020

Hi Marios, it only has 10g carbs per serving.

Why are the other flavours discontinued? Like Banana and Mint? It is a bit boring just to have Chocolate and Strawberry flavours only.
Asked by Srivatsa Nori on 14th June 2020

Hi Srivatsa, chocolate and strawberry are our most popular flavours. We may bring back some other flavours in the future.

Is this a steroid ?
Asked by Karl Fulcher on 12th June 2020

Hi Karl, no this is a whey protein product. Whey protein comes from milk and is 100% natural for increased protein intake.

hello is it ok to take whey gold and norateen extreme and vasculator together
Asked by Paul ALTHOFF on 14th May 2020

Hi Paul, yes it is.

Does this product affect sperm count?
Asked by Lee McGarry on 5th March 2020

Hi Lee, As it is protein no it will not.

Hey kan jeg bruge LA Whey Gold vis jeg er hardgainer
Asked by Dan Sørensen on 28th December 2019

Yes ideal for hard-gainers.

Hi. I know it says to take with milk, or water for the least calories, but will any effects of this product be diminished if I take this with juice or make a smoothie out of it?
Asked by Lindsey Sparks on 29th May 2018

Hi Lindsey, you can take it with whatever liquid you prefer.

Hi my 15 nearly 16 year old son has been weight training for a few months now and although he's toning up he's still very slim. He wants to build more muscle, but I'm unsure what products he can take at his age, is increasing his protein with LA Whey ok?
Asked by Nick Harris on 24th May 2018

Hi Nick

He can start using LA Whey protein when his 16 years old to help increase his protein intake. He can also use Vitamin B12 to ensure he gets the essential Vitamin that his body requires.

hey guys wanna ask why do u have cysteine in your product when it is listed on a site as not HALAL? please reply in a timely fashion iam genuinely interested in stacking up on your products and would be glad to rest my head knowing that they are HALAL
Asked by stark metro on 3rd April 2018

Hi, Cysteine can come from many sources and the Cysteine in LA Whey comes from dairy sources.

Hi, does the champagne flavour or any of the other flavours of these proteins contain any alcohol? Thanks.
Asked by Noorul Haque on 6th February 2018

Hi Noorul, no they do not.

is it lactose free ?
Asked by yousef ali on 16th January 2018

Hi Yousef, yes it is.

Hey, I am confused which to choose between Gold whey and mass gainer whey. Would you please explain what are the differences between the two? thanks!
Asked by Abdulrazak Bahrami on 24th November 2017

Hi Abdulrazak, LA Whey Gold will help you increase your protein intake to help develop lean muscle and LA Whey Mass Gainer contains over 1,000 calories per serving to help add weight and size.

Hi i have a question i weigh about 98k and im trying to hit at least 80kg and get a six pack would this work for me? or would it be better if i used some kind of lose weight protein?
Asked by aydin aksel on 24th October 2017

Hi Aydin, we would recommend Diet Whey along with a fat burner such as Fatstripper Intense to help you with your goal.

Are all of your flavours suitable for vegetarians?
Asked by Inam Tariq on 4th September 2017

Hi Inam

Yes they are.

Can I take whey gold protein and pure whey isolate together
Asked by Sanjiv Dawoolet on 5th August 2017

Hi can I add this to my coffee?
Asked by Jackie Trevor on 31st January 2017

Hi Jackie, yes you can.

Hi is la gold better mixed with water or milk for muscle definition
Asked by Hassan Baig on 27th April 2016

Hi Hassan, water would be best to keep your calorie intake down.

can you please provide me with the ingredients of LA Whey Gold. I will decide whether to use or not depending on the ingredients. I don't eat any meat related products. Milk and related products are ok with me.
Asked by Srinivas M R S on 7th April 2016

Hi Srinivas, all ingredients can be found on the nutrition tab of the product page.

is it safe for pure vegans
Asked by Srinivas M R S on 5th April 2016

Hi Srinivas, no not for vegans.

This is ideal for a skinny guy that is looking to gain serious mass??
Asked by Ryan Milligan on 2nd March 2016

Hi Ryan, this product will help you add lean muscle mas. For pure mass you can also try our LA Whey Mass Gainer.

Hi I am a slim guy who is looking to bulk up & add muscle, my current routine is the gym twice a week & running one or twice a week. What combination of products would you suggest I use? Thank you!
Asked by Ben Denness on 22nd September 2015

Hi Ben, Super Size is a great bundle for you that includes LA Whey Gold and our best selling muscle builder Norateen Heavyweight II. It will help you add lean size when used alongside an intensive training program and a clean high protein diet.

Hi I am 6ft tall have a little bit of a pot belly but quite thin everywhere else I am looking to get ripped but do not want to be the size of a body builder . What protien is best for me ?
Asked by Stephen Little on 3rd August 2015

Hi Stephen, LA Whey Gold, Diet Whey and Complete will all help you achieve your goal when combined with a good clean diet and an intensive training program.

Hi, Can I use La Whey whilst I am breastfeeding? Is it safe for baby? Thanks
Asked by Kathleen Blakeway on 22nd July 2015

Hi Kathleen, although our products are completely natural and safe to use, we always recommend consulting your GP regarding this.

No any scoop in side tub .how many table spoon have to use
Asked by da karem on 3rd July 2015

Hi Indunil, there should be a scoop if you look deeper in the tub. Each serving is 60g, which is 4 tablespoons.

Hi, what is the difference in nutritional values between each flavour, protein, fat and carbs?
Asked by bryan beddow on 2nd July 2015

Hi Brian, they are all the same.

Instructions state to use 350ml of liquid. If i'm using 2 scoops of powder should I use same amount of liquid or double up? Thanks.
Asked by Mark Harrild on 9th June 2015

Hi Mark, 2 scoops of protein only require 350-400ml of liquid.

Should you take LA Whey if you have previously suffered from Gout ?
Asked by Mark Limon on 3rd March 2015

Hi Mark, we would recommend referring to your GP with any medical questions as they are better suited to advise.

Should I take the protien on my rest day? Thank you
Asked by Dan Kew on 12th February 2015

Hi Dan, ideally for optimum results whey protein should be consumed 1-3 times per day, including rest days.

I weigh around 168 Pounds. How much whey protein do I need to take on a daily basis for muscle growth?
Asked by Timothy Hutchison on 27th January 2015

Hi Timothy, try taking 1-1.5g for every lb of your bodyweight per day and you'll see a dramatic difference in your lean muscle development.

Hello, can I add casein with LA Whey?
Asked by Robin Lascelles on 24th September 2014

Hi Robin, yes you can. They will both still work according to their normal results.

how rapidly will this protein be digested by body?
Asked by Asif Rehman on 21st September 2014

Hi Asif, this product is fast absorbing and will start to work as soon as it is consumed.

is this product hormone free?
Asked by Asif Rehman on 21st September 2014

Hi Asif, yes it is.

Hi. Can I take LA Whey Gold as a meal replacement? I'm looking to lose my belly, and gain lean muscle when the fat has gone. Which protein would you recommend for fat loss. Thanks.
Asked by shane boylan on 11th September 2014

Hi Shane, we wouldn't recommend it. The best protein for your goals would be Slim Whey, which can also be taken as a meal replacement shake.

What would be the best substance to mix this with, water or milk??
Asked by Rhys Lewis on 3rd September 2014

Hi Rhys, You can mix it with water, juice, yoghurt or milk. You can vary the amount of liquid to suit your taste, however we recommend at least around 350ml for best results.

Is LA Whey Gold safe to take for type 2 diabetic?
Asked by Conrad Sinclair on 10th August 2014

Hi Conrad, we would advise that you refer this question to your GP with a list of the ingredients for the best answer.

Does your vanilla flavour contain vanillin?
Asked by Leo Forrester on 31st July 2014

Hi Leo, This product contains a vanilla extract which will naturally have vanillin as a component, but this isn’t quantified. Vanillin as a flavouring substance is not added to this product.

Hi there. I currently weigh 73kg and I am 5 foot 7. If I started taking this, would it help me loose weight? I got a bit of a belly but want to loose the love handles. Whats the best way to look lean and loose weight?
Asked by Zishan Javed on 12th July 2014

Hi Zishan, when losing weight it's important to keep your protein high so yes you can use this protein however Slim Whey may be better suited to your goals.

Hi, can you tell me what the difference is between LA whey original, and the Bronze and Gold versions Cheers Joe
Asked by JOE STERRY on 10th July 2014

Hi Joe, the main difference is that LA Whey Gold contains pure whey protein, whereas Bronze contains a triple blend of whey and mega soy protein.

Hi i am using the 6 pack extreme, would this have a negative affect if i was to use LA Whey gold and would i be better with Slim Whey?
Asked by Warren Parkin on 1st July 2014

Hi Warren, Slim Whey would probably be better suited for this combination but LA Whey Gold will also work well should you choose to go with it.

hi , do you need to add 250 m of water when taking the shake ? or can it be less
Asked by liam walsh on 28th June 2014

Hi Liam, we usually recommend at least 350ml of liquid but you can adjust this to your personal preferences.

the la whey cookies and cream has 10.3g sugar is that stevia? it states may contain gluten and nuts on la whey cookies and cream tub but on strawberry flavour tub it doesn't mention on tub gluten/wheat?
Asked by Asif Rehman on 8th June 2014

Hi Asif, yes these are natural sweetener and natural flavours. They state on tub that they may contain gluten and nuts due to the conditions under which they are produced however this is only a disclaimer as they most likely do not contain these traces.

I recently bought la whey gold cookies and cream though you say on website it is gluten and wheat free yet on the tub it says may contain gluten,wheat and nuts why? also the tubs shown on website are not what you get when you purchase it why?
Asked by Asif Rehman on 5th June 2014

Hi Asif, due to the environment that the products are produced In we have to state that this is possible however they do not contain gluten, wheat or nuts are indeed gluten and wheat free. The tubs for cookies and cream are la whey gold, we just have the previous labels on them currently but this will be changing very shortly.

I'm just starting at the gym again. I want to add lean muscle and lose a little belly. Was thinking of Whey Gold for 2 months then adding Norateen Heavyweight 2. Is there a better bundle than this for my goals? I'm 75kg, 6'1" and training 3 times a week.
Asked by darren james on 5th June 2014

Hi Darren, based on your goals we would recommend the Iron Man Pack. Not only does this pack contain LA Whey Gold, it also has Eclipse and Norateen Heavyweight II which are two fantastic products that will certainly benefit you.

next page continue--- can all these be taken together if so can you tell me in order what to take and when to take, thanks very much for your help as I'm new to this training,train 3 times a week-mon-wed-fri-1hour sessions. Thanks. Chris.
Asked by christopher o\'sullivan on 22nd May 2014

Hi Chris, please be sure to directions on the labels for maximum results. We always recommend you follow a 2 month on, 1 month off cycle. Due to the number of products in use perhaps use a few and then on the month off use a different product.

hi I have mass gainer on my 2nd tub now also taking norateen extreame, I'm waiting for L.A.Whey gold to come with testorone, six pack pill extreame, explosive creantine, 311 baccs, muscle builder gel, horny goat weed and 1xman. Chris-- continue next page
Asked by christopher o\'sullivan on 22nd May 2014 LA MUSCLE
hey i was wondering if i would get could results in gains using mass gainer in the morning, la whey gold during the day and then eclipse post training ?
Asked by kris charles on 18th May 2014

Hi Kris, following this routine will certainly help you achieve your goals.

Hey, I've been searching high and low for a protein shake that tastes good and doesn't have traces of nuts in it. A friend at work recommended this product but the ingredient list is very vague. Do you use any nuts in your ingredients? Thanks.
Asked by Matt Craig on 17th April 2014

Hi Matt, no our ingredients list does not contain nuts.

Hi I'm looking to lose weight but like the idea of the gold using stevia ..can I use this instead of the slim whey? I am doing 3 days cardio 3 day strength and am taking the fat stripper,fat stripper intense as well as the slim down pack?will it make fat?
Asked by ravinder singh on 11th April 2014

Hi Ravinder, LA Whey Gold is a great option. As long as your diet is clean and your training is intensive then you will see great results with this product.

Does the nutritional value change between each flavour?
Asked by bryan beddow on 6th April 2014

Hi Bryan, no it doesn't apart from Cookies and Cream flavour has slightly more carbs.

I just purchased banana flavour and it has sweetener in. I try to avoid sweeteners and want to know is the sweetener harmful?
Asked by Jackie Trevor on 2nd April 2014

Hi Jackie, we use a natural sweetener called Stevia, which is one of the most natural forms of sweetener. It is completely safe to use.

Hello I would like to know what are the differences between this propyl twin and optimum nutritions gold standard protein? I have read the ingredients but would like to know more? Thank yo,u James.
Asked by James Llewellyn on 16th March 2014

Hi James, we cannot comment on other companies products. We would recommend comparing the ingredients and deciding which product is better for you in terms of your requirements for your diet and training.

how much is a serving as advertised on ingredients section?
Asked by Asif Rehman on 28th February 2014

Hi Asif, a serving is 2 scoops (60g).

how many grams of sugars has this product got? what protein is ideal for fat loss? are you going to ever do hydrolyzed protein?
Asked by Asif Rehman on 23rd February 2014

Hi Asif, there is no sugar in LA Whey. It contains Stevia, which is one of the most natural forms of sweetener. We would recommend Slim Whey as the ideal product in order to achieve the goals you have mentioned. We are always developing new lines of products and will keep you up to date with all future releases.

Is it one scoop or two per serving?
Asked by Geraint Shaw on 17th January 2014

Hello Geraint,

Add 2 level scoops to a cup of water, juice, yoghurt or milk. Stir with a fork. Leave for 1 minute, then drink. You can vary the amount of liquid to suit your taste.

For Muscle Building: Best times to take LA Whey are: 1-2 scoops immediately after training. 1-2 scoops before sleep. If you want more muscle, 1-2 scoops upon waking up or any other time of the day.

For fat loss: Replace 1 meal a day with 2-3 scoops of LA Whey.

I bought this thinking its lactose free as advertise but on the tub there is no mention of it being lactose free and it even says it contains milk?
Asked by Alex Khateeb on 12th January 2014

Hello Alex, LA Whey is triple filtered, which means that although it contains a small amount of milk, all of the impurities and allergens have been removed, in essence making it lactose free.

Is two scoops of whey too much protein for women in one serving?
Asked by Lesley Hart on 3rd January 2014

Hello Lesley, Women are able to take 1-2 scoops of protein per serving to help achieve their fitness goals. Taking more protein will help you achieve your goals faster and is completely safe.

hi iam 17 years old can you tell me whats the best thing to take i wanna put more size and lean muscle
Asked by Ali Ibrahim on 16th December 2013

is it suitable to take la whey while working out(intraworkout)
Asked by Kamil Shabkhez on 25th November 2013

Hello Kamil, It is not recommended to take any protein during training as the best times would be before or after. Best times to take LA Whey are: 1-2 scoops immediately after training. 1-2 scoops before sleep. If you want more muscle, 1-2 scoops upon waking up or any other time of the day.

Hi, I'm a 24 years old woman, been getting into lifting with a personal trainer for the past month, as I would like to gain a firm definition and muscle increase. Is this the right product for me, even if I am a woman? What dosage would you recommend?
Asked by Nicole Vittori on 17th November 2013

Hello Nicole, LA Whey is perfect for both men and women looking to build lean muscle. Take 2-3 servings per day as recommend via the product directions. When combined with a good diet and training programme you will build a toned and lean physique in no time.

hi, is this product Gluten free? also how much water would you recommend to mix with the protein to achieve results?
Asked by Gurjit Dhariwal on 23rd October 2013

Hi Gurjit, yes it is. The amount of water depends on how think/think you like your shakes. Around 330-700ml is a good measure.

Hey, thanks for the answer, I don't understand percentages do you no the amount of grams of sugar per serving ? I have purchased the product but still want to know the grams of sugars per serving please ?
Asked by alina razak on 18th October 2013

Hi Alina, around 2g per full scoop.

Is this protein suitable for diabetics, and how much sugar does it contain per serving ?
Asked by alina razak on 6th October 2013

Hi, this is really a question for your GP. LA Whey has 6g of carbs and around 5% sugars.

Is all flavors of la whey a combination of whey concentrate or isolate or is it hydrolyzed whey
Asked by Kamil Shabkhez on 6th October 2013

Hi Kamil, it is concentrate - not too over-processed and not heat treated.

It says this product is good to reduce water retention; I am currently cutting weight for a fight and have ordered a samlple. I was wondering when the best time before weigh in would be to take this product to help shed excess water weight?
Asked by Rachel Hughes on 13th September 2013

Hi Rachel, you wouldn't take LA Whey to shed water. What LA Whey does is that as a protein, it helps get rid of water retention over time. For what you are asking for, you should take LA Whey as you would normally take a protein every day and then increase potassium and reduce sodium closer to weigh in.

Having brought and tasted a la whey shake, i can't help notice comparisons between the taste of this chocolate flavour and the platinum chocolate flavour, la whey is very light tasting compared to platinum, is this done purposely?
Asked by Lewis Richardson on 5th September 2013

Lewis hi, they are totally different products with different ingredients. Platinum has more natural sugars inside.

Hiya,just received my la whey(thanks),now just wondering I get up very early for work 3.00am and could you tell me can I take la whey when I get up with my 2 norateen heavyweight 11 tablets and then another one after training which is about 12.00pm?
Asked by Nick Ring on 15th August 2013

Hi Nick, yes that's fine. Wow, you wake up very early!!!!

Okay thanks :) I forgot to say I bought it to loose weight, I was just afraid of using it incase I put weight on, but I'll give it a go with 2 scoops, could I try with only 1 scoop?
Asked by Bethan Lewis on 13th August 2013

Hi Bethan, you can start with 1 scoop and see how you get on.

Hi, just bought this in the chocolate flavour could I replace 2 meals a day with 2 of these shakes? If so how many scoops?
Asked by Bethan Lewis on 12th August 2013

Hi Bethan, you can definitely replace one meal and can try 2 meals for a while (if you don't have a medical condition). Try 2-3 scoops.

Can you use more than 2 scoops per serving if you need to boost your protein intake, many thanks.
Asked by Rob Cassie on 9th August 2013

Hi Rob, yes you can.

Hi!I am 14, almost 15, and I was looking at LA Whey and I am really interested, and i wanted to ask, will it be OK for someone my age, and if so do you recommend any other products for muscle building for a 14 year old. also what is the best flavour?
Asked by neale ashworth on 27th July 2013

Hi Neale, you can take it but not too much and not for long periods. Not much else at your age!

Hi, can i use Norateen® Heavywt II, Sculpt CLA Capsules, Norateen® II and LA Whey all together? if yes or No, can you pls give me Direction?
Asked by anthony onumonu on 21st July 2013

Hi Anthony, yes you can.

Hi, was just wondering if i make up a serving of LA whey with water, how long can i leave it before it has to be consumed (in fridge)? thanks
Asked by James Stewart on 17th July 2013

Hi James, you can leave it up to 5-6 hours, ideally no more.

Hi Does La Whey contain Glu...., ?If so how many grams per serving? Many Thanks
Asked by Leo Forrester on 15th July 2013

Hi Leo, that word is banned by Google for some reason so we can't display it on our site!!! Anyway, yes it does. 17%.

I am buying three la whey tubs and I was wondering could I exchange the free tub for other items to the value of an la whey tub
Asked by nathan mannion on 19th June 2013

Hi Nathan, no it doesn't work like that! The free tub is worth on a pro-rata basis.

i have been using this protein for a month now and it leaves a bad smell in tub and its not easy to clean, i use la muscle shaker and which is new new before starting using la whey and still leaves a bad smell in shaker?
Asked by Asif Rehman on 6th June 2013

Hi Asif, that's pretty much with all protein powders! You have to wash the shaker immediately with hot water and then cold water and mae sure you don't put the lid on until it is dry.

Hi you state that la whey is a consentrate the highest grade but I'm under the impression that whey isolate is the best form of protein ,concentrate is 80per cent protein and isolate is 90per cent or more so can your comment on this thanks
Asked by abdul ali on 1st June 2013

Hi Abdul, yes and no! Most Isolates are usually over-processed and heat treated which denatures the protein. So it is better to have a non-heat-treated concentrate than a heat-treated Isolate.

what is the cost in USA currency... I asked your facebook page why prices aren't listed in dollars. I want to order, but have no clue how much this costs.
Asked by Laurence Hartnett on 31st May 2013

Laurence hi. You just have to go to somewhere like and do a conversion as exchange rates will change on a daily basis.

im just wondring if i can find a slow release whey protein like casein to use it after sleepig or even for bodybuilders who fast durent a day cause of them relegions thx
Asked by yassine ammar on 6th May 2013

Hi Yassine, there is no such thing as slow release protein. Companies that manufacture this inferior form of protein tell you this to sell their cheap protein! The reason why Casein is "slow release" is because the body does't know what to do with it and it just sits there causing havoc. If you want casein, drink some milk!!!!

Hi What are the natural flavours used in the cookies and cream and also the vanilla? Thanks
Asked by Leo Forrester on 4th May 2013

Hi Leo, these are proprietary and we cannot disclose them...however, they ARE natural.

What are the actual ingredients? you only list the nutrition values not the ingredients, can you list the ingredients so I can see what I'm potentially putting into my body :-)
Asked by Mark Browne on 26th April 2013

Hi Mark, the ingredients are listed under the Ingredients tab <<<<Micro, cross and ultra filtrated Ionic Exchanged Whey Protein concentrate (highest grade without denaturing) comprising di-, tri-, oligo- and poly-peptides, natural sweetener and natural flavours.

I've just braught la muscle whey protien 2.2kg and it says it would last a month or two. I worked it out by doing 2200g÷60g(2 scoopes)=36 meals. I have twp protien shakes a day which is 18 days. So its not even 3 weeks?
Asked by franics aughey on 17th April 2013

Franics hi, it really depends on how much you use. If your diet is generally good with high amounts of protein, then you don't need to use too much LA Whey. You can for example take 1 scoop immediately after training. If you are doing heavy weight training and not getiing a great deal of protein from food generally and you want to ensure high protein levels, then you would take more, even 2-3 scoops after working out. How long LA Whey lasts is very much about "how" you use it and what sort of training you are doing.

why so expensive?.
Asked by Brian Evans on 22nd March 2013 LA MUSCLE
You get 2.2Kg which is great but how big is a serving in grams?
Asked by Ross Appleby on 2nd April 2013

Hi Ross. Each scoop is 30g. We recommend 2 x Scoops each time, so a serving will be 60g.

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