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Core Beach Workout: Carlos Navarro


You hear so many times of success stories from people who were involved in an accident, who fought back to full health, or who were overweight, and managed to make the change to becoming fitter and healthier, but rarely do you see such a transformation arising from both situations and resulting in a cover-ready body in less than 2 years!

Carlos Navarro did just that! 2 years ago he had just recovered from a pretty horrific car accident, and soon found his weight to be pushing over 200lbs, with the only thing on the horizon for him being diabetes and heart problems further down the line. Carlos made a conscious decision that he wasn’t going to allow himself to follow this path, and so started about making changes that would quickly turn his life around, and set him firmly on the path to success.

Filmed on the beautiful Santa Monica coastline, with the world famous pier in the background, Carlos has gathered some of his favourite core exercises to demonstrate how he managed to not only get the weight off, but to also develop a six-pack that many would soon become envious of. His full definition of each exercise, along with advancements and regressions for each one, make them easy to understand and follow.

One of Carlos’s successful turning points in his quest to attaining a fitter, healthier body, was to study kinesiology, giving him a greater understanding of how the body works.
Through this ongoing series, Carlos will be breaking down each muscle group and explaining as he demonstrates them amongst some of the most beautiful places around the South Coast, how you can make the most of them to help you achieve a fit, toned body in no time!

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