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Kite Surfing with Dan James Junior British Champion

At only 16 years old, Dan James is the current British U17 kitesurfing Champion.


At only 16 years old, Dan James is the current British U17 kitesurfing Champion.Living in Bournemouth (South of England, by the coast), Dan takes part in competitions across the country and has achieved 5 top placings out of just 7 competitions.

Dan takes some time out from his busy schedule to talk exclusively with The Active Channel about his career highlights to date, his passion for this fairly new sport, which is now much more of a lifestyle for him than a hobby, and how anyone interested in trying something new can go about getting the right equipment and
training to harness the power of the wind whilst skimming along the water on nothing more than a board with a straps and a fin.

With only two years of kitesurfing behind him, and already being the best in the country, Dan is now looking for international sponsorship to further his talent at larger events around the world.

For further information about Dan, and to see some truly incredible images of him 40-50 feet in the air, go to
For further information about Kitesurfing, and other board sports, check out H20 Sports in Bournemouth by visiting their site at:

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