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Suitable for vegans
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Suitable for vegetarians

Fat Stripper® Intense

Results in just days, no killing yourself in the gym, you take NO RISK

Fat Stripper Intense is the strongest natural fat burner you can buy, ideal for men and women, containing 7 fantastic ingredients, including Choline and Green Tea.

  • Strongest legal fat burner
  • 100% natural with no side effects
  • Ideal for men and women
  • Contains Caffeine
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How this legal fat burner can help you lose substantial weight in just days without you needing to spend all your time in the gym and without risking your health or money - 100% RESULTS, NO RISK!

For over 20 years, one weight loss supplement has consistently delivered results for millions of men and women. No matter how much weight you need to lose, for most people Fat Stripper Intense starts working within days and you will see NOTICEABLE results or you get 100% of your money back. YOU TAKE NO RISK. Join millions of others who have consistently seen immediate results. Why waste money on cheaper dubious supplements or suffer unduly with health or image issues associated with excess weight?

Lennie before and after Keiran before and after Fat Stripper Intense

It’s your turn to get your hands on what Men’s Fitness Magazine called the “Best Fat Burner” without having to read a hundred web pages and without the risk of being conned

Best fat burner

Fat Stripper Intense is not a cheap generic formula. It is full of safe, synergistic and very high potency and high quality raw ingredients. Some of the more expensive ingredients in this formula such as Pharma Grade Alpha Lipoic Acid are hard to come by and stocks are limited. Order now and start seeing guaranteed results from tomorrow. Your friends will all wonder what magic pill you are taking - that is a 100% promise.

Whether you are skeptical and have never tried a fat burning pill or you have tried other cheaper ineffective supplements and lost money with no results, you have to try Fat Stripper Intense. There is no other supplement like it. Results are almost immediate and you take no risk whatsoever. If you don't find that you absolutely loved the results, you will get 100% of your money back.

NO OTHER COMPANY gives you this sort of no risk guarantee.

Trust your eyes! 1000s of before & after photos are testimony to the sheer power & reliability of Fat Stripper Intense

Before and After Fat Stripper Intense After taking Fat Stripper Intense

Try without delay and with no risk this incredible formula as seen on TV and positively featured in top fitness magazines including Men’s Health

Fat Stripper Intense contains 7 scientifically researched 100% natural and safe ingredients to make sure you lose fat within days. Unlike the thousands of other supplements that are untested, unproven and can give you side effects like Palpitations, Fat Stripper Intense is 100% and has the longest track record of any fat burning supplement ! Fat Stripper Intense has been a best-seller across the world since 1998. You will lose fat from your abdominals, thighs, chin, under arms, back.

Realise your full potential with Fat Stripper IntenseJames, before and after

You take NO RISK WHATSOEVER and you will lose body fat and not risk getting scammed because Fat Stripper is manufactured by leading supplements company LA Muscle and comes with its own “Best in Class” 100% money back guarantee

If you are struggling with body fat and want to see quicker weight loss, you may as well try something that is 100% guaranteed and proven to work than wasting your money on cheaper unproven or unsafe supplements. Fat Stripper Intense is REAL and the results are real. You take no risk with your health, money or time. It’s all taken care of for you! Just follow the instructions and take 1-2 capsules 3 times a day; that’s it!

Fat Stripper Intense REALLY DOES WORK James Walker before and after
Anthony's before and after Angie before and after Fat Stripper Intense
Jamie before and afterJohn before and after
Jordan before and after Fat Stripper Intense Paul, before and after

Do you want to change your life and your body? Isn't it time to let someone else take the worries off your mind and give you the results you desire? Trust LA Muscle and take that first step to a new happier, healthier and leaner you. Click to buy Fat Stripper NOW and remember, you take NO RISK!

Fat Stripper ® is the Registered Trademark of LA Muscle

LA Muscle store voted "Best Store" by Retail Week Magazine for design, showcasing LA Muscle's commitment to to the highest standards on earth

LA Muscle Concept Store in London, UK

LA Muscle's full-strength premium sports supplements are not for everyone. The very high raw material qualify, non-compromising ethos and strict manufacturing practices mean that LA Muscle supplements are more expensive than other brands. If you want the very best and want to get your hands on a range that says a great deal about your own high standards and non-compromising attitude, then LA Muscle is for you.

Recently, LA Muscle's concept store was recognised in the Retail Week Interior Design Awards under the "Best Store" category. This store shows the extreme high standards set for LA Muscle from the uniqueness of the supplements all the way to presentation and customer services. Special attention is always paid to the post-purchase customer experience. Whilst others may just want your money, LA Muscle would like you to become a fan of the brand and experience all the benefits.

Product Science

  • J Lipid Res. 2002 May;43(5):742-50. Tetradecylthioacetic acid prevents high fat diet induced adiposity and muscle aggent resistance. Madsen L, Guerre-Millo M, Flindt EN, Berge K, Tronstad KJ, Bergene E, Sebokova E, Rustan AC, Jensen J, Mandrup S, Kristiansen K, Klimes I, Staels B, Berge RK. Department of Clinical Biochemistry, University of Bergen, Haukeland Hospital, N-5021 Bergen, Norway.
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  • J Med Food. 2006 Winter;9(4):451-8. Green tea extract thermogenesis-induced weight loss by epigallocatechin gallate inhibition of catechol-O-methyltransferase.Shixian Q, VanCrey B, Shi J, Kakuda Y, Jiang Y.
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  • J Am Coll Nutr. 2005 Jun;24(3):172-6. Decreasing oxidative stress with choline and carnitine in women.Sachan DS, Hongu N, Johnsen M.

Servings Per Container Size - 90 Tablets (30 days supply if you take 1 tablet, 3 times a day)


Per serving

Green Tea (Standardised)
100 mg
100 mg
Yerba Mate
75 mg
50 mg
Choline Bitartrate
50 mg
Alpha Lipoic Acid
50 mg
Cayenne (Capsicum)
25 mg

Guarana contains Caffeine. Caffeine is not good for everyone. If you are sensitive to ceffeine, unsure or have a medical condition, you must consult with your physician before taking any products with caffeine in them. If you get any side effects from Caffeine, you must stop using them immediately and consult your physician.

Supply: 90 tablets. Can be swallowed and taken with water or food.

How to take: Take 1-2 tablets 3 times a day just before meals.

Each tub will last: 1 Month (if taken as 1 tablet 3 times a day)

Supplements not medicines
LA Muscle supplements are "Nutritional Supplements". They are not medicines or drugs. They do not prevent, diagnose, restore, correct or modify any physiological condition or function in human beings. They will not treat diseases; they are not medicines. If you have a medical condition, please refer to your physician. If you get "any" side effects at all, stop use and refer to your doctor immediately. Never take more than the recommended dosage. Male hormone boosters are for people over 18 and mature for their age. If in doubt about anything at all, please contact LA Muscle.

LA Muscle Tubs

In line with LA Muscle’s Green Policy and reducing carbon footprint, LA Muscle is using a “ONE SIZE” tub for most supplements. This is to reduce the use of plastic tubs by having tens of different sizes for various products and having to over-manufacture plastics. As a result, you may find that in many LA Muscle supplements, the tub is much bigger than the total size of all pills. You are still getting the exact number of pills/capsules/powder you have paid for, however there will be extra space at the top, giving the impression to some people that the tub is not full. This is solely because of our commitment to reducing the need for making extra plastic tubs. LA Muscle does not use cotton wool to fill up the extra space because cotton wool can attract microbes. Your safety AND the protection of the planet are big parts of the LA Muscle ethos.


Please note that LA Muscle cannot guarantee its products from being free of certain allergens. If you have a severe allergy to any ingredient including milk, soya, nuts, fruit or anything else that can cause you a life-threatening condition, we strongly advise you NOT to take LA Muscle supplements (or any supplements for that matter). If you are not sure or suspect an allergy, please see your doctor immediately.

by M. Devonshire on 3rd May 2024
but 2kg down in 7 days
Was this review helpful? Yes (17) No (0)
by Selven on 12th April 2024
This product really helps. I could see visible improvements in muscle definition. It really does burn those hard to get to fat around the abdomen. I will getting more of this.
Was this review helpful? Yes (22) No (0)
by M. Briggs on 19th February 2024
Having used the product for a week so far i have lost 3lb and 1% body fat, it will be interesting to see the results after a month.
Was this review helpful? Yes (24) No (0)
by A. Belal on 5th January 2024
Great Product supporting my training plan and goals, have lost Ibs in matter of weeks, would recommend highly
Was this review helpful? Yes (25) No (0)
by A. Pearson on 8th November 2023
Currently been on this product 2 weeks can feel a difference will continue to purchase
Was this review helpful? Yes (30) No (0)
by A. Mason on 31st October 2023
I have been using this for a week or so in combined with Deflate, I have noticed the difference already!
Was this review helpful? Yes (39) No (0)
by S. Mills on 8th September 2023
So far so good! Definitely feel a lot better and look a lot better!
Was this review helpful? Yes (56) No (0)
by N. Sandford on 15th August 2023
I don't regularly weigh myself but my pants feel slacker and up a notch on the belt after 10 days of use. Very pleased.
Was this review helpful? Yes (48) No (0)
by Stephen Duah on 14th August 2023
Very good product.
Was this review helpful? Yes (58) No (0)
by J. Molloy on 29th June 2023
It really did help out a lot and I would like to buy more in the future
Was this review helpful? Yes (49) No (0)
Hi can I take 2 tablets around 4 in the afternoon and 2 around 9 in the evening or need to be 8 hours apart the doses The reason I am asking is because I can’t take them in the morning as I don’t have breakfast and they bother me with empty stomach.
Asked by Lavinia Margarit on 22nd April 2024

Hi in that case, yes you can. Obviously this is not taking into account the fact that they have some caffeine and taking at 9 pm may affect some people's sleep. But if you are OK with caffeine late, then fine.

Is ok take whit creatinine
Asked by Gejza Tokar on 7th February 2024

Hi yes you can but do remember that Creatine may make you hold some water temporarily.

Honestly what's more powerful, this one (fat stripper intense) or Fat stripper pro burn? Thanks
Asked by Bianca Lewis on 22nd January 2024

Hi both very similar. Most people start on Fat Stripper Intense.

Hi, does this strip muscle or just fat?
Asked by Simon Rees on 30th November 2023

Hi just fat, never muscle.

Hi LA Muscle How long does it take for these tablets to be effective? When will I start seeing results
Asked by Ellie Spencer on 26th August 2023

Hi depending on the individual usually within a week, sometimes 2 weeks.

Is there any side effects?
Asked by Ulas Demir on 29th June 2023

Hi no.

Hi I have just purchased fat stripper intense and have been taking for 2 days. I would like to No If the whey protein powder and Deflate can all Be taken together. I am 5ft 2 and age 54 I have 5 stone to loose so I’ve got a lot of work to do.
Asked by Jane Lowry on 4th June 2023

Hi yes you can take all of them together.

I use Creatine to aid in muscle growth, I want to lose fat around my belly and chest, can I use both together as I like what creatine does for my muscles.
Asked by Alan Leary on 18th May 2023

Hi yes you can.

Hi Will this product get rid of face puffiness and water weight
Asked by Hamza Kayani on 15th May 2023

Hi yes it will. Deflate is also very good for this.

Is this product suitble for vegan and and keto diet
Asked by Hamza Kayani on 14th May 2023

Hi yes.

Hi can this product make me get a 6 pack without a workout
Asked by Hamza Kayani on 14th May 2023

Hi it will get rid of a lot of fat but if you don't have any abdominal muscles and have never trained them, then you may not get a full six pack the way you want.

Hi, I’ve just bought the superman powder and am going to start taking it from today. Is this a good fat burner to take with it so I can lose belly fat but still put on muscle because of the superman powder? Thanks
Asked by Owain John on 12th May 2023

Hi yes you can take them both together for muscle gains and fat loss.

Which fat burner wiuld u recommend?
Asked by Ulas Demir on 9th May 2023

Hi this is a good one.

Before i bought " Burn Belly Fat ™ " it was capsules form and i couldn't able to take it in which product do u guys have that is tablet form also not big as " burn belly fat"
Asked by Ulas Demir on 9th May 2023

Hi most current products are tablet. You can always split them in two or crush them.

Hi I am petite frame 5ft2 but im around 39kg - I want to lose weight, I do not want muscly legs. I want to see abs on my stomach. I want to reduce my waist down, skinny thighs and skinny hips, I do not want to build muscle. what do you recommend please?
Asked by vic park on 5th April 2023

Hi Fat Stripper Intense is very good for this.

Hi I just wanted to ask can I take these tablets without exercise and diet
Asked by Jinna Kicova on 24th March 2023

Hi yes you can and you will see results but obviously it is recommended you take them with a good exercise and eating regime for best results.

Hello can I take these tables with CLA tablets as well ?
Asked by David Andrew on 8th January 2023

Hi yes you can.

I’m looking to lose belly and back fat. Are these a good product to use as I’d ideally like to lose a bit within 4 months before holiday
Asked by Callum Owen on 31st December 2022

Hi yes this is one of our best sellers. Very strong.

Can these tablets be crushed and added to water instead of swallowing whole, will the effect be any different ?
Asked by Nick Grant on 28th November 2022

Hi yes absolutely. No difference.

Can you take this product with a whey protein isolate
Asked by Carl Morris on 12th October 2022

Hi of course

Should I be take 2 tablets 3 times a day. So 6 I total thought the day
Asked by Harry Hotchkiss on 19th September 2022

Hi yes 1 or 2, up to you. 6 tablets a day is what most people take.

Hi, how does this product work in the body, is it only thermogenic or is there other factors helping aswell? Thanks
Asked by Ashleigh Smith on 24th August 2022

Hi It is thermogenic and it also metabolises fat out of your body. Like a hardcore landlord kicking a sitting tenant out!

Are these tablets ok to take whilst taking HRT
Asked by Brian Holmes on 23rd August 2022

Hi in theory yes however anything to do with doctors, it is best to refer back to them! Sorry.

Hi guys. Whats your best fat burner product that doesnt achieve weight/fat loss through appetite suppression? I hve no issue cutting calories but need some help in speeding up the fat burning process
Asked by Kevin Allchorne on 15th August 2022

Hi the one on this page! Fat Stripper Intense.

Hi can I use sculpt cla , fat stripper intense with six pack pill intense or is six pack pill intense for after I've finished the first two.
Asked by Adrian Thumwood on 23rd July 2022

Hi yes you can

Hi can I use fat stripper and intense on a Keto diet?
Asked by Andrew Murray on 5th June 2022

Hi Andrew yes absolutely.

Hey LA MUSCLE i have just bought the fat stripper intense i have dropped my calorie intake from 3000pd to 1400pd would your product help boost my weight loss and mostly from the love handles
Asked by Jake Calcutt on 9th May 2022

Hi yes that's what it's for really. Ideally best alongside a good cardio regime also.

Can you please tell which product is best for losing fat in my legs, especially in the glute region
Asked by Rio Mulimira on 20th April 2022

Hi Rio Fat Stripper Intense is pretty good.

Which is strongest , Fat stripper Intense or Extreme ?
Asked by Milena Herman-Pebody on 22nd March 2022

Hi, Intense is more popular. They are both very strong.

Will I lose my back fat as well with this supplement? And I only have belly and back fat. Do you still recommend more cardio with these pills?
Asked by Mohammed Azmathullah on 2nd February 2022

Hi yes everywhere and yes cardio will always give you much more results.

Can I take these with after surgery medication eg naproxen or codeine
Asked by DAVID BOND on 26th January 2022

Hi David this is a question for your doctor.

What happens when I find a weight im happy with and stop taking the supplement will all the weight be put back on ?
Asked by Freddie Brown on 28th December 2021

Hi Freddie, no as long as you keep to a fitness regime and don't start eating like a pig!

Hola necesito quemar grasa abdominal y perder 5 kilos puedo seguir tomando glucomanano natural y para acelerar el proceso de pérdida de grasa tomar Fat Stripper Intense ?.Como se toma Fat Stripper Intense? Hago dos horas de gimnasio 5 días a la semana.
Asked by Yanisvel Díaz de Villegas Marin on 27th November 2021

Hola, sí, puedes llevarlos juntos. Toma 1-2 comprimidos de Fat Stripper Intense, 3 veces al día.

Hi there, can I take this with the burn belly fat to speed up the process of burning my fat? Thanks.
Asked by Philip Dennis on 19th October 2021

Hi yes absolutely fine.

Hi LA Muscle, Is it okay to take the daily doses of fat stripper intense all at once? Would it be okay with Fat Stripper (regular) too? Thank you for your service :)
Asked by Christopher Lowe on 19th October 2021

Hi no that's too much. Look on your phone, you will find something called an alarm ;)

Hi, can I take fat stripper intense with norateen heavy weight II? I am trying to loose fat but also boost my stamina and strength in the gym.
Asked by Ben Poole on 14th October 2021

HI Ben yes you can. Good stack!

Hi, I have bought the following and would like advise on which one to take first as a start up and then build on it with a stronger one: fat stripper pro burn Fat stripper intense Fat stripper Fat stripper extreme Six pack pill extreme Than
Asked by Abdul-Raheem Mohammed on 5th October 2021

Hi it's really up to you and which one you like the sound of. Fat Stripper is the logical one to start off with and work your way up from there.

Can you take this product with the ###### which also contains Gurana?
Asked by Samia Maqsood on 23rd September 2021

Hi we are not familiar with that so we cannot advise you We can only advise you on LA Muscle supplements and their interactions. Some other companies' products may contain crazy amounts of some stimulants which we will not know about.

Can I take these if I am breastfeeding?
Asked by Ambreen Shehzadi on 21st September 2021

Hi many women do but this is really a question for your doctor.

Hello I am wondering whether this fat stripper intense will help lose weight of my chin and jaw and make it more defined. Also I have lost nearly 2 stone but I struggle to lose anything of my chest and belly. Will this get results quickly?
Asked by Nick Mcdonald on 9th September 2021

Hi Nick, yes any of the Fat Stripper supplements will help you achieve both goals.

Hi, After pregnancy, I have gained more than 20 kgs, I would like to know about this product. Is that safe and healthy to consume this for after pregnancy mother's.
Asked by Sandhya Ramakrishnan on 19th August 2021

Hi Sandhya yes lots of women take it after pregnancy to lose the extra weight.

I already use a caffeine based pre workout, is this safe to use in addition, or may the additional intake of caffeine in this product potentially be dangerous?
Asked by Daniel Coburn on 7th August 2021

Hi Daniel it "should" be OK but really depends on what you are taking. If it is LA Muscle's Possessed II, then yes it is ok.

How long will it take to see results using fat stripper and can you continue to eat normally ??
Asked by Georgia Jackson-Brown on 25th July 2021

Hi Georgia, it depends on the individual. Some people 3-4 days, others 2-3 weeks. You can carry on eating as normal but obviously you will get better results if you reduced sugar and carbs.

Will this product effect my muscles... I train 5-6 times a week doing resistant training, hitt, cardio, boxing and trying to keep myuscles but loose fat... So will this product make me loose muscle aswell as fat coz i dont want that
Asked by Tina Guhataoura on 17th July 2021

Hi Tina, 100% not. You will only burn fat and preserve all your muscles. If you are worried about losing muscles, you can also take LA Muscle's CLA Sculpt supplement, which puts a ring around your muscles and ensures they are never used as fuel.

If I stop taking these will I then put the weight back on? Like them pyramid scheme supplements that you pile the weight on when you stop taking?
Asked by Kara Sloan on 13th July 2021

Hi not at all unless you stop all exercise and start eating like a pig!

How i need to eat and how intense exercise do i need to do?
Asked by Noemi Cozac on 1st July 2021

Hi Noemi

Ideally you need to reduce your carbs and sugar and up your protein. You also need to concentrate on doing more cardiovascular exercises such as running, swimming, rowing, stepping, dancing etc. 40-60 minutes 4-5 times a week will do wonders with this supplement.


LA Muscle Technical Team

Is this better than xxx supps fat burner
Asked by Esa Hussain on 22nd June 2021

Hi, sorry we don't comment on other inferior brands!

Hi guys. Im looking to reduce body fat (particularly around the stomach) without losing muscle mass. Diet is (40% protein, 30% fat/carbs) and I train hard with weights 6 days a week. What fat/6 pack product do you recommend that wont lose my muscle mass?
Asked by Kevin Allchorne on 16th June 2021

Hi Kevin Fat Stripper Intense is a good one for your goals.

Hi, if I'm doing intermittent fasting can I take the fat stripper intense without eating (on an empty stomach)? Thanks
Asked by Wael Attia on 14th May 2021

Hi Wael, yes you can.

I’ve just been diagnosed with MS can I still use this product
Asked by Ng10 1aq Scott on 13th May 2021

Hi Scott, we recommend that you refer this question to your gp/doctor.

Ramadan is coming up for 30 days, can this be taken still whilst fasting, one meal a day and take 2 before eating when opening fast in the evening. But still exercising?
Asked by Zara Rafique on 24th March 2021

Hi Yes you can.

Do I take 3 or 6 tablets daily???
Asked by George Dicker on 22nd March 2021

Hi George, you can do either. 3 a day will last 30 days and 6 a day will last 15 days.

Can I take fat stripper extreme and fat stripper intense at the same time?
Asked by Rachel Rose on 3rd March 2021

Hi Rachel, yes you can.

I have the following Norateen Black Fat Stripper Intense Norateen Heavyweight Norateen Gold Vasculator I eat well & exercise, but find it dicicult to lose weight & want to gain muscle. Can I take all these together, or is there an order you'd s
Asked by Donna Simmill on 27th February 2021

Hi Donna, you can take 1-2 of the Norateens first. You can go with Norateen Heavweight II first and then use Black and Gold the following month.

Hi there i have bought the fat stripper intense product and i am just about to start it, was wondering will it get rid of excess body fat and is it ok to use this on a cheat day as i have 1 cheat day a week im in calorie deficit and stick to strict diet
Asked by Jordan Reid on 19th February 2021

Hi Jordan, yes this is a fat burner and should be taken everyday as according to the directions on the tub for best results.

Will i lose muscle by taking these ?
Asked by Ross Davies on 14th February 2021

Hi Ross, yes you will when used alongside a good clean diet with a calorie deficit and regular exercise.

Will these give you a six pack aswell as make you lose weight ?
Asked by Ross Davies on 14th February 2021

Hi Ross, yes you will when used alongside a good clean diet with a calorie deficit and regular exercise.

Hello I've tried all the pills and potions and nothing has worked I can't exercise but I hardly eat I've always been slim and fit but I was off my feet for a while but I go day's without food not intentional but my belly is like saggy plz help thank you
Asked by Shelly BURNS on 3rd February 2021

Hi Shelly, you can try this product however to improve results we would recommend exercising and following a healthy. high protein diet with a calorie deficit for best results.

I can’t exercise due to illness. Can this still work to some degree?
Asked by Lorna Kennedy on 28th January 2021

Hi Lorna, used alongside a diet with a calorie deficit and some mild exercise you can see some results.

Hi I am following a VLCD as need to lose about 6 stone ,what is the best product to buy to help me lose weight fast and well please? Thanks
Asked by Emma Edwards on 3rd January 2021

Hi Emma, any of our fat burners would be suitable. We recommend starting with either Fat Stripper or Fat Stripper Intense.

Hi. I do still like to drink coffee a few times a day. Is the fat stripper safe to take if you’ve had coffee? Or are you going to get high. Thanks.
Asked by LEONORA FLETCHER on 24th November 2020

Hi it really depends on your own tolerance to caffeine. Everyone is different. For most people, it is perfectly fine to take Fat Stripper Intense alongside their normal coffee consumption.

whats stronger for quicker results Intense extreme or fat buster
Asked by Robert Smith on 4th September 2020

Hi Robert, all of them are great choices. Pick the one that suits you best based on their ingredients and your requirements.

hi what actually do stop you from eating???
Asked by Andrius Rastenis on 18th August 2020

Hi Andrius, some ingredients work as an appetite suppressant to help you feel fuller for longer.

Hello, Can you take creatine with Fat Stripper Intense?
Asked by Jamie Townsend on 5th August 2020

You can, however it could become counter productive and you may not see the results you desire.

Are all your products ingredients natural ?
Asked by Suman Rai on 17th March 2020

Hi Suman, yes they are.

Which one should I buy to lose lower belly fat And show lower abs, 6 pack pill extreme or fat stripper intense?
Asked by Muhammad Farrell Farhan on 11th March 2020

Hi Muhammad, we would recommend starting with Fat Stripper Intense.

Can you take fat stripper intense with six pack pill extreme together so 2 pills in one take, 6 pills in total for a day, is it going to be more effective to take both at the same time or just take one of them, I want a good abs and lose lower belly fat.
Asked by Muhammad Farrell Farhan on 10th March 2020

Hi Muhammad, one at a time is enough to see good results. Start with Fat Stripper Intense and when finished you can use Six Pack Pill Extreme.

Just wondering whether Fat stripper Extreme affects sleep patterns and how much total caffeine is in each dose?
Asked by Luigi Pelosi on 15th January 2020

Hi Luigi, no it wont as the caffeine content is natural and minimal. If you're sensitive to caffeine though we would recommend the regular Fat Stripper.

Hi do I need to take an hour before meal or is there any preferred time to take pills ?
Asked by Vishal Arigoan on 10th December 2019

Hi Vishal, 5-10 mins before meals is recommended.

Hi I bought the fat stripper intense I just want to know when I can take it for best results means is there any time period before meal ?
Asked by Vishal Arigoan on 4th November 2019

Hi Vishal, the directions on the product page and product tubs show: Take 1-2 capsules 3 times a day just before meals.

Can you take fat stripper intense with any of your norateen products if so what do you recommend . Thanks Chris
Asked by Chris King on 12th August 2019

Hi Chris, yes you can take it alongside any of them. If new to the range we recommend Norateen Heavyweight II.

I have uric acid problem (gout) can I you fat stripper intense.
Asked by rizwan hussain on 18th June 2019

Hi Rizwan, you will need to speak to your doctor as they are better suited to answer medical questions.

Have taken fatstripper for approx 2 months. Can I now take fatstripper intense and fatbuster together for a more potent fat attack?! Thanks!
Asked by Rupi Nandra on 12th June 2019

Hi Rupi, you can if you wish however just one of them would be better if combined with Sculpt.

you mentioned that take it three times a day . is there a preferred time span between dosage on the same day?
Asked by Qasim Mousa on 9th June 2019

Hi LA Muscle, does the Fat Stripper Intense increase heart rate? And is it suitable for people with high blood pressure?
Asked by Kelsey Yung on 29th September 2018

Hi Kelsea, the product contains natural caffeine in the form of green tea extract and guarana. We would advise speaking to your GP with regards to medical questions.

Hello is there a limit on how long you can use fat stripper intense?
Asked by Garry Griffin on 20th May 2018

Hi Garry, no there isn't.

Hi, my name is Tamara. I want to lose weight and also something to suppress appetite. I never use fat burner before. please give me your advise.
Asked by Tamara Zedginidze on 27th March 2018

The right fat burner can assist you in losing weight naturally and speedily without side effects. Fat Stripper Intense is extremely popular and safe for weight loss. Use it as directed and you should see very good results. All the best.

How does fat stripper intense work, does it block fat? Reason i ask is that how will it work with a keto diet which is a very high fat diet Thanks
Asked by Warren Williams on 24th November 2017

Hi Warren, no it's not a fat blocker. It's a fat burner and works thermogenically to burn body fat.

Hi I'm trying to lose belly fat and around my waist. What's the best product to take.
Asked by Aaron Waterfield on 3rd October 2017

Hi Aaron, Fat Stripper Intense is one of our best sellers and will help you see good results when used with a clean high protein diet and intensive training plan.

Can I use this with bloat no more.
Asked by chris jeffery on 7th August 2017

Hi Chris, yes you can.

I have just got my fat stripper intense, six pack pill extreme and thermoxen. Can i take them all together or do I have to take them differently?
Asked by Hussnain Bhatti on 21st March 2017

Hi Hussnain, you can start with Fat Stripper Intense and Thermoxen and once finished, use Six Pack Pill Extreme.

I've bought the fat stripper intense, six pack extreme and thermoxen. what would be the best combination or way to take them?
Asked by Hussnain Bhatti on 19th March 2017

Hi Hussnain, we recommend taking them as directed on their tubs for best results.

Hi, currently using six pck and six pack extreme with sculpt so i protect muscle and just target fat. I have about the lst 11lbs to shift. Will i be able to also use fat stripper intense to give me that extra boost i think i need? Thanks
Asked by Paul Simpson on 14th March 2017

Hi Paul, yes you can use it in that combination effectively.

Hi although it says no side affects with having Caffeine in it,is it still ok to drink coffee? I drink quite a bit of it and wonder if i should cut down or go Caffeine free whilst taking this product? Thanks!
Asked by Judy Seaton on 29th January 2017

Hi Judy, yes it's ok to continue drinking coffee whilst using this product.

I just placed an order, I am 20 years old and now consider myself slightly obese. I want to know would this product help me in losing weight with a normal training programme and a change in diet?
Asked by Taslima Akther on 20th January 2017

Hi Taslima, this product will help you lose weight when combined with a clean diet and intensive training plan.

Hi. I am looking to reduce weight specially belly fats. I am also doing work out but I am not regular. Which product I should use? I haven't used any supplement before. I am also taking multivitamins named Wellman Energy Release.
Asked by Muhammad Khorasani on 13th December 2016

Hi Muhammad, This is a great product to use for quick weight loss when combined with a good clean diet and intensive training plan.

Can you take theae before working out as preworkout sort of or it has to be before meals
Asked by akmal yaqoob on 11th October 2016

Hi Akmal, no just stick to the directions on the tub for best results.

Can a 14 year old training for a boxing fight take this to lose fat around the stomach?
Asked by Louis Wright on 27th September 2016

Hi Louis, no we do not recommend supplements other than plain whey protein or BCAAS to anyone under the age of 18.

Hi team. I don't want to lose any weight, but could do with shifting some belly fat. Would Fat Stripper Intense and LA Whey Gold be a good combination for me? I'm not a hard/heavy weight lifter, but an intense exercise trainer 3 times a week. Thanks.
Asked by Scott Sanders on 3rd September 2016

Hi Scott, yes this will be a good combination for your goals.

Can I take these after food or does it has too be before foods
Asked by Azhar Mahmood on 11th July 2016

Hi Azhar, just before meals is recommended for best results.

Hi can I take fat stripper intense and 6 pack pills together
Asked by Azhar Mahmood on 24th June 2016

Hi Azhar, yes you can.

Hi I just got fat stripper intense pills and I'm finding it hard to swollow them is there any other way i could take them
Asked by darrin Thurlow on 25th May 2016

Hi Darrin, yes if you wish you can open the capsules and consume the contents with water.

Hi LA Muscle I just bought Fat Stripper Intense and I was just wondering will this product help lose fat from my thighs?
Asked by Eva Gulbe on 7th May 2016

Hi Eva, yes it will.

Can I combine this product with the "CREED PACK"? And what results would this combination give me? (e.g.: lose body fat, gain muscle, and get lean) Thank you Luca
Asked by Luca Zoboli on 16th April 2016

Hi Luca, yes you can. It will help you add lean muscle and lose body fat.

Is it safe to take Thermo24/7 Intense late in the evening before bed (2 hours before sleeping) or will the caffeine and green tea affect sleeping?
Asked by Annie Groves on 6th January 2016

Hi Annie, generally this will be fine however this will depend on your sensitivity to caffeine.

Hi there I am trying to lose stomach fat and I train hard 5/6 times per week. I have got thermo 24/7, thermoxen, 6 pack pill and six pack intense. Some came free with my whey protein so I just wondered what is the right combination. Thanks Annie
Asked by Ann O Hara on 2nd January 2016

Hi Ann, you can use a combination of Thermo 24/7 and Thermoxen alongside Diet Whey followed by the two Six Pack products once the others have finished to help you achieve your desired weight loss goal.

hi there i am a teenager between 18 to 21. I weight arounds 264 lbs and i want to lose weight by 66 pounds. Would this product help me to lose weight and i am also doing Insanity program
Asked by Janarthan Sivarupan on 29th September 2015

Hi Janarthan, yes this product will be very effective to help you with your weight loss goal.

Hi, I wanted to ask would i take any thermo tablets before a workout or only before the meals ?
Asked by maamoon khan on 28th September 2015

Hi Maamoon, we recommend taking the product as directed: Take 1-2 capsules 3 times a day just before meals.

Hi there, I've used thermo intense for nearly 2 months, I still have a bit of fat to loose from my hips. One product do you recommend for the month off? Thanks
Asked by Santosh Dhanjal on 22nd June 2015

Hi Santosh, you can continue to take the product or switch for 1-2 months to a similar product, such as Thermoburn, in order to continue to see great results.

Hii i have belly but im thin in rest of my body parts and trying to gain muscle and increase my weight is it gonna affect my weight gain and my muscles i dont wanna loose them
Asked by Hasan Boura on 2nd October 2014

Hi Hasan, you can take fat stripper alongside Sculpt, which will protect your lean muscle whilst you work on weight loss and definition.

Hi i already finished taking both six pack pills and i would like to take now fat stripper is it gonna affect my muscles and my weight cause i dony want to loose it
Asked by Hasan Boura on 2nd October 2014

Hi Hasan, you can take fat stripper alongside Sculpt, which will protect your lean muscle whilst you work on weight loss and definition.

Hi LA muscle i have this small amount of fat on the bottom and sides im taking testerone 250 and six pack pill together as i don't have much fat just tht annoying bit of last 10lbs and the sides its almost going with good and healthy diet and green tea
Asked by Erdogan Ibrahim on 9th July 2014

Hi Ergodan, that combination of products should continue to help you, in addition to a good diet. We would also recommend Fat Stripper Intense as it’s a great product for meeting your desired goals.

hello, I have recently purchased fat stripper intense. on the directions it says 1-2 3x a day how do you know what dose is right for a particular person or does it matter?.
Asked by John Sneddon on 27th June 2014

Hi John, this is why we say 1-2 capsules as this will depend on the person. We usually advise starting with 1 capsule and then increasing it to 2 if you feel you require a higher dosage.

I am almost 60 years of age and always been overweight. I was 245 lbs but lost 40 lbs by cycling but now weight has stabilised at 200 lbs the harder I train the more I eat or I've no energy. If I cut back on the food then my training suffers.
Asked by Ian Garrick on 18th May 2014

Hi Ian, this a common problem when training and the best way to combat this would be a good pre-workout supplement to give you the energy you need to train well. We would recommend Testorone 250, which is fantastic product. Try our articles and guides on LA World for more information and motivation.

2 months on fatstripper, what's the best product to use on the month off to maximise results and keep the fat burning
Asked by Michael MacDonald on 29th April 2014

Hi Michael, after 2 months on Fat Stripper, we would recommend using Fat Stripper Intense to provide maximum results.

can I get rid of man boobs by using fat stripper intense and does this pills can causes Insomnia
Asked by mohamed atwa on 8th April 2014

Hi Mohammed, Fat Stripper Intense is the ideal product to achieve your goal and if taken as directed, it will not affect your sleep pattern.

Hello La Muscle , will taking fat stripper intense work alongside la whey, nuclear creatine and norateen extreme in gaining muscle, as well as losing body fat or will these products work against each other.
Asked by Stuart Sutcliffe on 2nd March 2014

Hi Stuart, yes these products make for an excellent combination. We would also recommend Sculpt.

Hi there, I know its recommended that you should have each fat stirpper pill before a meal but would it be possible to have it with just a morning coffee, no food? Because i train on an empty stomach and my only intake is coffee before I hit the gym.
Asked by raghib alam on 23rd January 2014

Hello Raghib, For optimum results, it is not recommended to take fatstripper other than as directed. If possible, you should never train on an empty stomach. A banana or a plain piece of toasted brown bread is sufficient to give your body some energy for training and reduce the risk of vomiting during your workout. You can have breakfast after you train and ensure that you take fatstripper as directed; before every meal. This will help you achieve your goals with optimum results.

Hi, ive read that you should take the fat stripper pills for 2 months and take 1 month off, do i have to take any other suppliments during this 1 month off? and will i lose any of my gains
Asked by raghib alam on 21st January 2014

Hello Raghib, during the one month off in the cycle, we recommend using a different product in order to maintain results. For instance, the Six Pack Pill, Six Pack Pill Extreme or Fat Stripper

Hi, what is the difference between fat stripper and fat stripper intense? Also what approach should i take when considering to use these products (what cycle)?
Asked by raghib alam on 18th January 2014

Hello Raghib, the main difference is the ingredients. We usually recommend starting with Fatstripper and you can use the products on a 2 month cycle. Combining this with a high protein, low carb, low fat diet and high intensity training you will reach your weight loss goals.

Hi, I am starting a healthy diet plan with regular cardio, my aim is to lose 10 pounds,I am 48 years old. Which product would you recommend please. Many Thanks Jeremy
Asked by Jeremy Skeels on 4th January 2014

Hello Jeremy, we would recommend starting with Fat Stripper and after 2 months moving up to Fat Stripper Intense. When combining these with intensive workouts and strict clean diets you should reach your goal efficiently and effectively.

i do about 45-60 minutes of medium- high intensity training every day, but i have a poor diet. will this still help me loos excess fat arounf my stomach and thighs?
Asked by Henry Grimble on 17th November 2013

Hello Henry, Fat Stripper Intense is an amazing product but you must also try and make sure you have a good diet and training programme in order to maximise your results and achieve your goals.

Can you take fat stripper intense every month or do you recommend a break in between courses?
Asked by Hannah Laffey on 2nd October 2013

Hi Hanna, we would always recommend a 2 month on, 1 month off cycle to achieve maximum results. If you wish to take something during the month off, our Fat Stripper would be perfect.

Hi! I'm doing training with a personal trainer and eating healthy. I wanna lose more fat and wanna take these fat stripper intense tablets... Should I take something else with them to burn more fat or will these be enough?
Asked by Hannah Laffey on 2nd October 2013

Hi Hannah, it is dependent upon the level of fat and the quantity of training, however Fat Stripper Intense will certain benefit you achieving your goals.

can you take sculpt and fat stripper intense together
Asked by jess barrett on 2nd October 2013

Hi Jess, yes you sure can.

what is the calorie content of fat stripper extreme, six pack pill extreme and testorone 250?
Asked by joey cremin on 11th September 2013

Hi Joey, negligible.

Hi la muscle which supplement would you recommend for burning just belly fat I am pretty lean and don't want to lose muscle just some fat on the stomach, thanks
Asked by addnan azram on 8th August 2013

Addnan hi, Fat Stripper Intense is actually very good at doing this.

I have stress weight that I would like to get rid of, mostly on my hips and thighs. What is the best supplement/deal to use? Also, what exercise regimen would you recommend? I am 46 years old. Thanks!
Asked by Regeana Williams on 19th July 2013

Hi Regeana, FatStripper is a very good supplement to start off with. It works well and fast without any side effects.

how much cardio would you recomend to lose fat and at what intensity would it have to be?.
Asked by John Sneddon on 16th July 2013

John hi, ideally 45-120 minutes 4-6 times a week. Medium-high intensity.

how long can you take six pack pill . fat stripper and fat stripper intense for without a break . Or is it ok to take thme continously .
Asked by william brophy on 2nd July 2013

Hi William, ideally 2 months on and 1 month off.

Hi there I just got la whey and 7 days of fat stripper,was wondering can I take both together ,also I work late ,and I think dean off the active channel said you can take before going to bed is this true?.. Regards john
Asked by john fitzmaurice on 1st July 2013

Hi John, yes you can take them together and yes you can take before bed.

Hi, I currently have Fat Stripper Intense, Fat Stripper and Slinky. What combination is best to lose fat quick? I've started to do 45 mins cardio everyday as well as other exercises to tone muscle. Please state how many of each too, thanks
Asked by Jodi Watkins on 28th June 2013

Hi Jodi, you can take Fat Stripper and Fat Stripper Intense. When they are finished, take Slinky.

Ive just ordered fat stripper intense and fat stripper would you say best results to take them together or seperately? Cheers
Asked by Scott Cooper on 16th June 2013

Hi Scott, together for best results.

Hi I recently purchased fat stripper intense & testorone 250 , is it safe to take these along with antibiotics I have been prescribed for a medical condition ?
Asked by Glenn D\'Cruz on 12th June 2013

Hi Glenn, in theory yes but always best to consult with your doctor if you are unsure.

Hi, I am using LA whey, Norateen EXTREME, Testorone 250, to build muscle but. I also want to use Fat Stripper Intense to move some stubborn belly fat would this be ok to use all these products together or would you recommend any thing else Thanks
Asked by Thomas quinn on 8th June 2013

Hi Thomas, yes you can; many people do this with great results/

Hi Can you still bodybuild when taking fat stripper intense,i am taking eclipse, testerone 250, norateens everything realy,or is it just about cardio.
Asked by robert barratt on 8th June 2013

Hi Robert, yes you sure can.

So with 45-60 minutes cardio, could that be split up into 2x 30 mins or would straight 45-60 mins cardio be better?
Asked by kallum knott on 6th June 2013

Hi Kallum. You don't burn fat for the first 20 mins, so doing just 30 minutes means only 10 minutes of fat burning! Always best to do continuously for a longer period. 60-120 mins is ideal.

hi there....i have just bought the "six pack in four weeks" combo pack and could do with some advice on the best way of taking these, i.e. separately or in any particular combination ?
Asked by paul higgins on 5th June 2013

Hi Paul, you would take all of them together, following the individual instructions on each tub.

Can you drink alcohol whist taking these pills with out side effects (occasionally)
Asked by lauren houghton on 3rd June 2013

Hi Lauren, you can...but (you knew there would be a but!) alcohol is a) extra calories and b) promotes fat retention so not the best idea.

How much exercise a day would you recommend to see the best results as well as a good diet? would 30 minutes of cardio be a recommended amount?
Asked by kallum knott on 29th May 2013

Hi Kallum, 30 minutes of cardio is on the low side. You don't really burn fat for the first 20 minutes, so 30 minutes of cardio will mean 10 minutes of fat burning. 45-60 minutes is good. More is better!

Are there bathroom related side effects?
Asked by shelley englefield on 19th May 2013

Hi Shelley, LA Muscle supplements are free of side effects.

can you use fatstipper intense while using other products like eclipse ? as i'm wanting to get a bit bigger and leaner but need to drop my body fat percentage
Asked by James Stewart on 9th May 2013

Hi James, yes you can.

Is it suitable for vegetarians ?
Asked by Faisal Bahadar on 5th May 2013

Hi Faisal, yes Fat Stripper Intense is suitable for vegetarians.

Asked by Susan Miller on 24th April 2013

Hi Susan, yes it would work BUT you really need to do exercise and eat a healthy diet for best results.

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