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Sexy Jennifer Nicole Lee 3


In this final episode of a 3-part series, JNL takes us down her favorite street to shop – Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. Never have you seen so many high-end designer names on one street, as JNL combines her passion for fitness and fashion, and shows us why it’s just as important to look good on the outside as it is to feel great on the inside.

Now, you may think from the past 2 episodes that JNL is quite a hit, but no where near the mark she makes at the LAX firing range, where she proves she’s no one to be messed with! Watch as JNL hits center target,
and proves that you really can look hot and sexy whilst firing a gun, especially dressed all in leather! Just one thing – don’t call her babe, or you’ll be sorry!

Exclusively on The Active Channel

For further information about JNL, go to her website at

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