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Zarah Pacheco

Super-hot fitness cover model Zarah Pacheco.


Super-hot fitness cover model Zarah Pacheco.
Very inspirational and positive video for your mind!

"I grew up in a small town (under 5,000), and learned to stay busy playing sports, and studying. I worked tons of jobs as far as I can remember to pay for my way through sports and school because I always liked to do things myself. I moved out west for snowboarding, and I realized I didn't have the same passion for it anymore and wanted to focus on my new love... fitness. I moved to Florida soon after and accomplished so much! I have been fortunate to be in great magazines like American Curves, Planet Muscle, Natural Muscle, FMH, and Playboy...I also have a 10-page spread in the upcoming Feb(V-day!) issue of Muscle Mag! I take it one day at a time and keep pushing my limits further than I can imagine! Keep doing what you love, and if you haven't found 'it' yet, now's the time to find it!!  Find your passion and stick with it!"

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