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Timea Majorova: World Fitness Champion

Timea Majorova is a World Fitness Champion and International Model, and one of the most photographed fitness models in the world.


Timea Majorova is a World Fitness Champion and International Model, and one of the most photographed fitness models in the world. She has
appeared in over 100+ covers internationally and worked with some of the biggest companies in the fitness industry.

Hollywood Extra was invited for an exclusive, behind-the-scenes of Timea’s latest photo shoot with Bill Dobbins – one of the pioneers in female bodybuilding and physique photography.

See a very different side of Timea as she and Bill work towards achieving high-fashion shots in Bill’s home studio, where he has photographed pretty much all the biggest names in fitness.

But, before you watch, take a moment to read about Timea’s incredible journey so far on how she’s made it to the top.

A native of Zeliezovce, Slovakia, Timea is fluent in 3 different languages, and started in sport and fitness at a very young age. She lived with two brothers where she described herself as a tomboy enjoying physical activities.

A bodybuilder in Slovakia encouraged her to dabble with free weights and aerobics for the first time. In addition to her new-found strength, Timea entered the fashion and beauty world. She soon won a beauty contest and pursued some modelling opportunity but discovered that she did not enjoy it as much as fitness training.

Timea entered her first contest, the 1994 Ms. Slovakia Fitness, where she finished in second, winning it the following year, which led to a series of appearances on a high-rated Slovakian fitness program. In 1997, she came in second in the Ms. Slovakia Fitness, and moved to Los Angeles to represent Slovakia in the European Championships, where she went on to win the 1997 Amateur World Championships!

Timea worked daily on her routines and began taking gymnastic classes to improve her flexibility. She placed 6th at the 1998 Fitness Olympia and was awarded with the "Most Improved & Recognized Athlete" honour.

Timea has taken part in more than 20 competitions, including winning the Atlantic City championship and the Hungarian Europa Kupa Championship.

In 2000, Timea was voted by the readers of Flex magazine as the most popular fitness model!

Since moving to LA, Timea has taken up acting, and hopes to use her gymnastic-based competition background to one day land her the role of a female action hero.

For more about Timea, check out:
And for Bill Dobbins impressive photo gallery, go to:

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