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SPX Fitness: Sculpting & Toning


With over 20 years of professional experience in numerous aspects of health and fitness, Sebastien Lagree opened his 1st SPX Fitness studio in September of 2001. SPX Fitness™ quickly developed a following of celebrities and top athletes.

Since the launch of the new and improved Reformer in 2003, Sebastien’s Pilates based strength training program, beloved by celebrities and athletes, has expanded to over 35 locations worldwide; there are currently over 20,000 registered members in Los Angeles alone.

SPX Fitness effectively combines the sculpting, toning benefits of strength training with the healing, therapeutic qualities of Pilates into an intense 40 minutes serious shirt drenching workout.

Joining Sebastien are two of his best trainers in Los Angeles to help demonstrate the science behind some of the key elements to Sebastien's widely endorsed training program.

If your interested in finding out more about SPX Fitness and to find your nearest class available, go to

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