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Guest One: "Sporty" Promotions Manager for Nelly, Snoop Dogg, and Fat Joe

"Life was tough for me growing up. Caught up in gang culture, I served 8 years when I was 16 for attempted murder, yet still I found myself caught up with conflict and gang culture. It really made me realize how to survive, and by any means possible. I have to be creative in ways to exercise both my mind an body as there were no gyms like you see on television. Since getting out nearly three years ago, I knew I had to make the right choices, and look after myself. Through hard work and commitment, I quickly became Promotions Manager within a company called Family Productions, which manages some of the biggest hip-hop and rap artists throughout the World. The discipline of prison life has showed me that crime really doesn't pay, and I want my stretch inside to be a lesson to everyone out there to appreciate life, and to make the right choices."

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