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Monica Brant: Behind the Scenes

The one and only fitness super model Monica Brant.


The one and only fitness super model Monica Brant.

If you've ever picked up a fitness magazine, it's likely you'll have seen Monica Brant's picture in it.
She's one of the biggest names in Fitness, and has helped shape the fitness industry as we know it today.

Hollywood extra was invited behind the scene's of Monica's latest competition - the Europa show of Champions, in Orlando Florida in mid April, and an all access pass with Monica and her husband, Scott,
backstage of the competition, on an exclusive photo shoot with Hard Bodies photographer - Isaac Hayes, even sharing a personal prayer with Monica on the night before the competition.

Monica talks openly about how she first broke into world of fitness and modelling, and motivates and inspires many of the other top names in fitness, including how she got her first fitness cover and took that to promoter herself to the international fitness icon she is today.

In the first of this 3-part mini series, watch as Monica arrives in Orlando and how she prepares during the night before the competition.If your a fan of Monica or fitness in general, you do not want to miss this.

Stay tuned for parts two and three, and follow Monica as she steps on stage beside many of girls who she first inspired to get into fitness.

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