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Male Models & Entrepreneurs


Guest Two: Chille Decastro & David Kimmerle Fitness Models and Fitness Entrepreneurs

VERY interesting and informative show which goes on to give you lots of tips on fat loss and getting that elusive six pack. Chille Decastro and David Kimmerle are both true Entrepreneur's. There's not much they don't do! Both currently reside in Hollywood, CA. and work in the Hollywood industry in several capacities. Chille also does Stand up comedy all over Los Angeles, and claims his shows are bigger than him. He is also an author, and has written two books. One "The Code" and the other is a motivational character to help kids battle obesity. "Super Nutrition Man" -- Both will be published by the end of 2008. Together they have published a nutritional system called the 4x4 system/program. They also talk about the invention of the "MyJockSock" designed to protect 'the jock' when tanning. David says that "MyJockSock" is an all encompassing sock, protecting the entire male reproductive organs, made out of a blend of Nylon and Lycra and protects the male member from 99% of UV rays.

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