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Koya Webb


Guest One: Koya Webb Fitness and Lifestyle Coach. Owner of Koya's Kuisine

  Growing up in the country with six people in a trailer was beyond fun and quite comical at times. Looking back I think living off of powdered milk and the helping hand made me really appreciate "the value a dollar", as my dad would say and definitely thank God when we moved to a house. Living in the country and being raised in the church is what I give credit for my outlook on life. In high school, I started my athletic career on the track where I competed in whatever they needed me to do. You name it, High Jump, Hurdles, Long Jump, Shot Put, or Relays and I did it. My first big success in Track and Field came when I won the State Championship in the High Jump as a sophomore. I was so excited and happy I knew sports were for me. This is what sparked my love for Track and Field, but I always wanted to play basketball. I missed out in middle school because coaches said I was slow, lanky, and uncoordinated. I was determined to prove them wrong. I remember dribbling circles around a pole in our basement and jumping rope in the kitchen so I could get my ball handing and speed up. Determined not to be defeated, I decided to give basketball one more try. My track coach talked to the basketball coach and after a brutal tryout I was on the team. I remember hearing, "At least she can run up and down the court." After one year of riding the bench and a coach change, I knew it was time for me to step up. I practiced everyday and wouldn't give anything less than one hundred percent every time I stepped on the court. By the middle of the season, I was the starting forward and received most improved honors my Junior and second year on the team. By my senior year, I averaged 21 points and 18 rounds a game which earned the MVP spot on the team. At this point, I knew I could do anything I was willing to work hard at. This mindset has definitely helped me in other areas of my life.

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