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Gourmet Fitness Challenge


Gourmet Fitness Challenge with celebrity chef Eddy Rocq featuring foods for dieting and fitness.

Rob Riches meets up with French Culinary Chef, Eddy Rocq, to challenge him to preparing a gourmet feast out of foods normally associated within the health and fitness sector.
Born in Paris, France, Eddy Rocq Began Culinary School At The Young Age Of 14, At The Bobigny Private School Near Paris. After One Year, Eddy Transferred To Mederic Culinary School Of Paris. It Was There That He Obtained Various Degrees In Culinary Certification As Chef, As Well As Pastry Chef. Eddy's Proven Talent In Pastries Won Him First Place In A French Pastry Contest, "Seduce". During His Five Year Training, Eddy Traveled Through Different Regions Of France Learning Varied Techniques And Flavors Of Gourmet Cuisine In Restaurants Such As France Le Relais Saint Michel In Normandie, Les Fermes De Marie In The Alpes, L'Hotel De La Mer In Brittany, Hotel De Crillon And Meridien Place De La Concorde In Paris.
Can Eddys proven talent in the world of gourmet cuisine sat isfy the strict nutrition requirements of top health and fitness professionals as well as whet their appetite?
For more information about Eddy, check out his website at:

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