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Chad Strickland Fitness


Chad Strickland is a multi-qualified fitness instructor in Southern California, who has played a multitude of sports throughout his life, including playing professional volleyball in Europe for 7 years.
After a knee injury that ended his sporting career, Chad took what he had learned from his experiences in sport and put them towards helping others achieve their fitness aspirations.
Unlike most successful trainers throughout LA, Chad's main focus when training his clients is not coaching them on a machine, or by pushing them harder to lift heavier weights. Chad's approach to training is far
more functional than purely building big muscles.
Working with many professional athletes, including Ultimate Fighting Championship star Lyoto Machida, Chad has proved his approach to fitness works, time and time again, and now for the first time, he is
allowing our Active Channel cameras in on all the action, showing many variations on well-known exercises, that will not only help you break through plateaus, and improve many different aspects of health and
wellness, including many that can be followed by anyone of any ability.
Stay tuned for more of Strickland's Strictly Fit Workout, as Chad continues to reveal the secrets of building a strong and healthy body.
For more about Chad, check out:

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