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Musclemania Orange County 2009

Musclemania California Championships


Hollywood Extra gets an All Access Pass to the Musclemania California Championships, held in Orange County on May 2nd 2009, to take you behind the curtains of what has become the leading organization among natural bodybuilding events.

With categories including male and female fitness model, bikini classic, figure and bodybuilding, we catch up with a few of the competitors back stage to find out how they prepared for their class, including a few tips and advice for how you can get into the best shape of your life whether your thinking of competing, or just want to feel great.

Musclemania began in 1991 as bodybuilding’s first and only tour of world class level staged competitions. Early on, Musclemania took a bold and challenging step forward by declaring that this exciting event would become a natural event. It would soon become America’s most popular natural bodybuilding competition.

Keep your eyes open for more coverage of top fitness and bodybuilding shows throughout the World, as The Active Channel continues to bring you all the action both on and off the stage, including coverage of one of our very own athletes as he (or she) prepares for the World Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation in Toronto later this year.

You’ll find it all here, and more, only on The Active Channel

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