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75th Muscle Beach Contest


Since its relocation in 1959 from Santa Monica beach to Venice beach, Muscle Beach Venice  has become one of the largest amusement attractions in the Los Angeles area. Shortly after the move “The Pit” was open and resulted in a world renown explosion of bodybuilders including such greats as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbo and Dave Draper.
Fun and fitness have long been the focus of attention at Muscle Beach. In the 1930’s 40’s and 50’s young men and women would gather at the original Muscle Beach site in Santa Monica to practice and demonstrate acrobatics. While the crowds gathered, they built human towers, turned summersaults and took pleasure in throwing each other around.This year was the 75th anniversary of Muscle Beach, and the crowds who turned out to watch the bodybuilders, fitness competitors and performers, was one of the largest in history.Sherry Goggin hosts this very special show, exclusively for The Active Channel, taking you backstage into ‘the pit’ to speak with many of the competitors who are all ‘pumping up’ ready to step on stage, as well as
talking to those who have been involved in Muscle Beach from the beginning, including the man who started it all, and a special woman being inducted into the ‘hall of fame’ for being the first female to win a Muscle Beach show. Sherry, who is no stranger to the world of fitness, having won numerous national fitness titles herself, including Ms. Fitness America, also takes us down out on to the beach and proves  just why she is Ms. Fitness America, as well as talking to the Promoter of the event, Joe Wheatley.
For more information about Muscle Beach Venice, go to their website:
And to find out more about Sherry Goggin, you can go to her website at:

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