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Slim Whey 2.2kg

Delicious whey protein with real fruit and high protein content

Slim Whey Protein is a high grade protein that has been designed for both men and women. It contains 40g of pure whey protein per serving which contributes to the growth of muscle mass.

  • 40g of pure whey protein per serving
  • Plus weight loss agents and antioxidants
  • Delicious, creamy, no fat protein shake
  • For men & women

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Slim Whey 2.2kg
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Slim Whey by LA Muscle is a Premium very high grade protein powder with additional active ingredients which have been proven to aid weight loss. Slim Whey is unlike any other protein shake you have ever experienced. Slim Whey mixes easily and rapidly with water to give you a creamy, delicious shake with real fruit pieces. Even the fruits in Slim Whey aid weight loss!

Slim Whey will help you build/preserve muscle mass (full of top 100% pure whey protein), aid recovery (plus antioxidants) and assist your weight loss goals (packed full of proven weight loss ingredients). Just look at what you get with Slim Whey:

  • 40g of pure LA Whey protein per serving – 100% of the best whey protein on the market with no cheaper protein sources
  • All amino acids and BCAAs essential for maximum muscles
  • Unisex! Ideal for men and women
  • Lactose-free so no intestinal problems or bad breath
  • Instant-mixing and extremely delicious designer creamy raspberry and strawberry flavour
  • Only 230 calories per serving
  • Virtually no saturated fats
  • 400mg Green Tea per serving, fantastic for quick fat loss
  • 400mg L-Carnitine per serving, proven to aid weight loss
  • 50mcg of Chromium, great for regulating metabolism and cravings
  • High potassium-sodium ratio, to get rid of water retention for that six pack to come out
  • Real fruit pieces: Raspberry and Strawberry, high in antioxidants and great for fat loss
  • Not over-processed, so the protein is 100% intact and not denatured in any way
  • Triple filtrated protein to remove all impurities
  • High Biological Value of 159+ which means you don’t have to use as much (more cost effective than cheaper proteins)
  • Super-nitrogen-depositing power, meaning more protein turns to muscle
  • Can be used for weight loss - just replace one meal a day with 2 scoops of Slim Whey
You have never experienced anything like Slim Whey, that is a 100% guarantee. It is delicious, creamy, instant mixing, high in protein and burns fat whilst building muscles. Slim Whey can be used by anyone wanting to build lean muscles and keep body fat levels low and it can also be used by those who want to lose weight. It is especially super-effective for rapid weight loss when you supplement one meal and one snack per day with Slim Whey.

Recommended Slimming Whey: Men's Health Magazine

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