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Male Boost

Natural hormone booster to increase male confidence and libido

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Male Boost has been exclusively designed to help improve male confidence and increase libido.

  • Natural male hormone booster
  • Enhances confidence and well-being
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Male Boost
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What is Male Boost?

Male Boost is a specially designed male confidence booster formulated with a natural, but potent, mix of ingredients, including Asian Red Ginseng, Maca Root Powder, Vitamin E and Zinc.

Male Boost Sexual & Confidence Enhancers

Why use Male Boost?

Male Boost is the ideal supplement for everyone, from supplement beginners to athletes and body builders, looking to increase their confidence levels.

Maca Root Powder derived from the mustard family and found in the Andes of Peru, is marketed worldwide due to its beneficial impact on sexual performance and sexual desire. Historically, Maca Root Powder is also renowned for its ability to enhance fertility. Male Boost also includes 300mg Asian Red Ginseng which is another well known male hormone booster. Ginseng is a potent stimulant of sexual drive and has been used within traditional Chinese medicine for many years as a herbal treatment for erectile dysfunction.

These combined valuable properties make LA Muscle's Male Boost the ultimate supplement for those wishing to ensure an increase in sexual drive and a boost in confidence levels.

What's in Male Boost?

  • Asian Red Ginseng - proven to increase male libido, energy levels and improve erectile dysfunction.

  • Acetyl L'Carnitine - creates an environment within the body which leads to an increase in lean muscle.

  • Maca powder - an adaptogenic herb which enhance detoxification systems and boosts natural levels of the male sex hormone.

  • Vitamin E - an essential vitamin for helping to prevent heart disease and strokes. Studies have shown vitamin E can also increase the male sex hormone.

  • Zinc - improves the ratio of male to female sex hormones circulating within the blood leading to improved body composition.

Product Science

Leung, K, W., Wong, A, St., Ginseng and male reproductive function, Spermatogenesis, Vol. 3, No. 3, 2013.

Melnyk, J, P., Massimo, F, M., Aphrodisiacs from plant and animal sources, Food Research International, Vol. 4, No. 4, 2011.

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