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311 BCAAs
3 great amino acids combined in perfect ratios
Quality premium backpack
Bag (String Bag)
Buy 3 for $15.61905265
Durable, quality LA Muscle string bag
Smart And Practical LA Muscle Beanie Hat
Belt - Padded
The ideal belt for serious bodybuilders
Black Card
Exclusive LA Muscle Privilege Club
Bloat No More
Natural water flush supplement
No.1 body building book, 180 photos + interviews
Body-Kit Manual
The only book you'll need for muscles & fat-loss
Powerful stimulant to enhance training and performance.
Trendy LA Muscle sports cap, perfect for training or relaxing in
Used by celebs wanting to remove cellulite
Cold Beater
Best-selling book on boosting the immune system and avoiding colds
Complete 1.8kg
Powerful all-in-one muscle supplement with 10 potent ingredients in one shake
Delicious sample of premium all-in-one protein Complete
Cooltex T-Shirt
Cooltex® Breathable Sports T-Shirt
Couture Curves
Brilliant 6 ingredient product
Creatine Monohydrate
Buy 3 for $187.4286318
Formulated using the patented Creapure® formula
Diet Whey 1.8kg
Delicious diet whey protein. 39g protein per serving.
Sample Sachet of Diet Whey Protein Formula with Glucomannan
Explosive Creatine
More strength, speed and endurance
Fat Stripper Trial Size
7 days supply of the world's strongest fat burner
Flapjack (High Protein)
Buy 24 for $78.09526325
High Protein Flapjack with over 21g Protein per bar
Buy 2 for $31.2381053
Highest quality premium genuine leather gloves
Natural and rich source of caffeine
Green Tea
Natural antioxidant for fat loss
Exclusive high quality & durable
High Quality, Durable and Trendy
Injury Pro
A healing accelerator designed to alleviate aches and pains
Bourne-Style Self Defence on The Streets, learn at home
Your Bi-Monthly round up of LA Muscle, Health & Fitness News
LA Night Protein
Slower Release Casein & Milk Protein Isolate
LA Whey Champagne 2.2kg
Buy 3 for $310.819147735
World's first Champagne Protein
LA Whey Extreme 2.2kg
Gold standard whey, 5g LA Creatine, ZiMA-Testo
LA Whey Gold 2.2kg
Premium Whey Protein Powder in 5 New Delicious Stevia Flavours
LA Whey Gold 5kg
Premium Whey Protein Powder Providing 100% Whey Protein
LA Whey Gold 908g
Delicious whey protein providing 49g protein per serving
Delicious protein sample of LA Whey Gold
LA Whey Mass Gainer 5kg
Powerful mass gainer formula designed to increase muscle mass
LA Whey Porridge 2.2kg
High protein porridge mix with a blend of highly nutritious oat flakes
High protein, easy-to-use pancake mix in a delicious chocolate flavour.
Natural supplement to increase alertness and reduce fatigue
Male Boost
Natural hormone booster to increase male confidence and libido
Blend of 25 vitamins and minerals designed to boost physical performance and improve general health.
Muscle Builder Gel
Unique cream for muscles
Muscle Maximiser
Buy 3 for $154.628621235
Potent dual combination male hormone boost
Norateen® EXTREME
Extremely potent bodybuilding pills. For over 20s only
Norateen® Heavyweight II
Voted: No.1 Muscle Builder by Men's Health Magazine, As seen on BBC & SKY TV
7 days supply of the world's strongest muscle builder
Norateen® II
Natural, safe, powerful muscle builder
Nuclear Creatine
Fast-acting creatine with aspartic acid
Peanut Butter
100% Natural Peanut Butter. High Protein & No Added Salt, Palm Oil or Sugar.
Pill Box
Original durable German Made pill box
Pre-workout combining a unique blend of ingredients to enhance your workouts
High quality perfect for the gym and outside
Raspberry Ketones
Natural antioxidant to boost metabolism
The most insane & extreme post workout supplement ever
Gel formula designed to reduce & prevent stretch marks
Sanctum Fragrance
Incredibly fresh, premium Eau de Toilette Spray
Patented weight loss formula, protects muscles, 100% natural
LA Muscle Shaker
Buy 3 for $15.61905265
High Quality Durable Shaker, ideal for protein & weight gain drinks
Shaker LA Tone
Buy 3 for $15.61905265
High Quality Durable Shaker, ideal for protein & weight gain drinks
Shaker Smart Design
Multi-Compartment Durable Power Shaker
Six Pack Pill Extreme
Extreme action 6 pack developer
Six Pack Pill®
100% stimulant-free, fast-acting supplement
Six Pack Toner
Exclusive cutting edge penetrative six pack cream
Unique double action formula for women
The original quality German design bottle
Buy 2 for $31.2381053
Trendy limited edition t-shirt
Testo Max Day
Natural ingredients to boost male hormone levels
Testo Max Night
Formulated using the ZMA® formula
Testorone 250
Trib Terestris Pre-Workout T-Booster
Revolutionary new natural self-help therapy
100% Stimulant-free weight loss aid
Thermo24/7 Intense
7 ingredients with caffeine, designed for both men and women
Natural ingredients to stimulate thermogenesis
Thermoburn Herbal
Herbal formula which promotes weight loss
Clinically proven to contribute to weight loss
Thermoxen 18
Compact tub of clinically-proven weight loss supplement
Buy 3 for $31.2381053
Specialist High Quality Gym Workout Towel
Pre Workout Pump Formula
Vasculator Trial
7 days' supply of the best Nitric Oxide formula on this planet
An innovative gel for use after workouts
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