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Norateen® Heavyweight II

Voted: "Best muscle-builder" Men's Health, Seen on BBC & SKY

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Gluten free
Suitable for vegans
Suitable for vegetarians
  • Reviewed on the BBC, seen on SKY & Freesat
  • Voted: Europe's number 1 muscle builder
  • Men's Health Mag: Best Choice Male Hormone Booster
  • World's best-selling male hormone muscle supplement
  • 100% safe & natural, can be taken by beginners
  • No side effects, just great results
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Voted number 1 by Men's Health Magazine

The original Norateen Heavyweight was banned in the UK due to its sheer strength. LA Muscle gives you Norateen Heavyweight II as seen on BBC TV, SKY and sold in over 100 countries worldwide. Undoubtedly the strongest muscle-builder and male hormone booster available on the market today, giving you gains that you would otherwise not get.

Norateen Heavyweight II is one of the World's TOP-SELLING male hormone supplements, outselling every other muscle & strength product on the market. Other companies may claim to sell you stronger but ONLY Norateen Heavyweight II has a sales record in the millions across 5 continents and has been reviewed and extensively discussed on BBC television (Rugby Special, BBC2). Don't be fooled by copy-cat or "me-too" or cheaper products. There is only one Norateen brand and that is the creation and Registered Trademark of LA Muscle.

Voted Europe's No.1 Muscle Product by Men's Health Magazine, click here to read more.

How does Norateen Heavyweight II really work?

Norateen Increases T-Hormones naturally This is THE hormone for gaining strength and muscles and unfortunately after 20 years of age, you start producing less and less of this crucial hormone. The ONLY way to boost it and build more muscle is to take a supplement like Norateen.

Norateen boosts Male G-Hormones Taking Norateen boosts your natural male G-hormones which are responsible for gaining mass and extra muscle weight. Again, without Norateen you are NOT going to increase G-hormones unless if you are aged between 16-20.

Norateen converts more protein to muscle If you train and take protein, you will gain "some" muscle. By taking Norateen alongside protein, you make sure that ALL of the protein is absorbed and converted to muscle.

Norateen speeds up recovery times Norateen makes sure you are not sore for long and that you quickly recover to get back in the gym. As a comparison, without Norateen it will take a natural body builder 7-10 days to recover from a heavy training session. With Norateen, it will take around 2-5 days.

Pure lean muscle mass in just weeks

It has been shown that the Norateen range of products work even better with a quality whey protein such as LA Whey. Keep your protein intake as high as you possibly can and you will truly be amazed that Norateen Heavyweight II is this strong and legal.

As a guideline, you should take at least 1.5 to 2 grams of quality protein per lb of bodyweight per day. This should be spaced out throughout the day. You should also train heavy and hard, on a split routine... but don't overtrain. Train each bodypart no more than once every 6-7 days.

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