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LA Whey Gold 2.2kg

"Best for Hard gainers" Men's Health Awards

LA Whey is the BEST protein your money can buy, as used by the world's top athletes. Just one serving of LA Whey protein gives you a massive 48g of pure CFM, cold processed Whey Protein which contributes to a growth in muscle mass.
  • 48g Pure whey protein, Lactose-free, low carb, low fat
  • Build more muscle, recover quicker, train harder
  • Nothing artificial, delicious taste, instant mixing, GMO-free
  • High Potassium-Sodium ratio to get rid of water retention

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Winner: "Best for hard gainers" MH Supplements Awards
"Recommended Protein Powder" Men's Health Magazine (Supplement Special)

You get a huge 48g whey protein per serving

LA Whey is the BEST protein your money can buy, as used by the world's top athletes. Just one serving of LA Whey protein gives you a massive 48g of pure CFM, cold processed Whey Protein. The best protein for muscle building, fat loss and quicker recovery.

Cross, micro and ultra filtrated

LA Whey protein has been cross, micro and ultra filtrated with ionic exchange to ensure it is the purest form of protein with no lactose. This NOT done by other protein powders as it is expensive to do and requires special processes. LA Whey contains 17% Glutamate which is the highest of any whey protein product currently on the market. This ensures optimum cell-volumisation, recovery and growth.

Highest biological value of 159+.

Tom Croft, England Rugby International

LA Whey protein has the highest Biological Value of 159+. This means you get maximum amount of protein deposited into your muscles. LA Whey protein has had the muscle building part of sweet dairy whey specifically increased to make it the most effective protein powder for recovery and growth. LA Whey protein contains no harmful sweeteners.

70% better than egg whites!

The protein in LA Whey protein is 70% better than egg white. You get 21% Branch Chained Amino Acids (BCAA) and all Essential Amino Acids (EAA).

Incredible designer flavours

The flavours of LA Whey protein (country-dependant) have been specifically designed by food scientists to be the most natural and delicious flavours possible, without putting in harmful artificial additives. You can get cool earthy Vanilla, tasty Strawberry, satisfying Chocolate, fantastic Banana, refreshing Mint-Choc and smooth Cookies & Cream. You can mix LA Whey protein with water, milk, juice or yoghurt. As many people are intolerant to Milk, LA Whey has been specifically designed to instantly mix in water.

Because LA Whey is 100% natural, the flavours are not over-whelming and may taste completely different from the other artificial proteins you may be used to. LA Whey's flavours have been designed to be light on the taste buds so you can take them for long periods without getting overwhelmed. If you like stronger flavours, use less liquids when you mix LA Whey.

Guaranteed to be the best!

LA Whey protein is the most effective and pure protein you can get. The technology to produce pure Ionic Exchanged CFM Whey Protein of this quality can only be found in a handful of manufacturing plants around the world. LA Muscle's FDA-approved laboratory is one of them. Top professional bodybuilders, athletes, celebrities and sports-persons use LA Whey protein because it is a unique product and it produces terrific results.

Use less, get more

LA Whey protein has a very high Biological Value; this means that you do not need to use as much and in every scoop, you get almost twice as much efficient protein than most other brands... and you do not get wind, bloating or allergies! By buying a "cheap and cheerful" protein that claims to be the same as LA Whey, you are ultimately cheating yourself.

Why with proteins, you get what you pay for and not all proteins are the same...

Read 21 reasons why LA Whey is totally different from other proteins HERE

LA Whey Protein, voted Best for Hard Gainers

Product Science

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