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Sculpt CLA Capsules

Patented weight loss formula, protects muscles, 100% natural

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Gluten free
  • Significant increase in "lean" muscle tissue
  • Changes night-time fuel mix for more muscle, less fat
  • This product is phenomenal at reducing bodyfat
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Sculpt gets you super-lean, super fast!

Sculpt will increase lean muscle and dramatically reduce bodyfat. When you work out, your body produces catabolic hormones (muscle-eating). Sculpt halts these "muscle eaters" and will prevent muscle wasting which occurs as a result of training. Sculpt will get you lean and muscular in 5 unique ways:

  • Sculpt has anticatabolic effects which are wholly different from Leucine/HMB i.e. Sculpt stops muscles from being used for energy.
  • By taking Sculpt, you improve your body's "feed efficiency", enabling better usage of the foods you eat.
  • Sculpt results in higher nitrogen retention and increased muscle growth i.e. your body keeps a hold of more protein.
  • Sculpt has essential protein-sparing abilities i.e. it diverts protein from being used up for energy.
  • Sculpt changes your night-time fuel mix. Use Sculpt and you are guaranteed to get a leaner, more muscular physique with a considerable reduction in bodyfat.

Patented CLA for fat-loss & muscles

Sculpt is a one-off product which works in an amazing way. This product contains the exclusive patented Conjugated Linolic Acid (CLA), which is found in small amounts in beef, turkey and dairy products. It also contains other potent Fatty Acids and Vit. E.

Make sure your CLA is the "Registered, Patented" one!

The original CLA is registered to only one company in the USA, who are the Patent-holders and the original manufacturers of CLA. This is the CLA that has been shown in scientific studies to work and only THIS CLA is licensed to a handful of companies, including LA Muscle. If you see other CLA supplements, often at a fraction of the price, beware! Original CLA is expensive and can only be purchased from a few companies. The other cheap type is just cheap oil and will not work for muscle gains and fat loss. LA Muscle's Sculpt contains the original Tonalin CLA.

Clinically tested and proven to work

Want an objective opinion on Sculpt's powerful fat burning effects? Check out what Muscle & Fitness Magazine had to say about LA Muscle's Sculpt. You can also read the latest article on why society is getting fatter. Please also read details on new clinical trials on CLA.

When you get stressed, cortisol breaks muscle down and makes your body store fat. Sculpt is great for those who get stressed easily as it stops this process. Sculpt is also great for competitive body builders and their lead-up to a competition as it protects muscle from being broken down and the body from storing fat.

Chosen by Men's Health Magazine


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