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Get More Protein For Breakfast
by LA MUSCLE on 22.10.2019 01:36 pm
A Cold Weather Nutrition Staple
Never Eat This For Breakfast
by LA MUSCLE on 18.09.2019 04:25 pm
Doctor Reveals Why
Why Eating At Your Desk Is Bad For Your Health
by LA MUSCLE on 26.07.2018 04:08 pm
And Your Weight Loss Goals!
Banana, Quinoa & Choc Chip Breakfast Bake
by LA MUSCLE on 13.07.2018 01:53 pm
A Tasty Nutritious Meal To Start Your Day
Sean's Super Lean Green Smoothie
by LA MUSCLE on 01.06.2017 12:04 pm
A Metabolism-Boosting Morning Kickstart
Luke's Cacao BLISS
by LA MUSCLE on 13.07.2016 09:52 am
by Fitness Model and Competitor Luke Baker
My Cacao Super Greens
by LA MUSCLE on 10.05.2016 11:51 am
by Fitness Model and Competitor Luke Baker
Gingerbread Protein Oatmeal Bake
by LA MUSCLE on 16.11.2015 10:42 am
Guilt free with delicious flavours which can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner.
Almond blast shake
by LA MUSCLE on 13.08.2015 11:18 am
Delicious high protein shake.
 Banana Protein Pancakes
by LA MUSCLE on 06.07.2015 09:35 am
Increase your protein intake with those delicious banana protein pancakes
Bikini Body Protein Smoothie
by LA MUSCLE on 16.06.2015 11:46 am
A delicious high protein power smoothie recipe
Protein Cookies
by LA MUSCLE on 15.04.2015 02:46 pm
These protein cookies are a great way to get extra healthy calories in throughout the day if building lean mass is your goal.
Low-Carb Coconut Pancakes
by LA MUSCLE on 12.03.2015 11:31 am
An unusual but highly nutritious recipe
Your 2015 Weight Loss Plan
by LA MUSCLE on 01.01.2015 10:14 am
10 steps to your healthy & fat-free body in 2015
Protein requirements for building muscle
by LA MUSCLE on 27.10.2014 11:18 am
How much protein do we need to build muscle mass?
Vanilla Caramel Protein Crepe
by LA MUSCLE on 02.07.2014 04:07 pm
Move aside, pancakes! Your thinner and more hip cousin has just arrived and with 50 grams of protein
Cinnamon Apple Pie Protein Oatmeal
by LA MUSCLE on 20.05.2014 04:35 pm
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so try this protein packed oatmeal for a delicious start to your day that will fuel your body with the energy it requires to get going.
Blueberry & Banana Protein Pancakes
by LA MUSCLE on 28.04.2014 03:50 pm
Beautiful tasting, easy making protein pancakes
Tasty Egg Muffins
by LA MUSCLE on 15.04.2014 05:04 pm
These are high in protein, low in calories, low in fat and low in carbs
High Protein Pancakes with LA Whey Protein
by LA MUSCLE on 04.03.2014 04:45 pm
Muscle Building Pancakes
Easy making, Great Tasting Egg and Ham Protein Cups
by LA MUSCLE on 26.02.2014 04:51 pm
High protein and low carb recipe
A quick and tasty omelette packed with flavour and protein.
by LA MUSCLE on 10.02.2014 01:47 pm
Cottage Cheese, Spinach, and Tomato Omelette
Coffee Granita
by LA MUSCLE on 16.08.2013 11:58 am
Indulgent High in Protein Coffee Granita. Perfect for anytime of the day for a protein boost!!
LA Whey Museli Pancakes with Cinnamon Apples
by LA MUSCLE on 16.08.2013 11:54 am
This powerpacked breakfast is quick and simple to prepare which is packed with protein and complex carbs to keep your muscles feeling full and pumped.
Southwest omelette
by LA MUSCLE on 16.08.2013 09:43 am
High protein omelette
Scrambled Eggs with Mushroom & Tomatoes
by LA MUSCLE on 16.08.2013 09:39 am
High Protein Breakfast Scrambled Eggs with Mushroom & Tomatoes
Super protein pancakes
by LA MUSCLE on 07.06.2013 04:19 pm
***LA Muscle TOP Recipe*** Super Protein Packed Pancakes


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