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Sean's Super Lean Green Smoothie

A Metabolism-Boosting Morning Kickstart

By LA Muscle on 01.06.2017 12:04 pm


Try this super green smoothie to give your metabolism a much needed boost and provide it with nutrients proven to boost energy levels and with a good diet and training plan will help burn fat.

Mix in a blender:

300 mls of coconut water

2 tsp of spirulina powder

2 tsp wheatgrass powder

1 scoop (30g) of LA Whey Gold Vanilla (or any flavour of your preference)

1 whole kiwi, chopped and skinned (for flavour but full of nutrients and vitamins)

A few ice cubes

I like to have this first thing in the morning right after my fasted HIIT or LISS cardio before I start my day. The LA Whey Gold provides a boost of protein and BCAAs to start muscle recovery. Coconut water provides electrolytes and an energy boost to kickstart your day and the Spirulina and wheatgrass powder provide much needed vitamins and minerals to cleanse your system and help remove toxins.

Try this for a few weeks before a big event you're losing weight for such as a holiday, photoshoot, wedding, etc and you'll be amazed at the difference. Combined with a good clean diet and intensive training the fat will be melting off rapidly, plus it tastes great!



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