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Never Eat This For Breakfast

Doctor Reveals Why

By LA Muscle on 18.09.2019 04:25 pm


Probably the most common option for a breakfast on the go or a quick snack to keep hunger at bay, may in fact be unhealthy. The nutritional powerhouse that is the banana may be filled with potassium and vitamin B6 and free of cholesterol and sodium, but it turns out that it isn’t a good choice as your first meal of the day after all. Well not when eaten by itself anyway.

A banana might seem like it fends off hunger pains, but a doctor has revealed that many of us have been unknowingly making this massive nutritional error. Nutritional expert, Dr. Daryl Gioffre, has revealed some bad news about bananas for breakfast.

"Bananas seem like the perfect option to grab and go in the morning, but with a closer look, you’ll find that bananas eaten alone aren't the best option because they’re 25% sugar and moderately acidic. They’ll give you a quick boost, but you’ll soon be tired and feeling hungry".

If you still insist on eating bananas early in the day, Dr Gioffre recommends not eating them after a meal and, when snacking on one, being sure to pair it with something else either fatty (healthy fats) or with spices. She adds: "Because bananas are acidic, you’ll have to neutralise the acid to get the benefits of potassium, fibre, and magnesium without the sugar rush". This makes perfect sense why banana on toast is a more filling breakfast or afternoon snack!



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