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The world's only patented chewing gum slimming aid

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Gluten free
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  • 6 incredible functional ingredients
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SlimGum is one of the most incredible products for anyone wanting to manage their weight. A fresh, minty, long-lasting chewing gum that contains 6 amazing ingredients proven to aid weight loss, help cravings and maintain a healthy & energetic metabolism.

Amazing GumSlimGum uses an amazing Patented process to lock its active ingredients in the centre of the gum. Upon chewing, these unique ingredients are immediately released into the mouth for immediate absorption - getting to work much faster than many pills and capsules. Years of research and development have gone into SlimGum making it one of the most unique slimming aids out there. SlimGum is manufactured by LA Muscle and can only be purchased from LA Muscle.

Green coffee bean extract (Svetol®)
Svetol is one of the main ingredients in SlimGum and has been shown to be effective in the Italian Svetol® placebo-controlled weight loss study involving 50 overweight individuals. It found that supplementation of 400 mg Svetol® for 60 days could reduce the weight by 2.5 kg and improve the body mass index by one compared to placebo. SlimGum contains the same exact 400mg of Svetol®. This is the most exclusive version of Green Coffee Bean Extract.

A systematic review of 10 controlled human studies has shown a weight loss of 1.2 kg after 6-14 weeks of supplementation, when supplementing with minimum 188 µg of Chromium in the form of Chromium Picolinate.

Thiamin & Biotin
Thiamin and Biotin are essential for energy and macronutrient metabolism.

Green tea extract
Green Tea Extract has been shown to be effective in weight loss and prompts increased fat burning and reduced fat absorption.

L-carnitine has shown to increase fat burning and demonstrated a positive effect in weight loss.

SlimGum is new and in huge demand already. We are manufacturing more to keep up. If you don't want to run out, buy one or more boxes.

Each box contains 12 x 10 Packs (10 gums in each pack). If you would like to get a box, order 12x.

SlimGum box of 12 x packs

Product Science

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