Slim Bar

16g protein, 500mg Green Tea, Chormium

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Suitable for vegetarians
  • Ideal for weight loss and slimming


Slim Bar is a delicious, light, low calorie, weight loss, high protein nutrition chocolate flavour bar from LA Tone. Slim Bar can be eaten to replace a meal or it can be taken any time of the day to aid weight loss.

Slim Bar's active weight loss ingredients are a significant dose of Green Tea at 500mgs per bar and Chromium. Both ingredients have been shown in scientific studies to increase weight loss, regulate your body's own metabolism, curb your appetite and aid fat loss. Slim Bar also contains 16g of quality protein, ideal for muscle repair, muscle recuperation and training recovery and for ensuring you don't lose any muscle mass. Maintaining muscle mass not only makes you look great, it also helps you to burn more fat when you are resting.

Slim Bar can be used by men and women wanting to lose weight and tone up. Slim Bar's active fat loss ingredients will kick your body into high gear and ensure you burn fat. Slim Bar is very handy and can be taken at many different times - Take your pick!

  • Morning = To kill hunger and start fat burning from early on
  • Lunch = To replace a meal and burn more fat
  • After Training = Ideal for quick protein intake, muscle recovery and fat burning
  • Dinner = Slim Bar can replace a meal and help weight loss
Go for the current special offer on 12 Slim Bars, which means your Slim Bars will come in their own box.
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