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Sherry Goggin Shape Up DVD

The Most Photographed Miss Fitness USA

  • 1 x Workout DVD
  • 1 x Healthy Nutrition DVD
  • 1 x Bonus Photoshoot & Advice DVD

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Sherry Goggin Shape Up DVD
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Exclusive limited edition DVD

Here's your chance for the first time to get your hands on an amazing DVD box-set, featuring the most famous Miss Fitness America Sherry Goggin.

Sherry is the most photographed American Fitness Model and rightly so. This amazing lady has one of the most amazing physiques in the world. She is a successful entrepreneur and her advice is unique and straight to the point.

In Shape Up, you will get a full workout routine, guided by Sherry in Gold's Gym USA. Learn how to correctly do exercises and train to really Shape Up.

You will also get an amazing nutrition DVD filmed in Sherry's own house. Sherry takes you through everything you need to know about food, fats, carbs, protein and how to cook healthy meals to lose the weight and get that body of your dreams.

As a bonus, this DVD box-set contains an exclusive photoshoot with Sherry. Watch her pose her amazing physique in a variety of costumes and give you her tips on Shaping Up.

This is the first time Sherry Goggin has opened up her doors to the public in this way. This is an exclusive box-set available only from LA Muscle for a limited time only. Get your hands on Shape Up today and start toning up and losing that weight, guided by America's top Fitness Model.

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