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Eclipse 2.28kg

All-in-one muscle & strength shake

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Gluten free
Suitable for vegetarians
  • Premium fast-acting muscle & strength all-in-one shake
  • 8 Powerful ingredients
  • Protein, Creatine, CLA, Glutamin, Taurine, Leucine.
  • New & Improved delicious chocolate flavour
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Eclipse is LA Muscle's premium all-in-one muscle & strength shake to get you looking muscular and lean extremely fast. Eclipse contains a whole host of top quality proven muscle & definition ingredients in a researched and synergistic formula.

Check out what you get per serving, more than any other "copy" product:

  • LA Whey Premium Protein 28g - The best protein for your muscles, 100% pure whey, highest Biological Value meaning more protein gets deposited in your muscles than any other protein.
  • LA Super Micronised Creatine 6g- LA Muscle's instant dissolving and fast-acting Creatine.
  • Glutamate 6g- Ideal for muscle recovery and rebuilding. The best you can get at the highest grade.
  • CLA Sculpt 2g - The original and Patented Conjugated Linoleic Acid, ideal for muscle preservation, muscle recovery, lean definition and fat loss.
  • Taurine 1g - Superb catalyst and energy booster. LA Taurine supercharges the ingredients in Eclipse to get them working in as little as 3 days.
  • Leucine 3g - The strongest amino acid for muscle building and muscle recovery. Massive 3g per serving!
Eclipse contains the highest safe amounts of all the above ingredients in synergy, thoroughly researched and tested to ensure it truly works for all and that it works fast. What's more, Eclipse is instant mixing, in delicious chocolate flavour and gets to work fast. Check the labels of similar supplements. None of them are as strong or potent. There is nothing like Eclipse and you will see & feel its power in days.

Why Eclipse works faster than mixing your own ingredients

The experts at LA Muscle's R&D labs have created Eclipse by testing a whole host of different ingredients at different amounts. Eclipse contains the correct ratio of Taurine, Dextrose and Fructose to ensure you get the most optimised muscle-spike for the most efficient delivery of ingredients. As with all LA Muscle formulas, Eclipse is a great sports nutrition supplement guaranteed to not go to waste in your body and actually be "delivered" to your muscles. Mixing your own ingredients does not mean they get delivered to your muscles!

There is no other formula like Eclipse. Premium ingredients, in the correct ratios, full-on uptake agents, instant mixing, delicious taste and works for everyone to give unparalleled muscle and lean definition. Eclipse comes with LA Muscle's 100% Guarantee as well as LA Muscle's Premium Service promise. Eclipse is also 100% natural with no artificial additives whatsoever.

You can literally just take Eclipse and nothing else and you will get a strong, lean, muscular body. Eclipse has everything you need in it.

By taking Eclipse you save money. Eclipse:

  • Replaces your daily protein shake
  • Replaces your post-workout protein shake
  • Replaces your post-workout carbohydrate shake
  • Replaces your amino acid pills
  • Replaces your Creatine powder
  • Replaces your glutamate pills or powder
  • Replaces the need for fat burners as it contains CLA
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