Is your current supplement or training plan not giving results?
by LA MUSCLE on 17.06.2012 07:22 pm
How to start seeing real results...
How fresh are your supplements?
by LA MUSCLE on 17.05.2012 12:36 pm
And why many UK supplements companies are hiding a very important truth from you…
The secret recipe behind Slim Whey and why it is ideal for men & women
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All new Slim Whey
10 reasons why you SHOULD work out, starting TODAY!
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Read 10 unique reasons for joining a gym today
TV Star & Mr Universe Neale Cranwell speaks out
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Exclusive insight into how to get big and strong
Premium Service by LA Muscle
by LA MUSCLE on 20.06.2011 09:43 pm
From browsing, to advice, to purchase and after-sales. We won't let you down.
Amino Acids - The Truth
by LA MUSCLE on 14.05.2011 02:57 pm
BCAAs and how they can make you more muscular
The truth about the super supplement Citrulline
by LA MUSCLE on 27.01.2011 09:27 am
Find out how it can help your performance, strength and muscle growth
1 in 7 of us are under extreme stress
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Here are some quick stress busters
Free No Balls Women's Fitness Top
by LA MUSCLE on 12.11.2010 04:29 pm
Free No Balls women's fitness top with every Femme Slender Purchase
Stop Snoring
by LA MUSCLE on 10.10.2010 12:21 pm
Guaranteed ways to reduce/stop snoring
Pilates- the very basics
by LA MUSCLE on 26.08.2010 09:13 am
by Francesca Giacomini
Why cheap supplements can cost you more
by LA MUSCLE on 23.08.2010 10:22 pm
Read how to get the best out of your money
LA Muscle's amazing iPhone 4 giveaway !!!
by LA MUSCLE on 16.07.2010 12:21 pm
Exclusive competition
Introducing Intelligent Live Help
by LA MUSCLE on 11.06.2010 08:35 am
Get Instant Help & Advice from LA Muscle's Trained Advisors
England Rugby Training
by LA MUSCLE on 26.05.2010 09:53 pm
Exclusive behind the scenes only on The Active Channel
LA Muscle Supplements Are 100% Additive-Free
by LA MUSCLE on 30.04.2010 01:12 pm
No artificial colours, flavourings or sweeteners
The Ultimate Protein Shakes
by LA MUSCLE on 30.03.2010 09:06 am
The most incredible, delicious protein shakes on the planet!
Product Cycling
by LA MUSCLE on 28.01.2010 10:38 am
Effective use of supplements
Testing Checklist
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Your guide to supplement use with professional sports bodies
Newbie Supplements Guide
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Muscle Gain & Weight Loss
LA Muscle TV No 1 in Europe
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The most watched health & fitness channel
New research proves the incredible power of ZMA
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Read the truth behind an amazing Male Hormone formula
The Anti-Aging Diet
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Foods that make you look and feel younger
Angel Mckenzie on Big Brother 10
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LA Muscle sponsored athlete on Big Brother...more on Angel
Father's Day Special
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New tips & ideas to treat your Dad
My experience with the Norateen Hollywood Body
by LA MUSCLE on 09.06.2009 12:02 pm
by Ben Lauder Dykes- LA Muscle Sponsor, Personal Trainer and Fitness Model





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