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What supplement is best to take for fat loss AND muscle building?

By LA Muscle on 23.02.2023 09:51 am


Best Supplement for muscle building and fat loss

The great majority of people don’t want to achieve a single goal such as fat loss or muscle building. They want BOTH and at the same time!

This can make life a little complicated. You see, for muscle building, you need to eat a hell of a lot. Chicken + pasta 6-7 times a day. Protein shakes, milk, snacks etc

For fat loss, you need to eat a lot less. You need to eat lean and pay attention to how much you are putting into your body.

So how can you achieve both goals and what supplements are best to take to get big and lean at the same time?

The general idea is to go on the eating more side but eating smarter. So you would eat a lot more protein and reduce carbohydrate consumption as the day progresses. This way you get big but lean at the same time. You would cut junk and sugars. You would not starve your body but feed it more protein before you get hungry.

As for the best supplements to get lean and big at the same time?

You can take something like Norateen Heavyweight II + Fat Stripper Intense to efficiently do both jobs. As an alternative or as an option for a 3-6 month cycle, you can also take Norateen Extreme + Fat Stripper PRO Burn. You can take 1 combination for 1-2 months and then switch to the other for 1-2 months.

There is no right or wrong option. All LA Muscle supplements and/or combinations thereof will work.

If budget is tight and you want to achieve weight loss and muscle building then you can just go for the incredible Norateen Black. This unbelievable relatively new Norateen cuts through fat AND builds muscle mass at the same time.

Norateen Black contains incredibly powerful and rare muscle builders, Testosterone and GH boosters as well as very effective fat burners.

No matter what you choose, you are in good hands with LA Muscle. All supplements come with a 100% money back guarantee and are 100% Pharma Grade and natural; this means you get the amazing gains that you will just not get from cheaper supplements AND you get natural gains which will stay with you even when you stop taking the supplements. This is NOT the case with most other substances or other cheaper supplements.



Fat Stripper® PRO BURN

Fat Stripper® PRO BURN

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LA Whey Gold Diet Protein 2kg

LA Whey Gold Diet Protein 2kg

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Voted "Best for Hard Gainers", Now with FREE Leaning agents, 50g per serving
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