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Can you take Norateen Heavyweight II with Fat Stripper Intense


By LA Muscle on 10.01.2023 09:36 am


Some people want fat loss, especially at the beginning of the new year. Others want muscle building. However a great many people want both! They want both, they want it at the same time and they want it NOW!

What supplements can you take if you want to lose weight AND build muscle fast at the same time?

Norateen Heavyweight II is one of the all-time best muscle builders in the world. It just works! It is very fast-acting and builds a great deal of strength and muscle mass in just a few weeks.

Fat Stripper Intense is also one of the all-time best sellers. A fantastic natural fat burner which has been a best-seller since the late 1990s!

Yes you CAN take them together and yes they will work together and will not cancel each other out. They will basically each go into your body and do the job they are intended to do alongside each other.

Norateen Heavyweight II will signal your pituitary and testes to produce more Testosterone to get you bigger and stronger. Fat Stripper Intense will metabolise deep-seated fat and will also tune up and turn up your body’s own thermogenic fat burning mechanism.

Together they are a powerful combination to get you the right results you are looking for in no time.

Can you take either of them with a supplement that does a similar job from another brand?

NOTHING does a similar job to them, be aware of that. These two supplements are head and shoulders above the others on the market. LA Muscle’s advice is not to mix and match them with other supplements from other brands because what is in those other supplements is something LA Muscle is not privy to. For example they can have too much of a particular ingredient and can cause you side effects such as palpitations, excessive sweating etc

You are much better off sticking to what has been shown to be extremely effective for millions of people since 1997. The combination of Norateen Heavyweight II and Fat Stripper Intense is incredible and ideal for anyone wanting rapid results in terms of muscle/strength building AND weight loss. Try it.

It’s your lucky day! Be fast though.

LA Muscle is currently doing a very Limited special promotion of the Norateen Heavyweight II and Fat Stripper Intense combo where you can get both AND save money. Click here to get this deal NOW! If it shows as sold out, then you are too late!

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