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Why you should not stack other brands with LA Muscle supplements

By LA Muscle on 09.02.2023 09:17 am


The short answer is because most of the other brands are unscientific, only food grade and full of cheap and dubious ingredients! That's why they are cheap!

If you want to know more, read on…

LA Muscle supplements have been around since 1997. That is 26 years. LA Muscle is one of the longest established sports nutrition companies in the world.

LA Muscle supplements are not food grade. They are Pharma Grade and all ingredients are at the highest level of purity, usually 99.99%. All herbal extracts are standardised potency and extremely strong to produce results that can be seen and felt.

LA Muscle formulas are scientifically researched and developed. LA Muscle’s R&D teams are very much aware of the fact that more is not better, some ingredients cancel each other and also take into account of the fact that many people like to stack several LA Muscle supplements together.

For the above reasons, LA Muscle supplements are head and shoulders above the normal supplements you buy online or from shops. The normal run of the mill supplements are mostly just cheap supplements for you to tick the box for taking supplements. They hardly produce significant results and hence why so many people who have taken the cheaper brands are skeptical of supplements as a whole.

Serious athletes and bodybuilders come to LA Muscle when it matters and when they want to win because they “know”.

So, when you have LA Muscle's amazing supplements that genuinely produce results from day one and are the BEST money can buy, why would you want to mess around with your body and potential results by taking them with other cheaper and more inferior supplements?

Other supplements can negatively affect LA Muscle supplements. They can also interfere with results or give you too much of something.

Most importantly, LA Muscle cannot advise you on other supplements by other brands. Most other brands unfortunately contain much cheaper ingredients and at a much lower purity than LA Muscle. Even if they contain what they claim, it will not be anything like the purity levels of LA Muscle. More often than not, they do not contain what they claim! Do a search on the Internet and see how many companies have been busted for either putting illegal ingredients in their supplements or having sugar as a filler and not much else!

When it comes to your body, you need to be serious and you need to put your money where your mouth is. If you have decided to lose the weight or get big and you have come to LA Muscle, then stick to LA Muscle and give the supplements a chance. You don’t need any other brand. You just need to follow the instructions on your LA Muscle supplements.

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