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Busted! 6 LA Muscle Myths

Find out the truth

By LA Muscle on 26.07.2022 10:45 am


1. There is no pill that targets your Six Pack

Whilst this is partially true, it is also true that the easiest place to shift fat from are the abs. So when you get a strong fat burner that acts fast by metabolising deep rooted fat out of your body, you will lose it first and quickly from your abs. Hence why the Six Pack Pill range of supplements from LA Muscle have been a best-seller since the early 2000s.

2. You need to keep taking LA Muscle to keep your new body

This is not true. Once you have reached your goal, whether it is fat burning or muscle building, you will keep all your gains (or losses) as long as you keep to a healthy training and eating regime. Obviously no pill can future-proof you against you eating like a pig or giving up the gym!

3. Natural supplements don’t work

Some people believe that anything natural will not work. This is really not true at all. All Pharma pills come from natural ingredients. A properly researched and developed natural supplement with Pharma ingredients, 100% purity and good combination of effective natural ingredients will work wonders for you.

4. Banned LA Muscle supplements were better

LA Muscle has always been known to be at the highest end of sports nutrition. Some supplements were banned in the past for being too strong, however due to having its own R&D labs, LA Muscle is always capable of producing just as effective replacements if any supplement is banned for any reason. LA Muscle gives you the strongest yet safest scientifically researched supplements.

5. Cheaper supplements are just as good

This is like saying a cheap pen is just like an expensive pen. Sure, it will write, but it will break sooner, it will be harder to write with it and it won’t be the same quality. Cheaper supplements have cheap ingredients that are not Pharma Grade, not 100% pure and no money has been spent on R&D on them to make sure they actually do what they promise. Anyone that tells you a cheaper supplement is just like an LA Muscle one does not know what they are talking about.

6. No supplement works, you just need to eat and train

The ingredients you get from LA Muscle supplements are rare, Pharma grade and you will never get enough of them from the foods you eat. Most of them you can’t even get from normal foods. When you take them in a supplement form, your body’s physiology changes. This does not happen with just training and eating. Of course you will get “some” results from training and eating but you get much better results and much faster results with supplements. Do you think those Hollywood actors that come to LA Muscle for accelerated gains just eat and train? Of course not! They take LA Muscle supplements to get bigger, leaner and look great much much faster. They would not look as big or lean by just eating and training.

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